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Alt-Right Quisling Jorno Chadwick Moore Calls FBI on GRINDR Because He Can't Get Laid

Alt-Right Quisling Jorno Chadwick Moore Calls FBI on GRINDR Because He Can’t Get Laid

Disgraced gay alt-right “journalist” Chadwick Moore went after GRINDR  this week after claiming that his profile was blocked after he complained about the inclusion of trans profiles and answering a question by saying that there are only two genders.

Moore tweeted: “@Grindr just shut down my profile for the second time this year because under the ‘Gender’ question (weird af) I wrote ‘There are only 2.”

He added: “If trans women are real women why are they lurking on a gay men’s dating app. And doesn’t the whole trans narrative only deeply further the gender binary? So weird.”

Moore then went further to say he’d “love to see your internal company guidelines on postmodernism, gender theory, and banned words. Are you a gay dating app, or another tech firm engaged in thought-policing at the behest of radical, unfuckable, far-left activists?”

Moore later took to Twitter  accusing GRINDR of facilitating sex work and illegal drug use. He then tried to get the FBI to investigate the popular gay hook-up app.

Moore whose career was on the skids two years ago wrote a sympathetic piece on Milo Yiannopoulos for Out that was critiqued as a sympathetic profile on the disgraced alt-right troll and then came out as a Republican to get publicity thus becoming nicknames “Chadwick Mediawhore”.

GRINDR has responded now by offering a limited edition gender neutral t-shirt with the words “GRINDR is a construct” emblazoned across the front with all proceeds being donated to the National Center for Transgender Equality.

All of this just because no one wants to fuck a troll alt-right hack like Moore.  


Alt-Right Quisling Jorno Chadwick Moore Calls FBI on GRINDR Because He Can't Get Laid

HomoCON Chadwick “Kapo” Moore: The Stonewall Inn is “the [gay] equivalent of Mecca for Muslims”

HomoCon-artist and media-whore Chadwick Moore appeared on gay basher Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show on Tuesday and let and denouncing the Gays Against Guns rally held at the Stonewall Inn to mark the anniversary of the Pulse massacre. and say that most gays don’t care about politics.

Via Gay Times:

After describing the Stonewall Inn as “the [gay] equivalent of Mecca for Muslims”, Moore complained that some of those in attendance began protesting laws that allowed the shooter to easily get access to guns. “Most gay people aren’t political,” Moore claimed. “Most gay people, you know, they care about pop music and going to the beach. They probably don’t even know what the Second Amendment is.

“So they show up to be together, to celebrate the community and to mourn together, and instead they’re just fed this anti-gun nonsense.” Moore also criticised the anti-Trump sentiments expressed by those at the vigil, claiming it didn’t make sense for LGBT+ people to treat him as “the bad guy in the room” given that he visited Pulse nightclub just days after the shooting.

Moore went on to say that Donald Trump rushed to Orlando after the Pulse attack. Which, you guessed it Never happened.


HomoCON Chadwick Moore Calls Portland State University Students “Feral Animals” For Protesting Him

HomoCON Chadwick Moore Calls Portland State University Students "Feral Animals" For Protesting Him

Milio Yiannopoulos clone wannabe,  gay CON-servative Chadwick “Media Whore” Moore described his experience being protested by campus activists at Portland State University in Oregon earlier this month by saying that they “don’t have any talking points” and are “not being taught the other side at all.”

“Repeatedly, the students would talk over me,” Moore told host gay basher Tucker Carlson on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”. “This was a new tactic to sort of disrupt the speech, to make sure other people couldn’t hear what I was saying, to try to throw me off, because they’re not educated enough today in school to properly argue.

“None of them stayed for the q-and-a because they couldn’t question what I was saying,” Moore continued. “They don’t have any talking points. They’re not being taught the other side at all.”  

Moore described the protesters as “feral animals running around on the left, attacking everyone and the Democratic Party and the media are not telling them to stop … It’s very surprising and they’re not winning any hearts or minds in this country by letting this behavior continue.”

Moore, a former contributor for the OUT magazine “come out” as a HomoCON  in an article for The New York Post, citing his “gradual” move to the right after left-wing friends rejected him for his softball profile on Milo Yiannopoulos.

Moore also last month took to Twitter claiming the murder of Mathew Shepard back in 1998 has been “debunked” as a hate crime, and Shepard — whose death has long been a symbol of the need for the LGBT civil rights movement — was “turned into a Blonde Jesus” by the “gay lobby.”

Matthew S. wasn’t a gay hate crime. That’s been debunked. It was meth. He use to f*ck those guys. Gay lobby turned him into a Blonde Jesus  https://t.co/xgeqkCJHqh

— Chadwick Moore (@Chadwick_Moore) March 8, 2017


@lawharris51 the true story of his life is more tragic and complex, and also too common. The self-hating gay lobby needed to sanitize him.

— Chadwick Moore (@Chadwick_Moore) March 8, 2017

Too bad this piece of shite couldn’t have switched places with Matthew.

OUT Mag Writer Who Did Feature On Milo Yiannopolous Says Backlask Has Made Him Come Out As A HomoCON

OUT Mag Writer Who Did Feature On Milo Yiannopolous Says Backlask Has Made Him Come Out As A HomoCON

Out Magazine rag writer Chadwick Moore claims that because of the backlash from the LGBT community with his interview with  alt-right self -loathing homo Milo Yiannopolous has forced him to come out as a quisling homocon himself.

Written by Moore in the New York Post:

I’ve already told my family, and it’s brought me closer to my father. He’s a Republican and a farmer in Iowa, and for years we just didn’t have very much to talk about. But after Trump’s inauguration, we chatted for two hours, bonding over the ridiculousness of lefties. But we also got serious: He told me that he is proud of my writing, and I opened up about my personal life in a way I never had before to him.

I’ve made some new friends and also lost some who refuse to speak to me. I’ve come around on Republican pundit Ann Coulter, who I now think is smart and funny and not a totally hateful, self-righteous bigot. A year ago, this would have been unfathomable to me.

I even went on a date this past week with a good-looking Republican construction worker, someone I previously would not have given a shot. I hope to find out that it pays to keep an open mind. And I hope that New Yorkers can be as open-minded and accepting of my new status as a conservative man as they’ve been about my sexual orientation.

Looks like Chadwick Moore is in love with the idea of being contrarian to the point they can deny the reality of truly vile human shaped beings like Coulter and Milo to get themselves some media attention and perhaps a Fox News interview since his career as a gay “journalist” is a bomb.