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WATCH: Coca Cola’s Global Gay Diversity Commercial “The Pool Boy” – Video

In one of its four new spots for “Taste the Feeling,” Coca-Cola’s global campaign that launched in 2016 as part of its “One Brand” strategy,  Coke is putting a modern spin on a trope from daytime soaps/telenovelas by having a brother and sister both lust after the pool boy in its latest ad.

In “Pool Boy,” the siblings stare out the window longingly at the handsome young man cleaning their pool. They both race outside, nearly tripping over each other, to offer him a Coke, only to find that someone else in the family has already beaten them to it..

All “Taste the Feeling” ads are designed to translate globally with simple stories, little to no dialogue and universal themes. Different versions often are shot for different regions of the world, changing only the casting for North America-Europe, Africa and Asia. 

But will it play in Kansas?

Cue the One Million Moms aka 3 Old biddy and a Computer boycott in 3, 2, 1……