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MUST SEE VIDEO – RIVERDALE: The Archie Movie If It Were Made Today – SO VERY AWESOME!

Riverdale High, Full of teenage lust and secrets.  Hold on tight and see what Betty, Veronica, Moose, Jughead and Archie would be like today!

90210 can’t hold a candel to it.  (Sorry Trevor Donavan.  I still do love you though)


Riverdale – The Archie Fan Film Trailer

Produced by Point Blank Creative, written by Cross Eyed Bear Comedy and directed by Andrew de Villiers.
http://www.pointblankcreative.ca/ (producers)
http://www.thecrosseyedbear.wordpress.com/ (writers)
http://www.promoviegeek.com/ (director)

MORE INFORMATION AT: http://fanfilmblog.com/

LGBT Cinema Coming Atrractions: Watch The Trailer For "The Green" Starring: Cheyenne Jackson and Jason Butler Harner

Written and directed by Steven Williford and produced by Molly Pearson and Paul Marcarelli “The Green” described as “a tense, intimate drama about a gay teacher (Harner) at an elite private school accused of misconduct with a male student,” the cast features Jackson as Harner’s lover with Illeana Douglas as their best friend, Julia Ormond as the lawyer who defends Harner and newcomer Chris Bert as the student.