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New York LGBT Politicians DEMAND Obama Act On Russia’s Anti-Gay Human Rights Abuses

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A group of gay and lesbian New York state legislators and NYC politicians including NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, state Sen. Brad Hoylman, Assemblywoman Deborah J. Glick, and Assemblyman Matthew Titone are demanding that President Obama respond and demounce Russia’s crackdown on LGBT people and cancel an upcoming meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Dear President Obama:

We write as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) elected officials from New York City in anticipation of your deciding whether to continue or cancel plans for an upcoming diplomatic trip to Russia to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. While you are considering whether to cancel that trip in light of Russia’s decision to give asylum to Edward Snowden, we also urge you to consider the country’s horrendous treatment of members of the LGBT community and its clear human rights abuses aimed at our community. Russia has become a country that persecutes anyone who might be LGBT or supports gay rights.

As then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on behalf of your administration, “Gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights. It should never be a crime to be gay.” Given that President Putin and Russia have enacted laws to criminalize gay people and supporters and deny human rights to their LGBT citizens, they should not be the beneficiary of any trip by your office until they fully restore all civil rights to LGBT people in their country. Recent actions taken by the Russian government have led LGBT citizens to face not only a society that is intolerant of their basic civil rights, but also a country that would imprison them for declaring support for their own fundamental rights as humans. This has promoted an atmosphere of hate where gay people fear for their own lives and safety. Police are allowed to arrest foreigners who are considered gay or pro-gay and detain them for up to 14 days. Under their new law, as a pro-gay supporter even you could be subject to arrest and imprisonment while in Russia.

Mr. President, you will remember that in December 2011 the White House released a presidential memorandum directing executive officers and agencies that deal in foreign affairs to address human rights abuses against LGBT people abroad and to pressure foreign governments to decriminalize homosexuality. Now it is time for you and your administration to directly act on this memorandum. The LGBT community and its allies in Russia are under attack and the victims of clear human rights abuses. We urge you to stand in solidarity with us. Refuse any diplomatic mission to Russia until President Putin stops these abuses now and agrees to make Russia a country that proudly supports its LGBT community and its allies worldwide. We expect nothing less.

Other N.Y. political signatories  include Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell, Assemblyman Micah Kellner, and NYC Council members Jimmy Van Bramer, Rosie Mendez, and Daniel Dromm.

Both President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have been silent about the atrocities being perpetrated against Russia’s LGBT community

Martina Navratilova Blasts Homophobia and Animal Cruelty In NYC Horse-Drawn Carriage Incident At NYC Pride – Video

Martina Navratilova is fighting back over an incident of homophobia and animal cruelty that took place over NYC Pride weekend when a  group of women  leafleting about the abuses suffered by the horses that pull the decorative carriages seen on the busy streets of New York  were verbally assaulted with homophobic and racist  slurs by one of the drivers.

In a letter to NYC City Council speaker Christine Quinn,  Navratilova writes:

“As any animal lover will tell you, the carriage drivers you support spew hate  when anyone expresses concern for the horses they force to work in all weather  extremes, and during Pride weekend it was captured on video. “You have a big  dyke convention here?” shouted the driver at a small group of women, mostly  seniors, who were peacefully leafleting near where the carriages line up.  “Fucking ni**er,” he said to a black woman in the group. How can you support  such a scurrilous industry that spouts racist and homophobic  vitriol?

Many PETA advocates, including me, are gay. We share a  heightened sense of responsibility in fighting the callous disregard that many  have for animal suffering because we have experienced a similar disregard for  the cruelty that we ourselves have faced. You are a champion of gay rights;  won’t you extend your compassion to the city’s beleaguered working animals?  These animals have been stripped of all their rights and have been denied the  opportunity to fulfill their natural instincts. And for years, there have been  accidents resulting in horse deaths and human injuries, the most recent  occurring just last month when an SUV collided with a horse, which I hope you  read about. That’s why I urge you to support Intro. 86A, the bill seeking to  replace the archaic horse-drawn carriages with eco-friendly classic cars. At the  very least, won’t you green-light the pilot program to test the viability of  this savvy idea? It doesn’t cost the city a cent or any jobs and is sure to be a  hit with tourists. All eyes are on you to make the right move.”

As evidence Navratilov sent Quinn the altercation which was caught on videotape.

Christine Quinn not only killed the very popular bill to ban horse-drawn  carriages for political reasons, but she has also blocked every meaningful  animal protection bill introduced at City Hall since she became Speaker and also killed a bill that was co-sponsored by 45 Council Members (out of 51).  that would have required pet stores to install sprinklers after a several pet store  fires killed hundreds of animals.



You can contact NYC City Council speaker Christine Quinn by CLICKING HERE.

Source: Towleroad