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Sonoma County , CA Pays $600,000.00 Out Of Court Settlement Over Elderly Gay Discrimination Case

Clay Green (pictured left) sued Sonoma County,CA claiming his sexual orientation caused social workers to keep him from his dying partner and led them to sell off the couple’s belongings.  Yesterday Somona County settled the case out of court paying $600,000.00 to “avoid further expenses”.  (Further expenses like the MILLIONS you would have been forced to pay when you were found guilty perhaps?)

The case grabbed national media attention with its shocking claims of abuse at the hands of those meant to protect the frail and vulnerable. Gay rights groups pummeled county officials with strident e-mails and some threatened a boycott of county tourism and wines.

Greene, 78, said in his lawsuit that as his partner lay dying in a hospital bed, officials denied visitation and ignored signed wills, medical declarations and powers of attorney, naming each as the other’s spouse and that officials forced Greene into a nursing home and then sold off the couple’s household belongings, including art and other heirlooms, carting off choice pieces for themselves.  Greene also said he was subjected to ridicule about his sexual orientation. It named as defendants Jo Weber, director of Human Services; Michael Brewster, deputy public guardian; and conservators Sally Liedholm and Karin Stagg-Hourigan.

The county’s lawyer, Gregory Spaulding
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