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OUTED! – The Most Self-Loathing Closet Cases Exposed! – Video Compilation

Here’s a video compilation of some of the most notorious self-loathing homophobe closet-cases who have been outed in recent years.

Coming attractions:   Lindsey Graham, Aaron Schrock, Peter LaBarbera and more.

COMICS – Is Judge Dredd Gay and Coming Out?


The latest edition of the comic 2000 AD is titled Closet and deals with the issue of a teenager coming out.

The first page teaser has been released on the internet and  shows Judge Dredd – a judge/policeman from the future – kissing the youth in a gay club

Dredd is a Street Judge in the American metropolis Mega-City One, with the power to enforce law and impose an instant sentence, including even execution.

But is Judge Dredd really GAY?

A spokesman has been quoted saying that “”Dredd has always been satirical, while touching on serious issues. This is another example of that.”

Writer Rob Williams said Dredd’s sexuality – whatever it is – was buried beneath his love for the law.

He said: “Although, can you imagine what would happen if that repression ever fell away, just for an instant? Sure, Dredd could be gay. But Dredd’s feeling are so deeply hidden, he is extremely unlikely to ever let them show.”

Some of the Dredd’s more homophobic fans have been  so hostile to the idea they have threatened to burn the comic. But that doesn;t bother Williams.

As long as you stay true to the character throughout – which I think ‘Closet’ does – you can deal with all sorts of issues in a story.”

And if they push people’s buttons, fine.

“I’d rather a story be provocative than just, ‘and they have a fight’.

Plus, putting Dredd in a gay club filled with men dressed as him is a pretty funny image. It’s worth it for that alone.”

Well whatever happens, if Dredd is gay or not the strip, illustrated by CLiNT magazine’s Mike Dowling, will be available on Wednesday and then we’ll find out.

Judge Dreed Is GAY

Video – Rick Santorum Tells Gay Man You Don’t Deserve The “Privilege” To Get Married

Rick (Is he still in the race?) Santorum that walking ad Summers Eve disposable douche at a campaign stop in Fulton, Missouri explained to a gay man why gay men and lesbian women do not deserve the “special privilege” to get married to each other.

“It is an intrinsic good…And as a result of that, we extend a privilege. We extend certain privileges to people who do that because we want to encourage that behavior…”

Good ole Frothy opens his mouth and gives witness to his incredible and his kinds incredible ignorance and hate.

Thankfully the one thing we can be sure of is that long before Rick Santorum becomes President of anything, this gentleman who asked the question, will be able to marry.

Rick Santorum, soon to be the 8-Track of politics

Rick Perry Loves Beards! – “I’d grow one but I’ve got too many”

Yes kids thats right!  Coming out of Rick Perry’s own mouth the admission that he has “too many” beards. (One probably being his wife.)

According to ABC News  at  a campaign stop at Sisters Mainstreet Café in Spencer,  Iowa during day three of his statewide bus tour perry saw a man with a full long white beard and approached the man.

 I like your beard,” Perry said as he greeted one voter and expressed a touch of jealousy that he can’t grow one of his own. “I’d grow one but I’ve got too many” — Then adding. “I’d look like an old mangy dog.”

Freud would have a field day with that slip!

Is Queen Latifah FINALLY Coming Out Of The Closet?

For years now Queen Latifah (Dana Elaine Owens) has lived in a glass closet much to the chagrin of many who believe that Owens would be a great role model and spokesperson for the LGBT community if only she broke down her closet doors. 

In a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine, Latifah might actually be doing just that and testing the waters as she describes the type of woman that she finds attractive.

“I  just like ladies who have class. Period. And if it’s “T and A” you’re sellin’, that’s fine, as long as that’s what you’re selling. But you don’t have to show everything, you know? You can hold some back and just be yourself and let your personality shine and let your individuality show. To me, that’s sexier. A confident woman is a sexy woman, in my opinion.”

For years Latifah has spent her long public life dodging the question of her sexuality.

In 2007, she gave a flat “no comment” when Ebony asked about long-standing rumors regarding her relationship with her trainer Jeannette Jenkins. “I’m done commenting on all that,” she said. “It’s ridiculous, I know me and that’s all I need to know.” And two years ago, she told Access Hollywood, “They want to make up stories and make me gay all the time and it’s like, ‘Keep running with it.’ I’ve definitely been annoyed by it, but I learned a long time ago that it was pointless to say anything.” But last year Just Jared published photos of Latifah and Jenkins embracing while on vacation together, and the Advocate reported that the two purchased a home together, with both names on the deed

While its a shame that Queen Latifah found it necessary to publicly denied her sexuality for so long. If this is  indeed the beginning of her journey out of the closet we are here for you Dana and want to say welcome to the family. 

 After all, better late then never.

Zac Efron And His Beard Walks The Red Carpet – (And No, It Wasn’t Vanessa Hudgens)

Zac Efron walked the red carpet at the Deauville American Film Festival in France sporting his new beard.  (As in facial hair, it’s clear that he has got his hands on some serious >beard oils)  while promoting Charlie St. Cloud

Well I guess Tom cCuise likes them butch,  Only kidding.

It’s about time Zac tried to shed his HSM Twink image. (But Zachie could you at least wash your hair, oh and take off your shirt maybe?)

Betty White OUTS Cary Grant On Joy Behar’s Headline News (Video)

Betty White the beloved comedienne and little scamp was on Joy Behar’s Headline News program on Monday night and, while talking about famously gay Rock Hudson, basically let slip that old-timey actor Cary Grant was also light in the loafers as well. While not exactly “news” really, George Burns and Marlene Dietrich said the same thing many years ago and Cary Grant got all pissed at Chevy Chase when he outed him.

I’m not sure if Cary was gay per se, but I’d go with Bi and extremely adventurous.and open

After all he was VERY CLOSE and  “roommate” to Randolph Scott…

[GASP]    Randolph Scott?!


Homo Say What? – "Porno" Peter LaBarbera Goes To Town On Elena Kagan But Remains Silent On His Butt Buddy In Arms George Rekers

“If Kagan is practicing immoral sexual behavior, it reflects on her character as a judicial nominee and her personal bias as potentially one of the most important public officials in America. The popular mantra — even among conservatives — is that Kagan’s sexuality is ‘irrelevant.’ But a Justice Kagan would help decide some critically important constitutional issues dealing with: homosexual ‘marriage’ as a supposed civil right; religious liberty and freedom of conscience; and the First Amendment as applied to citizens’ right to oppose homosexuality. So it certainly matters if she, as a lifetime judge, could emerge as a crusading (openly) ‘gay’ advocate on the court.” – Peter LaBarbera, demanding that SCOTUS nominee Elena Kagan declare whether she has “personal interest in lesbianism.”

“Personal interest in lesbianism”?
I wouldn’t think that lesbianism would get you all hot and bothered Petey you BIG MO!