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Federal Court Strikes Down Alabama’s Gay Marriage Ban. Haters React

Its about time


And another one bites the dust!

Washington Blade:

A federal judge in Alabama has become the latest to strike down a state ban on same-sex marriage, ruling against the Yellowhammer State’s prohibition on gay nuptials on the basis that it violates the Fourteenth Amendment. In a 10-page decision on Friday, U.S. District Judge Callie V.S. Granade, an appointee of George W. Bush, issued summary judgement in favor of a plaintiff same-sex couple, finding Alabama marriage laws violate the couple’s right to due process and equal protection under the U.S. Constitution. “There has been no evidence presented that these marriage laws have any effect on the choices of couples to have or raise children, whether they are same-sex couples or opposite-sex couples,” Granade writes. “In sum, the laws in question are an irrational way of promoting biological relationships in Alabama.”

And as usual it didn’t take the haters led by Family Research Council President Tony Pewrkins to start the anti-gay whinefest.


Tony Perkins, via press release:

“This federal judge is throwing out the votes of the people of Alabama and attempting to shut down the debate over marriage. In exercising their right to vote, Alabama voters overwhelmingly sent a message that that they want to see society rebuild and strengthen marriage – not have it redefined by unelected judges. As one judge after another has robbed the people of their voice, the U.S. Supreme Court’s intervention last week was long overdue. It is time that the courts respect the freedom of the people to uphold the timeless and natural definition of marriage as the union of a man and a woman. There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that empowers this federal judge to overturn Alabama’s marriage amendment nor any basis for the U.S. Supreme Court to impose a 50 state same-sex ‘marriage’ mandate.”


Alabama Governor Robert Bentley:

AL Gov


Mike Hubbard,  Republican Alabama House Speaker who was indicted on 23 felony corruption charges in late October and who refuses to resign.

“It is outrageous when a single unelected and unaccountable federal judge can overturn the will of millions of Alabamians who stand in firm support of the Sanctity of Marriage Act. The Legislature will encourage a vigorous appeals process, and we will continue defending the Christian conservative values that make Alabama a special place to live.”


Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange  has filed an emergency stay request:

Defendant and the State of Alabama will suffer irreparable harm if marriages are recognized on an interim basis that are ultimately determined to be inconsistent with Alabama law, resulting in confusion in the law and in the legal status of marriages. Granting a stay will not harm the Plaintiffs, but would only maintain the status quowhile these issues are considered by the appellate courts. Finally, a stay will serve the public interest by avoiding the confusion and inconsistency that will result from an on-again, off-again enforcement of marriage laws.

Should Judge Granade deny his request, the aptly named Strange will have to take his stay request to the Eleventh Circuit Court, which last month denied the same request from Florida.


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Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni To President Obama: Don’t Tell Me How To Run My House

Uganda Prez

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has responded to President Obama’s denouncement of Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill, saying, “You can’t tell me how to run my house.” While Museveni has not yet signed the bill, but some reports say he might do so over the next few days.

Museveni also issued a lengthy written response to Obama. Here’s how it begins:

I have seen the statement H.E President Obama of the USA made in reaction to my statement that I was going to sign the anti-homosexual Bill, which I made at Kyankwanzi. Before I react to H.E. Obama’s statement, let me, again, put on record my views on the issue of homo-sexuals (ebitiingwa, bisiyaga in some of our dialects). Right from the beginning of this debate, my views were as follows:

1. I agreed with the MPs and almost all Ugandans that promotion of homosexuality in Uganda must be criminalized or rather should continue to be criminalized because the British had already done that;

2. Those who agreed to become homosexuals for mercenary reasons (prostitutes) should be harshly punished as should those who paid them to be homosexual prostitutes; and

3. Exhibitionism of homosexual behavior must be punished because, in this part of the World, it is forbidden to publicly exhibit any sexual conduct (kissing, etc) even for heterosexuals; if I kissed my wife of 41 years in public, I would lose elections in Uganda.

As for President Obama not being able to tell Museveni  how to “run his house”.  Obama can tell our country to end the millions of dollars a year in aid to Uganda which has reported for years been absconded by its corrupt government and not going to those who need it.

At Least 40 Gay Men Arrested On First Day of Homosexuality Criminalization In Nigeria

Most evil

Yesterday Nigeria’s President Jonathan Goodluck signed a law mandating 14 years prison time for anyone entered into a same-sex marriage or civil union and 10 years in prison for anyone who participates or operates a gay club or organization, or shows any indication that they are in a same-sex relationship.

And already according to the AP the arrests have begun:

Dorothy Aken’Ova is executive director of Nigeria’s International Center for Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights. She said Tuesday the new law, already being dubbed the “Jail the Gays” law, will endanger and even criminalize programs fighting HIV-AIDS in the gay community.

She said police in Bauchi state have a list of 168 purportedly gay men, of whom 38 have been arrested recently.

Jonathan’s spokesman confirmed Monday he signed the act providing penalties of up to 14 years in jail for same-sex marriage and up to 10 years’ imprisonment for membership or encouragement of gay organizations.

Nigeria receives about 625 Million dollars a year in aid from the United States and is one of  most corrupt countries in the world.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Appoints FRC Hate Group Prez Tony Perkins To Law Commision

Tony Perkins is a Homo

The Capital City News reports:

Gov. Bobby Jindal has appointed former Rep. Tony Perkins to the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement, and the Senate has confirmed his nomination. The commission awards grants and governs practices of State Police and local law enforcement agencies. Perkins said he is happy to be working to fight the crime problem. The appointment is the first position Perkins has accepted since leaving the legislature in 2004. He remains president of the Family Research Council in Washington and commutes there weekly during most of the year.

Perkins as we all know is the President of the officially classified anti-gay hate group The Family Research Council.

Perkins who is documented to have have ties to white supremacists groups in 1996, while managing the U.S. Senate campaign of Woody Jenkins paid $82,500 to use the mailing list of close friend and  Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.  Also in  2001, Perkins gave a speech and accepted an award from the  Louisiana chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), a white supremacist group that has described black people as a “retrograde species of humanity.”

Tony Perkins FRC White Power KKK


BUSTED! – SF Pride CEO Earl Plante Lies To The Press Over Bradley Manning Debacle

SF Pride Earl Plante

It”s been a bad two weeks for San Francisco’s LGBT Community.

At this week’s San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor David Campos, addressed the ongoing debacle of SF Pride

Campos called Pride’s actions “unprecedented”and added that as an organization receiving city funding they must give members of the public the opportunity to weigh in on the decision, and they must allow for a timely appropriate debate despite the fact that SF Pride has said the matter is closed, without any meaningful discussion from the community

Campos subsequently sent the following letter to the San Francisco Pride Board:

To Executive Director Earl Plante, Board President Lisa Williams and members of the Board of Directors of San Francisco Pride:

I am writing to express my concern over the recent actions of the leadership of Pride in the wake of the controversy surrounding the naming of Private Manning as a Grand Marshall for this year’s parade. The decision to rescind this honor is unprecedented and the community has every right to be concerned about the consequences of this abrupt, top-down directive. Most importantly, however, is the obligation Pride has to be accountable, transparent and representative to the diverse LGBT community it serves. As an organization which receives City funding, Pride has a responsibility to operate with transparency and accountability, and to allow for timely appropriate discussions with the community as needed. The failure of Pride leadership to do so in this circumstance is contrary to this responsibility.

Controversy is not a new phenomenon to Pride festivities, nor is it a valid reason for Pride not to fulfill its responsibilities to the broader LGBT community. The recent statement made by Pride that the discussion on this matter is “closed” is disturbing, and may serve to further divide the community and foster long-lasting resentments.

I urge Pride to hold an open community discussion on the matter of Private Manning’s awarding and rescission as Grand Marshall, and ask that this meeting be held as soon as possible and before the June Pride festivities. We must remember that Pride was born as a tribute to the courage of the LGBT community, and walking away from this discussion is contrary to that legacy.


Supervisor David Campos

In an interview last night with the Bay Area Reporter , LGBT Pride Celebration Committee CEO Earl Plante stated that the Pride board “agrees in principle” with Campos and is working with the supervisor to secure space for a community meeting in late May or early June, before Pride festivities saying  they are finding it hard to find a place that will hold the expected crowd (Despite the fact that the San Francisco LGBT Center is directly across the street from SF Prides office and can accommodate large groups.)

Plante was also adamant that no corporate sponsors ever contacted them about the inclusion of Manning as a grand marshal and asked that he be withdrawn,  and went on to state that no LGBT military folks pressured SF Pride to withdraw Manning’s honor and calling the  “vile” comments directed at Lisa Williams on various social media sites,  “reprehensible.”

“I, as CEO, will not tolerate Lisa or anyone on our board being in harm’s way,” Plante said. “We can’t have a dialogue with people engaged in violent attacks.”

It was also mentioned that LGBT Pride Celebration Committee led by Plante has also fired a low-level staff member who handled the press releases for the Pride Marshall announcements.  While Plante would not name the staffer, calling it a “personnel matter” it has been learned that SF Pride staff member Joshua Smith who sent the confirmed list of grand marshals out has been indeed let go.

Now when SF PRIDE becomes so big that it has a CEO that makes $200.000 dollars a year of money that is donated to the Pride celebration that the first sign that something is seriously wrong.

Plante has a long employment history of “professional” LGBT advocate and in the Bay Area Reporter article  he speaks about the LGBT community in the authoritarian tone designed to marginalize people who might be upset with the horrendous handling of Bradley Manning situation and to avoid the criticism the that SF Pride so rightfully deserves in this matter.

But most disturbing is the fact that Earl Plante blatantly lies in the article when he says that “no military folks pressured them”

The American Military Partner Association President Stephen Peters called on SF Pride to remove Manning.  Air Force 1st Lt. Josh Seefried, co-chairman of the board of directors of OutServe-SLDN, called San Francisco Pride’s choice of Manning  a “complete insult” to those currently serving in active duty.  And  it is well documented that the Sean Sala the organizer of the 2011 Active Duty Military March in San Diego Pride (the nation’s first-ever pride appearance of uniformed military members)  not only called and told SF Pride to remove Manning but also called for a national boycott of the Pride celebration and started a petition against SF Pride.

Plante also lied about the “vile hate smears” and allegations of “violent attacks,” against SF Pride Board members which he has no evidence to back up, was never reported to authorities or witnessed by others.

If nothing else this proves that Plante is not only unfit for the job which shouldn’t be in existence to begin with but also that he should resign at once.  As should the entire current SF Pride Board who handled this situation so badly and with such blatant disregard that they have tarnished SF Pride and damaged it beyond repair if they stay.

Perhaps its time to remind Earle Plante and the Board of SF Pride that the Pride commemorates STONEWALL which was about community, freedom and courage.

Not lies, corporate image and bullshit.

*Special thanks to Roy McKenzie and The Castro Biscuit


INTERNATIONAL: Ugandan Gay Youth Worker Arrested For “Recruiting” Gays


Joseph Kaweesi, founder of the LGBT group Youth on Rock Foundation and LGBT advocate, was arrested by Ugadan police on New Years ever and was charged with crimes relating to  ‘carnal knowledge (homosexuality)’ and ‘recruiting youth into homosexuality’.

LGBT rights advocate Melanie Nathan told Gay Star News that she received information that attorneys have spoken with Kaweesi being held at Kawempe police station, in Kampala, capital of Uganda. and that plans are being made to try to bail him.

Frank Mugishu, of the Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG) charity has  confirmed that Kaweesi was arrested

Nathan went on to say that ‘it would seem to me that the police are preempting the Anti-Homosexuality Bill (also known as The Kill the Gays Bill)  ‘The arrest may be political as anti-gay catalysts for the Bill try to drum up more support for its passage.  Although there is an existing law which people can be charged under for “carnal knowledge or defilement,” there is currently no law that speaks to the so-called “recruitment” of homosexuals.”

Uganda still receives hundreds of millions of dollars in “humanitarian aid” from countries around the globe and is still a member of the United Nations despite its crimes against its LGBT people and rampant mass corruption within its government

Longtime Gay Activist Cleve Jones: Corporate Money Is Destroying LGBT Organizations

In an interview with Edge Boston  longtime gay activist Cleve Jones, a close friend of Harvey Milk,  claimed that he fears the LGBT movement may be losing its way and that corporate money has too strong an influence.

The HRC,  GLAAD, and the National Lesbian and Gay Task Force  is “either remarkably tone deaf, and incredibly cynical or it was maybe bought and paid for.” Jones said as  pointed to the brouhaha over the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation’s initial endorsement of AT&T’s decision to merge with cell phone service provider T-Mobile and HRC’s appointment of Goldman Sachs (the corporation which started the current economic countdown) CEO Lloyd Blankfeild as a spokesperson for its national marriage equality campaign.  Jones fears that corporations that pour large amounts of money into the Human Rights Campaign, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and other national LGBT organizations have turned the groups into nothing more than “corporations”

Asked if he though President Barack Obama will endorse marriage equality before the November election, Jones said “I kind of doubt it. But I will vote from him, I will campaign for him.  With all of his problems, he is infinitely better than what the other party has to offer.”