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Anti-Gay "Christian" Sues City For Not Being Allowed To Troll PRIDE Festival

Anti-Gay “Christian” Sues City For Not Being Allowed To Troll PRIDE Festival

Timothy J. Brown filed the suit last month in U.S. District Court against the city of Cookeville, TN and one of its police officers for allegedly violating his rights to freedom of speech.  During last year’s Pride festival when police asked him to move 50 feet away from the festival because he was holding up a sign with anti-gay Bible verses and  saying offensive things to festival attendees.

Brown, calls himself an “equal opportunity preacher,” 

In the suit, Brown says he was “exercising his constitutional rights and free exercise of religion by peacefully sharing his Christian message in a public park in the city,” and that he was threatened with arrest under the city’s code.

“Plaintiff sought, and continues to seek, to discuss issues from a religious perspective, to distribute religious literature, to display signs and to engage in religious speech through sharing his faith,” part of what the 25-page suit states. “Plaintiff was deprived of his right under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution to engage in free exercise of religion activities prohibited by the code, as interpreted and enforced by defendants.”

Brown also alleges that the city’s code “unconstitutionally compels plaintiff to move out of a traditional public forum.” despite the fact that the Pride festival organizers paid a fee to rent a portion of the park.

The suit says Brown has suffered injuries and damages as a result of being deprived of his rights, requests a trial by jury and asks that the city be prevented from enforcing the city’s code against Brown, who also asks for “nominal and/or compensatory and/or special and/or punitive damages” against the city and attorney’s fees.

Cookeville City Attorney Dan Rader said there will be a case management hearing conference July 12, regarding the suit.


Bigoted Anti-Gay “Christian” Version of The Boy Scouts, “Trail Life USA” Launches

Trail Life

The right-wing, christian extremist, anti-gay version of the Boy Scouts of America called The Hitlerjugend Trail Life USA launched yesterday to much “indifference” with special guest speaker Mike “Go Fuck Yourself” Huckabee!

The Washington Times reports:

At the opening session, John Stemberger, chairman of the board of Trail Life USA, teased the crowd saying he would not be surprised if there were “spies” from Grapevine, Texas — BSA’s home base — in the audience. That would make sense, since everyone from supporters to the curious want to know what’s being planned, he said, adding that Trail Life USA will not be “anti-BSA.” The conference’s theme is “Honoring the Legacy, Raising the Standard.” Trail Life USA’s name, drawn from more than 300 options, was carefully vetted and is intended not to be political or controversial, organizers said. “Trail” refers to a pathway and being outdoors, but also symbolizes the passage of life, where there are moral choices, and right and wrong paths, said Mr. Stemberger.

Trail Life USA’s Membership Standards include that members do not engage in or promote sexual immorality of any kind, or engage in behavior that would become a distraction.  Also  that “scouts” for lack of a better word, must be biologically male children under the age of 18.

Trail Life USA states that the basis for the program’s ethical and moral standards are found in the Bible. and that that any sexual activity outside the context of the covenant of marriage between one man and one woman is sinful before God and therefore inconsistent with the values and principles of the program.

Gee. I wonder if self-flagellation is a merit-badge?

You can check out their indoctrination video below and be sure to visit Trail Life USA’s Facebook page HERE  and leave a message.

Christian Extremists Make Last Ditch Effort To Stop R.I. Same Sex Marriage – MASSIVE FAIL

Blah blah blah

Ronald L’Heureux, a co-founder of the Faith Alliance to Preserve the Sanctity of Marriage as Defined by God, (now that’s a mouthful) in a last ditch effort, brought a petition and complaint to the court on Tuesday morning and sought a temporary restraining order to stop the law from allowing same sex marriages to take place today from taking effect. Judge Daniel A. Procaccini denied the request, saying L’Heureux had fallen “far short” of the criteria needed to obtain a temporary restraining order, said court spokesman Craig Berke.

Procaccini scheduled a preliminary hearing for Aug. 9.

L’Heureux’s complaint, which names Governor Chafee, state Department of Health Director Michael Fine and 75 state lawmakers who voted for same-sex marriage as defendants, argues that legalizing same-sex marriage will violate religious freedoms guaranteed by the state Constitution, forcing people to accept, in public spheres such as schools, a practice that they oppose based on their faith.

“It violates the Constitution and causes irreparable harm, and once it passes they’re going to teach my children and grandchildren conduct that’s reprehensible to my faith,” said L’Heureux, who represented himself in court.

Ray Sullivan, campaign director of Marriage Equality Rhode Island, which led the effort to pass same-sex marriage, said the lawsuit “was expected, and the judge’s decision came as little surprise.”

Really though.  “Faith Alliance to Preserve the Sanctity of Marriage as Defined by God”

How about renaming it “Faith Alliance of God to Preserve Marriage Sanctity “

That way it can be called FAG PMS

Supreme Court of Canada Upholds Anti-Hate Human Rights Code

gay history

Finding against anti-gay “activist” Bill Whatcott, the Supreme Court of Canada has upheld hate-speech provisions of the province of Saskatchewan’s Human Rights Code. In a unanimous decision, Canada’s top court found that infringing rights of expression and religion, as contained in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, could be justified as “reasonable limits.”

Whatcott had distributed four anti-gay pamphlets that “used words like ‘filth,’ ‘propaganda’ and ‘sodomy’ to describe gay relationships and the discussion of equality,” as reported by the CBC in this video clip.

While two of Whatcott’s flyers were found to constitute hate speech, two others were not. The court struck down the section of the SK Human Rights Code disallowing speech that “ridicules, belittles or otherwise affronts the dignity of any person or class of persons on the basis of a prohibited ground” as unreasonable. Justin Marshall Rothstein wrote, “These flyers are potentially offensive but lawful contributions to the public debate on the morality of homosexuality.” Um, okay.

Whatcott has refused to pay the $7,500 in damages ordered by the court and has vowed to continue his anti-gay campaign in the name of Christianity, even as sensible Christians shake their heads and mutter that this nutter is completely missing the point.


Piers Morgan Tweets: Kirk Cameron Is A Whiney Bigoted Bitch

Christian Closet Queen Kirk Cameron did a tour of all the hateful media outlets he could find this morning claiming that he was “victimized” by Piers Morgan over anti-gay remarks he made during his CNN interview

Well  Morgan just isn’t having it and blasted back at Cameron on Twitter.

TeaPartyTracker.Org Launched! Get Your Crazy, Hateful, Racially Bigoted, Anti-Gay, and Extremist Tea Party News In Real Time!

The NAACP has banded together with Think Progress, Media Matters for America and New Left Media to form a “tea party tracker” intent on monitoring “racism and other forms of extremism” within the tea party movement.

Hilary Shelton, director of the NAACP’s Washington bureau, said the project was started because NAACP leaders kept hearing from its members that they were seeing racist signs, T-shirts and commentary coming from the tea party movement.  “The site is set up to be utilized as a tool to track activities as they come up,”

The site, which features a blog, a breaking-news section and the tagline which reads “a watched pot never boils.”   (LOVE IT!)

So far the tracker site has posted links related to  Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally last weekend, including a picture of a man wearing a T-shirt that reads: “Blacks own Slaves in Mauritania, Sudan, Niger and Haiti.” The Tracker has also posted a slideshow of photos of offensive signs displayed at tea party rallies.


Christian Extremist Attempt To Drive Gay Couples Out Of Neighborhood In Toronto – Neighbors Come To The Resue (Video)

Christian extremist from Highfield Road Gospel Hall have been terrorizing the Leslieville neighborhood at Dundas and Greenwood Streets in Toronto for the past 7 years by specifically targeting and decending upon the neighborhood to go door to door and loudly prreach their “gospel of hate” in attempts to terrorize and drive Lesbian and Gay couples out of the neighborhood/ 

The awesome Dan Savage has reported on this via the Torontoist::

The commissary at Highfield Road Gospel Hall must have been fresh out of mind-your-own-business last night, because nine of God’s hand-picked mouthpieces allegedly found themselves outside of the home of a Leslieville gay couple, praying for the men’s unsolicited salvation. Residents of the Dundas and Greenwood area stepped up in support of the unidentified targets, asking the holy rollers to move on and leave the neighbourhood in peace. “We have an authority to preach the gospel,” claims one worshiper in a video clip captured by nearby resident Geoffrey Skelding. “We’ve been doing this seven years.” Though the church members didn’t explicitly admit that they had chosen that particular house because it housed a gay couple, Skelding says that many street residents are convinced that’s the reason, especially based on the church group’s history of door-to-door evangelism on the street. “Talking with my neighbours, I learned that a lesbian couple left the area because of this group,” Skelding told Torontoist. “They do come to the area and knock on doors and tell people they are sinners.”

Fed up with this Christian terrorism the neighborhood stood up and fough back confronting the holyrollers.  “You don’t know what love means,” admonishes a bystander in the video, after one of the church members vows to return “in the will of God.”

Watch the video.  Oh, and  FEEL FREE to contact the Highfield Road Gospel Hall and let them know what you think of thier chistian terrorist tactics 416-288-0389.