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National Guard Specialist Codey Wilson The Man Who Would Spoof DADT In Iraq Tells And Bares All….Almost – (Video)

National Gaurd Specialist Codey Wilson
TITLE CARD; “If the Army Goes Gay.” A Codey Wilson Production
Beefy Beast Soldier Number 1 sits behind the wheel of a motionless military convoy truck reading a newspaper while his buddy Soldier Number 2 stands besides it.
Whats wrong?
Gays, man! Gays in the military. It’s all right to be gay in the military!

Cue Ke$ha’s “Blah Blah Blah Soundtrack

SHOT:  A soldier unzips his uniform
CUT TO:  A shirtless man dances in the distance atop a military vehicle
And thats how it all started for 22 year old National Guard specialist Codey Wilson when he and his buddies  in a troop of National Guardsmen from Virginia  took a JVC camera and filmed some of the guys in his company—dancing to Ke$ha’s “Blah Blah Blah” in modified uniform filmed a spoof of what would happen if gay soilders were allowd in the military. There is a shower scene and a night scene with glow sticks and a scene with a kid in a gas mask dry-humping another soldier.

The video was posted on Youtube at around 5 p.m. on May 10 at 2am the video had 54,000 views. and was posted on blogs and other media sites around the world.  But Wilson’s higher-ups weren’t laughing. and were less than thrilled with the video spoof and told him to take it down and he had to draft a letter explaining himself. He was investigated and put on garbage duty

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Nobody in Wilson’s “If the Army Goes Gay” video is actually gay. 

Wilson does saythat there are homophobes on the base, “backcountry rednecks” Wilson  calls them  There were guys in the company who thought Wilson was disrespecting the unit or speaking out in favor of the repeal.

“The thing they seem most concerned about is that the repeal will usher in a slew of new rules about fraternization. “If everyone knows you’re gay and you touch someone, even as a joke, you’ll be going down for it, the same way that if a guy held a girl’s hand on the—Stop it, man! My roommate’s touching me right now.”

These kids don’t have politics—or not the kind you’d recognize back home. They made the video, says Wilson, because they want to be part of the conversation. They watch Lady Gaga videos from their warm blue laptops thousands of miles away, they download current music and post items on Facebook about caches of puppies they find inside of old bunkers. More than anything it says about gays in the military, the message of the video is, Hey, we’re still here.

“The most special thing about the video I made,” says Wilson, “is that for a few days, we kind of became members of society. It was like we actually mattered.”

Source:  The New Yorker

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Just Dance And Make Fun Of Gays In The Military – Afghan Soldiers Codey Wilson And His Buddies Shake That Soilder Asses (Video)

Your tax dollars at work.

The scene begins with two soldiers discussing gays in the military. Then, we see myriad soldiers cavorting half-naked, in the showers, in their uniforms, and in the latrines.

Video maker Codey Wilson implores

Don’t give us a hard time for this, please? We’re just a few good men trying to enjoy ourselves and get this deployment over with. No one is gay… that we know of. Not that there is anything wrong with that! (political correctness) As a young aspiring film maker I was forced to release this early due to our friend in Afghans high school lip sinked music video. You know you love it. Enjoy it. Spread it. Live it. Lastly, ignore the copy cats that will soon follow and keep your taste for original creativity. Much love from the east!

Codey Wilson then wrote to Gawker.com to clarify that neither he nor any of the men in the video are making a comment for or against DADT. (But he keeps stressing “I never said it was “okay to be gay”.

Hey, I never said it was ok to be gay. I also never said it wasn’t ok. I understand you have a web site to run and this could be a real controversial topic by saying that “codey says It’s ok,” but please don’t bring this negativity towards me. I never said it was ok. The beginning of the video is a guy reading the paper in shock that is has finally happened, then the dancing which is an exaggerated view and joke of it. I do understand your job but please please don’t make me look bad. I know this is pathetic but you have no idea what will happen to me by claiming that I support that. Thank you for considering this. Thank you also for considering the video on your home page. The title is wrong, but I appreciate the publicity. Thanks

You know despite the boner you have right now they ARE making fun of what will happen if the DADT repeal happens.  Right?