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Lawsuit Against Madonna For Supporting Pussy Riot Has Been Dismissed

Well it appears the Material Girl has done it again as news spread the outrageous case against music and gay icon Madonna has been dismissed by the St. Petersburg courts in Russia. The case sought out over $10 million i damages against the proclaimed legend.

The charges of promoting “homosexual propaganda  when she showed support for embattled pro-gay music group Pussy Riot obviously had no merit (and probably drawing more negative attention to the country as well). Here’s a quick recap of the lawsuit originally brought against her:

Madonna also supported Russian punk band Pussy Riot who were imprisoned for performing a song that criticized President Vladmir Putin in a church. She wore a ski mask and wrote the group’s name on her back and during her concert in Moscow, Madonna said she’d “pray for them” and then went on to sing Michael Jackson’s hit song Human Nature in a moment of symbolism for human equality.

According to the Guardian, the judge presiding over the case, was skeptical of the validity of the charges to begin with:

“The judge in the case, Vitaly Barkovsky, deliberated for more than an hour before delivering his verdict, but appeared to treat the case with skepticism from the start. After one claimant, Vitaly Orlovsky, said Madonna’s concert would prompt the divorce rate to skyrocket, Barkovsky asked him why he was suing no alcoholics, since alcoholism was a well-known cause of divorce in the heavy-drinking country,”

Congrats Madonna!