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2 Gay Men, Woman Savagely Beaten In Covington, KY After Warnings of Her “Hanging Out With Homosexuals”


Covington, Kentucky Police officer David Griswald testified yesterday in the preliminary of David Bruckman, (pictured above) who is charged with breaking into his ex-girlfriends house and savagely beating her and her two gay male friends after he warned her about “hanging out with homosexuals.”

Upon returning home accompanied by her two gay friends who decided to stay with her Bruckman called her apartment.

Via Micheal Monks of the River City News:

During one of those calls, one of the men picked up and told Bruckman that the woman would not speak with him and to stay away. That did not sit well with Bruckman, who allegedly responded with anti-gay epithets. A witness said Bruckman said, “Fuck you, faggots, cock-sucking bitches.”

The calls continued, and one of the gay men returned a call and left a voicemail that prompted Bruckman to pay the home another visit.

He was not alone.

“Her ex-boyfriend and someone else forced entry,” Griswald testified. “He doesn’t like her hanging out with homosexuals.”

The beatings were intense.

“Fuck you faggot” and “faggot bitch” is what Bruckman and the accomplice yelled, Griswald said, as they wailed on the two men, leaving them both with a pair of broken eye sockets, one with a broken nose, and both needing facial surgery.

But it didn’t stop there.

After the men were taken to a Covington hospital, the woman returned home.

Griswald said that 911 dispatch received a call from the woman’s phone but the call died almost instantly.

Officers responded to the home again and this time found no response at the door, even though what Griswald characterized as “thumping” could be heard from the inside. The police broke in and searched and only saw a dog barking at them.

Officers called for the woman by name but heard nothing.

They went upstairs.

That’s where they found Bruckman looming over the woman. Police argued with him but he refused to relent. Ultimately, Griswald said, force was used and Bruckman was taken into custody.

The woman had been physically assaulted with visible injuries to her head.

Bruckman, has ten arrests in the state of Kentucky including assault and multiple violations of emergency protective orders.

He is being held on $25,000 bond and faces charges of first degree burglary (two counts), second degree assault, first degree unlawful imprisonment, and violation of an emergency protective order.

There is no word if hate crime charges will be filed. 

Bruckman’s accomplice is still at large.

Attack Of 3 Lesbians In Covington, Kentucky By Skinhead Ruled Hate Crime

A judge in Covington, KY has ruled an attack outside a gay club was indeed a hate crime.

Devlin Burke, 31, was convicted in March of felony assault after a car in which Burke was a passenger nearly struck a group of women who had just left the lesbian bat theYadda Club and then got out of the car to argue with the woman. 

Three passerby’s tried to iintervene and and help the women and were attacked and slashed, requiring medical treatment by Burke and a friend who was traveling in Burkes car.  Burke and his companion were shouting anti-gay slurs during the attack.

Covington, KY is one of only 3 cities in Kentucky which has passed human rights ordinance extending anti-discrimination protections to the LGBT community

Burkes case being ruled a hate crime allows now for denial of probation or parole

Burke responded by saying “Sieg heil,” when the ruling was read

Three Gay Bashings Occur In Covington, Kentucky In Three Week – Gay Slurs Caught On Tape While Local News Channel Does Report

Covington is the 5th Largest City in Kentucky with a population of over 43,000, is located directly across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio and is one of only three cities in Kentucky that has a Pro Gay Human Rghts Ordinance  tht was unanimously voted upon by it’s City Council on it’s books.  It has a sizeable gay community and is one of the few cities in Kentucky that leans left.

But recently there have been three attacks in recent weeks which has both the gay and staright community in an uproar.  The most recent attack occurred early Sunday morning in the popular and gay friendly Mainstrasse Village area at where two women and two men were physically assaulted. by 2- 4 men screaming anti-gay slurs just feet away from a Gay and Lesbian Bar, called “The Yadda Club.”

Arron Searp punched one of the women in the face, pulled her hair and kicked her numerous times.all the while screaming ant-gay slurs.  When two male passersbys (one just 16 years old) attempted to come to her aid, Devlin Burke, Serps “associate” slashed one of them on the arm and the other on the abdomen with a knife. 

**Read more and watch  WLTW – Channel 5 catch not one, but two instances of anti-gay slurs being shouted from passing cars while shooting their story.
Police responded immediately and both Burke & Serp  and two other men were arrested in connection with the bashing. (Burke & Serp are pictured at above left)

Back2Stonewall. com spoke directly with Covingtons openly gay City Councilman Shawn Masters and he and others in City Hall are said to be working closely with the police and the community to stay on top of this situation, follow-up  on it and try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  “Covington is a great city and has alot of potential, especially for LGBT residents old and new. We will do our best to make sure that this situations like this will not happen again.  Covington is a very open, accepting, and LGBT friendl city.”  Masters said. 

What happened was just egregious,” Police Chief Lee Russo said. “I’m very sorry for what those folks had to endure.  Covington police said they have stepped up patrols in the wake of the attacks. “We’re taking the issue very seriously,” said Lt. Col. Spike Jones. “This isn’t the type of activity that we want our community to be known for.”

Cincinnati Ohio’s WLTW – Channel 5 did a report on this story and caught not one, but two instances of gay slurs being shouted from passing cars while shooting.

WATCH the report here