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CDC Abruptly Cancels LGBT Youth Health Summit After Trump Is Elected President

CDC Abruptly Cancels LGBT Youth Health Summit After Trump Is Elected President

After the election of Donald Trump as president the Centers for Disease Control has abruptly and indefinitely cancelled planning for an LGBT youth health summit.

 News of the summit planning’s cancellation comes days after partners working with the CDC on a climate change and health conference scheduled for February told news outlets that the long-planned event had been canceled due to concerns about the Trump administration’s reception of it.

 The one-day gathering  was to include “national leaders” and would meet at the CDC’s Roybal campus in Atlanta in order “to address the health and well-being of LGBT youth.”

 “This was supposed to be a big deal,” said the source to Talking Points Memo, who requested anonymity given the politically sensitive nature of the cancellation. “They had a whole communications team on it, it was going to be on Facebook live. The intention was to plan a 5-year agenda.”

The CDC event planners, assuming Hillary Clinton would win the presidency, had started putting together a list of potential partner organizations including the YMCA, Human Rights Campaign and othersbut were waiting until after Nov. 8 to extend formal invitations. The event was initially planned for mid-December, but planning documents show the date for the summit was pushed back in late October to Jan. 12.

“From the very beginning when we were talking about partner decisions it was made very clear that no discussions were to leave CDC and that the invitations would be sent out to the big national nonprofits the day after the election,” the source said.

Those formal invitations never went out. Preparations continued through Friday after the election, but the following week’s planning meeting was canceled without notice and replaced with a “next steps” conference call, according to the source. Organizers were thanked for their work and informed that the summit was postponed indefinitely on that call, while a new internal workgroup on LGBT youth health also was proposed