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FIRE ISLAND - Cherry Grove Names May 28th. Sal Piro Day!

FIRE ISLAND – Cherry Grove: May 28th. is Sal Piro Day!

A few months ago we sadly announced that Sal Piro the man for who over 40+ years introduced audiences to “Don’t Dream It. Be It.” mantra of the Rocky Horror Picture Show has passed away.

Well Rocky Horror was not Sal’s only claim to fame by a longshot. For many years Sal brought his brilliance and talent to Cherry Grove, Fire Island. Sal Piro’s productions were both fabulously elaborate and wonderfully entertaining. His work spans ten years- writing and presenting some of the campiest musical adventures in Cherry Grove community history

In remembrance of Sal Cheery Grove has officially announced that May 28 will officially be Sal Piro Day.

Posted via Facebook by Sal’s sister Lillias:

For Immediate release February 11, 2023:

Come celebrate the life of Rocky Horror Fan Club President and Cherry Grove legend Sal Piro as The Ice Palace brings you the first ever Sal Piro Day Sunday May 28th 12pm at The Ice Palace, Cherry Grove, Fire Island.

Sunday May 28 is officially Sal Piro Day in the tiny LGBTQIA+ hamlet of Cherry Grove, Fire Island. Piro, former Entertainment Director and Manager of America’s longest running LGBTQ!A+ nightclub, The Ice Palace, will be celebrated on his day by remembrances, songs, and even a huge Time Warp performance at 1pm with everyone invited-join in for Sal!

That evening at 9pm at The Ice Palace, Cherry Grove historian and filmmaker, Parker Sargent, will hold a special directors cut screening of her short film “Presenting Sal Piro” a mini doc about Piro’s career at The Cherry Grove Community House and Theater.

Following the screening of Sargent’s film, we will present a special Sal Piro Day version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with participation of the Rocky Horror Fan Club members at 9pm.

Tickets are $25 and proceeds go to Sal’s favorite charities, the Arts Project of Cherry Grove, and the Cherry Grove Community Association. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

Back2Stonewall.com will be present and livestreaming the event during the day.

Hosted by Sargeant, Ice Palace owner Daniel Nardicio, and long time Ice Palace performer Ariel Sinclair.

Forgotten Memories – WATCH: Rare 5 Minute Video of Fire Island Cherry Grove 1976

Fire Island 1976


In 1976 Nelson Sullivan was enrolled in film school when he shot this Super 8 film at Fire Island, a gay-friendly New York City getaway. Around this time, Nelson and his partner owned a salon on Fire Island called David/Nelson.

So few historical photographs and videos of gay life from the 1960’s 70’s and early 80’s still exist.  This video is  gem and a time machine which takes us back to an earlier carefree time before our world went mad and AIDS destroyed almost an entire generation of gay men.

If you have any photos or video’s of gay landmarks, events, and people from the 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s. please feel free to send them to will@back2stonewall.com I would love to post them here and share them with everyone.


RARE Video of Fire Island’s Cherry Grove, Summer 1976 – LGBT History

Images of a lost and almost forgotten time

So little film footage from this era has been saved and transferred to video or still even exists.

A RARE gem

Back2Stonewall.com is ALWAYS looking for forgotten LGBT video and photos from the 1970’s and 1980’s to publish.

If you have any you’d like posted on the internet to live forever PLEASE contact me at will@back2Stonewall.com