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Merchant of Hate, Linda Harvey, Goes After Teachers for “Promoting Destructive Gay Rights”

From RightWingWatch.org:

Linda Harvey of Mission America is out with another attack against the National Education Association, which she earlier claimed is leading “gaystapo efforts” and creating “financial incentives” for students to become gay. On her radio program yesterday, Harvey said that the NEA is promoting “destructive beliefs” and an “anti-life, anti-morality agenda” by supporting the health care reform law and LGBT rights, and warned that their efforts to curb bullying and encourage safety for LGBT students and staff is part of “a Trojan Horse to bring pro-homosexual indoctrination into our schools.”

Christianist Moron Rick Joyner Apologizes for America’s Perversion, Filth, and Darkness

Rick Joyner says that he met with leading Islamic clerics several years back and apologized for the homosexuality, perversion, and filth that America was spreading around the world. Aren’t these the morons who are whining and bemoaning that Obama is apologizing for America? And how Un-American that is?

Homophobic Prick, “Breakfast @ Tiffany’s” Gingrich, Attacks Same-Sex Marriage & Blames Teachers

From Mr. 63% Unfavorable & Right Wing Watch comes this winner. What a pathetic tub of shit.

Today on a conference call with the Gingrich Faith Leaders Coalition that included guest speakers Jim Garlow and J.C. Watts, Newt Gingrich claimed that he will push for not only a federal marriage amendment to outlaw marriage equality but also a federal law to prohibit states from legalizing same-sex marriage. He claimed that states with marriage equality are contributing to legal “chaos” and said that “if we are going to defend marriage in the end it will probably require a federal law.” After a questioner asked whether same-sex marriage would lead to people seeking to marry dogs and cows, Gingrich, who on an earlier conference call described same-sex marriage as “paganism,” didn’t push back against the offensive comparison to bestiality but instead blamed the country’s teachers for why people are more accepting of such beliefs.

Raving Lunatic Claims Whitney Houston’s Death a Warning From God

Certifiably insane William Tapley, the self-proclaimed “Third Eagle of the Apocalypse” whatever the f*ck that is, goes on a ten minute rant about how the death is Whitney Houston is a sign and warning from God. All I can say…WOW! Stupid much?

Found at Christian Nightmares

Christianist Hate-Monger DL Foster Wants Dan Savage Arrested

This is hate-mongering shit stain wants Dan Savage arrested for starting the It Gets Better Project. You see empowering children to fight back against the Christianist haters is not what these “people” want. Those who are different are just supposed to take it. By standing up to their bigotry we’re violating their civil rights. Or some such bullshit. Who the hell knows what goes through the minds of these morons.

Christianist Wing-Nut Mike Jacobs Hilariously Blames Clinton for “Demonic” Sex Parties

The stupidity of these people is priceless. HaHaHa!!

The Bible talks about the sins of the fathers, that doesn’t necessarily mean your natural father. I remember some years ago when the President of the United States was caught engaging in oral sex. Cindy and I talked to ourselves and we said, this is going to open a door that is going to cause an outpouring of demonic into our nation. We’ve seen that happen, I believe you can show statistically that things that we did not encounter, that were not an issue in our nation, all of the sudden, kids started having sex parties where they were having oral sex. Why? Because the President said because, ‘oh that’s not really sex.’ So it took it out of the dimension of being wrong and so it opened the door for the future generations.

Homophobic Hate Preacher Damon Thompson Whines About Being Held Accountable for His Hate

Christianist preacher of bigotry and hate, Damon Thompson, whined about being called out by the LGBT community and its allies for his backwards views. Hurry and call the waaambulance!

Tip of the hat to Christian Nightmares

America’s Favorite Multi-Millionaire Hate-Preacher Thinks Gay Marriage An “Abomination”

That’s right folks, time for the Carnival Barker of Bigotry Pat Robertson’s take on morality once again. You know the supposed Christian who is all about marriage and family values, until your wife gets Alzheimer’s, well then it’s ok to dump the bitch. And what’s Uncle Stupid ranting about this time? Oh those precious New York Town Clerks who are too bigoted and idiotic to do the jobs they were elected to do. Poor Christianist bastards, they’re just being all oppressed up in here. Waaaaaaa!