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“They started telling me about the incident, a shooting... And then I go on to find out it’s a gay bar. I got scared, ‘Shit, is he gay?’ And he’s not gay, so I said, phew… I am a conservative Republican.”

Anti-Semite Nazi Defender Pat Buchanan Calls For ‘Massive Civil Disobedience’ Against ‘ Anti-Christian Discrimination’




Pat Buchanan goes far beyond the divisive demagoguery of Newt Gingrich to really, truly flirt with fascist leadership. makes anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi comments, uses extremist staffers who work with white supremacy groups and militias, and until recently put an anti-Israeli conspiracy rant on his official World Wide Web page.

Well today writing over at World Net Daily, Buchanan explains how the Supreme Court’s decision this week is really just part of its wider agenda imposing the religion of “secular humanism” on the American public:

The Supreme Court has ordered the de-Christianization of all public institutions in what was a predominantly Christian country. Christian holy days, holidays, Bibles, books, prayers and invocations were all declared to be impermissible in public schools and the public square.

Secular humanism became, through Supreme Court edict, our established religion in the United States.

And the American people took it.

Why was there not massive civil disobedience against this anti-Christian discrimination, as there was against segregation? Why did Congress, which has the power to abolish every federal district and appellate court and to restrict the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, not act?

Its surprising that no one talks anymore about Buchanan’s involvement in the Nixon Administration and its scandals. Buchanan joined Nixon’s staff as a young (25 year old), bright and extreme partisan. He was part of Nixon’s absolute inner circle — the first full-time staffer hired when Nixon began his comeback in 1966, and one of the last half-dozen friends and aides who remained loyal until the end. Buchanan avoided major attack because he declined a chance to lead the break-in at Daniel Ellsberg’s office (for strategic reasons), and documented his decision in a memo. But he was involved in a number of disturbing episodes that are innocent only relative to crimes of Colson, Haldeman and Magruder. For example, unethical and even illegal dirty tricks against campaign opponents, his admitted attempts to cover up Watergate by urging Nixon to burn the infamous White House tapes, and worst of all, his role in using the IRS against political enemies.

Buchanan even admits to obstruction of justice in the matter. He urged Nixon, in a documented memo, to destroy the White House tapes that eventually proved his crimes and led to his resignation. That, of course, would have been illegal obstruction of justice, as even Fred Buzhardt, the White House lawyer at the end, acknowledged. “If we’d decided to destroy the tapes, that would have been real obstruction of justice, and we couldn’t even talk about it.” Nonetheless, Buchanan defends his memo to Nixon, even to this day. His only regret? “I should have pressed him harder to burn them.”


“Promiscuous homosexuals appear literally hell-bent on Satanism and suicide.” – Pat Buchanan 10/17/90

Source:  RealChange.org




BREAKING NEWS! – Charges Dropped Against Lt. Dan Choi And Capt. James Pietrangelo

The Federal Government has abruptly dismissed the charges against Lt. Dan Choi and Capt. James Pietrangelo today right before their trial was set to get underway. Choi and Pietranhelo were charged with “failure to obey a lawful order” after handcuffing themselves to the White House fence earlier this year. (March 18th, See Story below)

From reports everything was all set to go,  the arresting officers and Secret Service witnesses were in the courtroom ready to proceed when the charges were mysteriously dismissed.

Joe Sudbay over at AmericaBlog is quoting Paul Yandura, who was in the courtroom: “It’s clear that they were embarrassed that we were going to expose the fiction that repeal is finished or imminent. They were embarrassed that we subpoenaed the President and were going to use his words. It’s clear that civil disobedience was the winner today.”

Immediately aftre the trail Choi asked the prosecutor if this meant the “stay away” order from the White House was no longer valid. The prosecutor said, yes. So I expect we can plan to see him there soon.  (And it would be nice if others joined him.)

Lt. Dan Choi and Captain Jim Pietrangelo Subpoena President Obama Over White House ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Arrests

Lt. Dan Choi and Captain Jim Pietrangelo have subpoenaed President Obama in their trial over civil disobedience charges surrounding their arrests for chaining themselves to the White House fence on March 18

The subpoena seeks to compel the testimony of President Obama who has, on several occasions as President and Commander in Chief called on the LGBT community to “pressure” him to change the DADT law and policy, thus allowing gay service members to serve their country openly and honorably.

The subpoena of the President is necessary for the defense to prove that Defendants were following and obeying lawful orders or directives by their President and Commander in Chief, and were therefore under an obligation and authority to act as they did in order to pressure him – in a non-violent, visible way – on this important public issue. In addition, these statements support the contention that Defendants were acting out of necessity, in order to prevent discrimination and greater harm to gay service members now serving.

It probably won’t happen.  After all Presidents have successfully refused to answer even Congressional subpoenas, but there’s nothing wrong with Dan and (cutie) Jim’s symbolic attempt. After all, it wasn’t the fence around the White House that they were protesting.

And for those of you who continue even after these past two years to be Obama apologist remember it is NOT only Congress that is the problem The problem is to be found at the desk where the famous sign owned by Harry Truman once rested:

“The buck stops here.”

Howard Dean Speaks At The Repeal DADT Rally – Six Protestors Chain Themselves To The White House Fence……Again (Video)

The man who SHOULD have been President 6 years ago if it wasn’t for the media Howard Dean, spontaneously took the stage at Get EQUAL’s DADT Rally in Washington, DC today.

Below thanks to John avarois at AmericaBlog we have both video of Howard Dean speaking and Lt. Dan Choi  just as the activists handcuff themselves at the White House. The video then moves across the street to the White House and the activists.

Day Of Disobedience Part Duex – LGBT Activist Activists Target Pelosi With Sit-In Over ENDA – – 8 Arrested In Washington D.C.

In whats shaping up to be the most REAL Gay Rights Activism day in recent history.  LGBT Activists from GetEQUAL in San Francisco and Washington D.C. staged sit-ins at Nancy Pelosi’s offices in San Francisco and Washington D.C. to draw attention to the need for the passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

As of 8:00 PM EST eight protesters have been arrested in Pelosi’s Washington office after a standoff with D,C. Police in which the “EDNA 8” locked themselves in. 

The activists and GetEQUAL members have beem live-tweetings from the sit-ins at hashtag #getenda.  Also there has been more information about Dan Choi and Jim Pietrangelo are being held at the District Central Cell Block without bail and will be arraigned tomoirrow morning – 500 Indiana Avenue – Northwest

BREAKING NEWS – Lt. Dan Choi Has Handcuffed Himself To The White House Fence In Protest Of "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" – AWESOME!

At this moment with the HRC’s DADT Rally starring Kathy Griffin being over and the Senate Armed Services Committee hearings wrapped Lt. Dan Choi has had enoough and has marched to The White House with Captain Jim Pietrangelo and both have chanied themselves to the White House fence.

This all began when (according to Tweets from Robin McGehee at GetEqual) (reporting from the Kathy Griffin – Human Rights Campaign “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” rally, McGehee, who is traveling with Lt. Dan Choi, asked Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese if Choi could speak at the rally and he rebuffed her, telling her it was Kathy Griffin’s rally.

Choi took the stage anyway, told Griffin DADT is not a joke, and announced that he was marching to the White House. Choi then began leading hundreds on a march to the White House. (While Joe Solmonese stayed at the Rally site with Griffin for photo-ops.  Disgusting)

 Reports are now coming in that Choi has chained himself to the White House fence.

According to DC Agenda’s Tweet, “Yellow police tape is being put up around Dan Choi, and Secret Service agents are standing with him. Choi remains chained.”

Approximately seven Secret Service Agents are inside the tape with Choi.

Reportedly one woman has been arrested, and is being identified by DC Agenda as the co-chair of GetEqual – which would be Robin McGehee.

1:21 pm: According to D.C. Agenda, police are not attempting to disperse the crowd and 20 Secret Service are on the scene. A crowd of 50 is chanting “Keep your promise, Obama” and “Repeal DADT”.

Finally some REAL action and protest.  Thank you Dan Choi.

And to Joe Solmonese and the HRC once again you have proved you are nothing but media whores and NOT truly commited to our cause.

It’s My Blog And I’ll Rant If I Want To – The DADT Repeal And Our Fight For Our Equal Rights – It’s Time To Put Up Or Shut Up Baby

Despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans think that the apartheid like Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell should be repealed NEANDERTHAL DINOSAURS in both The Pentagon and Congress are mucking up the works. (Not to mention the Republican Party that is doing its best to drag this stall out in hopes of big mid-terms wins, which will kill any chance that DADT will be repealed. And you know what? I am sick of it!

I am sick of posting about it everyday. I am sick of the Democrats with balls the size of raisins and backbones made of jelly, I am sick of our “fierce fucking advocate” President. I am sick of the “lets throw a cocktail party and kiss ass” HRC, and I am sick of being treated like a second class citizen.

Our supposed allies, the Democrats take our money and promise us equality but can’t control their own party. It’s been infiltrated by closet Republicans masquerading as “conservative” or “blue dog” democrats and the “old timers” who look at politics as a life long job and refuse to do what’s right because they are afraid of not being re-elected? Well you know what? It’s time for the REAL POLITICIANS who go into office to do good, not just for a paycheck, stature, and power and the REAL Democrats to start turning on their own and clean house and put hose rabid blue dogs down, and send Senator’s Grandma and Grandpa off to the nursing home.

And now to top it off something that should be simple like the DADT Repeal has become the most massive clusterfuck in recent LGBT History.  (And if this happens with the DADT repeal imagine what EDNA, and the repeal of DOMA will be like.)

Chris Geidner at Metro Weekly talked with Senator Carl Levin, one of the two Senator’s in charge of the DADT repeal has some concerns about the repeal happening this year. (Levin along with Joe “Loser Fake Democrat” Lieberman are the point men on this. Why a GAY Senator ios not involved is just ridiculous and insulting also.)
Well isn’t that just lovely.

When asked about equality advocates’ concern that a moratorium on enforcement of the military’s ”Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy would put off a vote on repealing policy this year, Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) said on Thursday, ”That’s not my concern. My concern would be that the vote on ending ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ gets defeated.”

When asked if that meant the Senate Armed Services Committee chairman had concerns that such a vote would be defeated this year, Levin’s response was blunt:

”Yeah, darn right I do.”

Well isn’t that just lovely. Where’s the “supposed” Democratic Majority? Exactly which Democrats ARE NOT on Board with the Repeal. NAME NAMES DAMMIT! All we ever hear is “We don’t have enough votes” But they never tell you how many votes they do have and who are the holdouts for fear of making enemies with or protect their so called “distinguished colleagues”. Well I have news for you, there’s NOTHING distinguished about being a homophobic bigot who denies others EQUAL RIGHTS. You tell us to call our Senators well then man-up and give us their names. Call them out for what they are Levin, Lieberman, Gilldebrandt, Polis, and windbag Barney Frank who tells us not to get angry and lobby. First off we need their names and ion a way but not telling us that only proves really how wishy-washy you really are. And you my high mucky mucks are just as guilty as they are.

We need a different path, a different plan, a different way to think, act and fight.

We let groups like HRC and Gay Inc. take over, We trusted them and gave them our money and watched them as they become bloated corporations housed in multi-million dollar buildings, whose leaders make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and throw a damn good party but do little else. Seriously, ask yourself. If the drive, passion, and anger from the 70’s and 80’s carried forward in our hands instead of just handing over money it over to our “professional advocates” at HRC and other Organizations with their failed strategies and plans year after year, decade after decade.,. Might we not be further along in our quest for Equality than we are today? I honestly think that we would be.

It’s now or never kids.. We NEED to take the power back. We need to let our anger and righteous indignation over being treated like second class citizens in AMERICA carry us forth. It’s time to go back to the streets, and to fight. Protest, picket, march, become involved in civil disobedience, we have to take the power away from HRC and Gay Inc. and put it back into our hands, of those who will truly fight.

This is out turning point.

And we need to take control, and fight now more than ever  if we are ever to win out goal.


Charges Dismissed Against The 4 NYC "Queer Rising" Activist Arrested At Marriage Equality Civil Disobedience


From: Joe, My. God.

“Four members of the group Queer Rising, a group which advocates for civil rights for the LGBT community accepted pleas of ‘adjournment contemplating dismissal’ (ACD) today from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. The individuals were charged with Obstructing Government Administration as well as two charges of Disorderly Conduct for chaining themselves together in front of the New York City Marriage License Bureau on February 12, 2010, in attempt to bring attention to the fact that the office denies LGBT New Yorkers the opportunity to file for marriage certificates. Justin Elzie, Alan Bounville, Gabriel Yuri Bollag and Jake Goodman accepted the offer which would allow them to dismiss all charges after 6 months assuming they are not arrested again during this time. Ted Bohn, co-counsel for the defendants, said “As long as the State of New York maintains a policy which codifies that the love between two men or two women is inferior to the love between a man and a woman, these actions will continue. This was only the beginning. We are grateful, however, to Cy Vance for recognizing that those arrested in furtherance of civil rights should not be treated like criminals.”

Four Gay Activist Arrested At NYC’s Queer Rising Protest Friday

Four very brave gay activists from the group Queer Rising took a stand and were arrested Friday morning after chaining themselves to the New York Marriage Bureau following the application and rejection of marriage licenses to more than 20 same-sex couples.

Following the rejection of the same-sex couples, a lesbian and gay man applied to be married and were approved as a couple for a marriage license and Alan Bounville, Jake Goodman, Justin Elzie and Gabriel Yuri Bollag chained and pad-locked themselves to the entrance railing, subsequently blocking entry to the marriage bureau, and were then arrested.

Heroes, every damn one of them!

Queer Rising’s  spokesman Spring Super:  

“New York City is home to the Stonewall Riots and in that tradition we are here to say that equality doesn’t arrive through the ballot box. The bankrupt strategy of putting all efforts into electing so-called ‘friendly’ officials has failed. We must shift to building a grassroots, national movement that demands full equality by any means necessary. Today, through our symbolic marriage applications, rally and civil disobedience, that message was quite clear.”