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Cincinnati, Ohio Becomes A Sanctuary City While Republican Bigots Scream “Traitors!”


The City Council of Cincinnati officially voted to make Cincinnati a sanctuary city, a decision that means city police won’t enforce federal immigration laws against people here illegally..

More than 150 people — on both sides of the issue — packed into council chambers to speak their mind and watch the vote.

The designation is symbolic, with Mayor John Cranley vowing the city would not violate federal law but will stand with immigrants. It came after almost two hours of public comment on both sides of the issue

Opponents cheered when President Trump’s name was mentioned. One shouted, “Follow the law.” Another speaker called council supporters “traitors.”

Anderson Township Trustee Andrew Pappas, a Republican, urged the city not to jeopardize federal funding, which Trump has threatened to pull from communities designated as sanctuary cities.

Cranley said this action doesn’t do that.

Passions ran high, prompting Cranley to ask a police officer to stay. Other officers arrived a short time later. Ultimately, they weren’t needed.

The Council voted 6-2 for the resolution, which calls for Cincinnati to be “welcoming and inclusive city for all immigrants to live, work or visit.”

Council Republicans Charlie Winburn and Amy Murray were against the idea. Winburn suggested taking the words “sanctuary city” out of the resolution, an idea that was rejected. Christopher Smitherman, an independent, was excused from the meeting. He told The Enquirer Tuesday he had planned to abstain.

Winburn who is considering a run for city Mayor in the next election cycle denounced City Council’s 1992 expansion of the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance to include sexual orientation: “This is anti-family, anti-church, anti-God, anti-business,” Winburn staunchly opposed any and all legal protections from discrimination for gay citizens and joined and worked for Cincinnati’s own hate group the Citizens for Community Values a Southern Law Poverty Center recognized hate group to which he still has ties today.

“What we are doing is standing with immigrants,” said Cranley, who made the announcement Monday. “We have a very good vetting system in this country.”


BREAKING: City of Cincinnati Passes Ban On LGBT Reparative Therapy – 7 to 2 Vote

Cincinnati Passes Reparative Therapy Ban


Not content with waiting for the Ohio legislature to pass a statewide ban on LGBT “Reparative Therapy”. Today the city of Cincinnati, OH in a 7-2 vote, banned the dangerous practice that many experts have called  torture to be performed within its city limits.

Openly gay City Counselor Chris Seelbach posted on his Facebook page.

Almost a year ago, Leelah Alcorn asked us to make her death mean something. I think she might think we helped do just that today.

Cincinnati City Council, in a 7-2 vote, just BANNED LGBT “Conversion Therapy” in the City of Cincinnati.

No longer will LGBT people, under 18, have to suffer the incredible damage that comes with medical professionals trying to change their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

The conversation before the vote was perhaps the most meaningful and touching I’ve ever been apart of during my time on Council.

Support and comments from Vice-Mayor David Mann, Council members Kevin Flynn, Christopher Smitherman, Wendell Young, Yvette Simpson & PG Sittenfeld were incredibly moving.

The votes against the ban, by Councilmembers Amy Murray & Charlie Winburn, were votes against keeping LGBT young people safe. And (to) feel shameful.

But, lets celebrate our victory and the victory for so many young people in Cincinnati.

‪#‎LeelahAlcorn‬ ‪#‎FixSociety

The passage makes Cincinnati the first major U.S. city to ban reparative or conversion therapy. The Movement Advancement Project, an LGBT organization in Denver that tracks legislation nationwide on reparative therapy, has no record of a city passing an ordinance that would ban the practice.

City Councilor Charles Winburn who voted against the ban is the former employee and current member of the anti-gay, anti-woman’s choice, “religious” group the Citizens for Community Values which is officially affiliated with the Family Research Council and the American Family Association both nationally recognized hate groups.

H/T Chuck Beatty – Unite Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH Passes Domestic Partner Law, One Lone Councilman Votes No

gay history


This afternoon the city of Cincinnati, OH today became the last major city in Ohio to pass a decade long awaited domestic partner registry.

Introduced by Councilman Chris Seelbach and passed by a super-majority of City Council members with Councilman Charles Winburn being the only “no” vote  the registry will help local businesses, who want to offer their employees equal benefits, a centralized tool to determine eligibility,”

“In simple terms, the registry will help local businesses, who want to offer their employees equal benefits,  Seelbach said in a news release adding that many of Cincinnati’s largest companies currently offer domestic partner benefits to employees, but smaller companies do not have the human resources staffing available to create guidelines and financially verify relationships.

Cincinnati’s new domestic partnership law comes 10 years after Cincinnati voters repealed article 12, a charter amendment that banned any law protecting the cities LGBT citizens.  Article 12’s push into law was originally lead by Phil Buress and his group the Citizens for Community Values who also helped write Ohio’s Defense of Marriage Act which is one of the most anti-gay in the country.  The CCV is affiliated with the nationally known and recognized anti-gay hate group the American Family Association.

Councilman Charles Winburn, today’s lone dissenting vote against the domestic partner registry is a former paid consultant of the CCV and has been pushing their hateful anti-gay agenda on the citizens of Cincinnati for years.

Charles Winburn did not respond to Back2Stonewall.com’s request for a statement.

Congratulations Cincinnati and welcome to the 21st. Century!  (And choke on it Winburn!)