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Gay Christian Rocker Trey Pearson Axed From Joshua Fest Because Of Homophobic Bigotry

Trey Pearson Discriminated Against


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Trey Pearson, the lead singer of alternative rock band Everyday Sunday and a formerly married father who came out to the world as gay in May, was axed from the lineup of a major Christian music festival after several members of the event’s production crew threatened a walk out if he was included.

The festival, called Joshua Fest, is an annual three-day event in Northern California described as a nonprofit “family friendly Christian music festival” that ministers to “young families and teens.”

“We have something for everyone. From music that ranges from worship to hard core, to heartfelt workshops and open forum discussions about faith, pain, and hope. To workshops designed to strengthen your marriage,” it explains.

Just weeks before Joshua Fest was set to start over the Labor Day weekend, Pearson, who was still among the headline acts to perform, said on social media that he was about to make history.

“I am overwhelmed, and honored, to announce that I will be the FIRST OPENLY GAY ARTIST TO EVER PLAY A MAJOR CHRISTIAN MUSIC FESTIVAL!!!

Shortly after that after a decade of performing at the Festival they removed him and his band from the line-up.

Joshua Fest owner Aaron Diello would later tell Billboard that many of the show’s production crew were opposed to Pearson’s inclusion in the lineup of performers.

“The information about the stage crew came from our production manager,” Diello said. “There was a team of about 14, and he said that about 11 were going to back out. He was trying to get them to change their minds, but it really put our back against the wall. This was just under two weeks out from the event. All of our staff are volunteers, and none of us are paid.

“When it comes to production, we have a production manager who is given a shoestring budget. And the fact that this team works the event for cost really put us in a bind to find a knowledgeable team that was available, let alone affordable. The event is Labor Day weekend, so you can imagine how hard it would have been to find a team that was experienced and available.”

Five Iron Frenzy, a ska-punk band whose drummer Andrew Verdecchio is atheist were deemed “acceptable” by the stagehands to play.

Diello called the members of the production crew who threatened to walk out “a group of guys that are stagehands at many of Northern California’s Christian concerts. They’ve been really good to us over the years, and I’m not going to call them haters. They’re good guys that need more Jesus.”