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Caitlyn Jenner Vows to Take On The 'Radical Rainbow Mafia'

Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costumes To Go On Sale Next Month – Tacky or Fabulash?

Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costume


The New York Daily News is reporting that the seasonal store “Spirit Halloween” will be introducing the Caitlyn Jenner costume to its line of Halloween get-ups this year

‘Caitlyn Jenner has proven to be the most important real-life superhero of the year, and Spirit Halloween is proud to carry the costume that celebrates her,’ Trisha Lombardo, the company’s head of PR said.  ‘At Spirit Halloween, we create a wide range of costumes that are often based upon celebrities, public figures, heroes and superheroes. We feel that Caitlyn Jenner is all of the above and that she should be celebrated. The Caitlyn Jenner costume reflects just that,’

But it seems that trans-activist have a different opinion..

‘There’s no tasteful way to “celebrate” Caitlyn Jenner or respect transgender people this way on the one night of the year when people use their most twisted imaginations to pretend to be villains and monsters,’ said Vincent Villano, director of communications at the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Sarah Long at SheKnows.com writes:

It comes down to this: People who actually have the gall to buy and wear the Caitlyn Jenner costume are either seeking to demonize Jenner’s courage to come out as a transgender woman, or making a mockery of Jenner’s honest attempt to be herself. It doesn’t “celebrate” her, it makes her the butt of yet another unoriginal joke.

Spirit Halloween knows this, but is willing to overlook the fact to make money. If they’re so desperate for cash, they should try adding more material to their Combat Cutie costume and charging $50 instead of $35 for it. Maybe they can turn more of a profit that way.

What do you think?

Make Sure To Order Your ‘American Horror Story’ Rubber Man Suit From Target For Halloween!

Just in time for Halloween! (Or any old informal gathering)

For those of you who want and alternative to visiting your neighborhood sex shop to dress up as the “Rubber Man” from American Horror Story,  Target (YES TARGET!) has come to the rescue offering its version of the of  bulge-hugging outfit for just a bit more than it would cost to own the entire first season on DVD.

And so far the reviews are glowing:

“Surprised my wife one day after work and hiding in the covers. Quality was good, easy to get into and breathed well. Only suggestion would be adding loops and hooks for attachments” – Gimp from Miami Florida

“This is my fifth gimp suit, and I’ve been quite pleased with it.  It looks pretty good and conceals well.  My neighbor didn’t even know it was me when I went into her house last week.  I’m going to keep the suit as a back up and will probably use it at informal get-togethers.  The quality is no where near what you get with one made of Caoutchouc rubber, but it’s a tiny fraction of the price!  Highly recommend.” – Sandusky from Center County, PA

“Got mine the other day and walked around my neighborhood with it on to see what my neighbors thought.  My one neighbor pointed out that he could tell I was commando… Yeah, you kinda can’t hide that.” – Ozzie from Hudson County, NJ  (HELLO OZZIE!)

And all this can be yours for only $42.49  – Reg:$49.99– Save $7.50 – 15%  (LOL!) by ordering  it online from Target.  (YES TARGET!)

^Chain smoking southern bigot  neighbor Constance Tate sold separately