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Gay History – May 18, 1981: Dr. Lawrence Mass Becomes The First Person To Report About AIDS

While many believe that June 5, 1981 is the date of the first published report about the deadly disease which would later be called AIDS by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  But actually the first published  report that mention the mysterious and deadly disease appeared in  New York City’s gay newspaper The New York Native three weeks earlier by Dr, Lawrence Mass.

Gay History – September 24, 1982: The Centers for Disease Control Uses The Term “AIDS” For The First Time

On September 24th. the CDC used the term “AIDS”  for the first time replacing the previous name of GRID, and released the first case definition of AIDS: “A disease at least moderately predictive of a defect in cell-mediated immunity, occurring in a person with no known case for diminished resistance to that disease.”

Today In Anti-LGBT Propaganda: FRC's Tony Perkins: Trump's Gay Ambassador Might Interfere With Countries That Put Gays To Death

FRC’s Tony PerKKKins: Trump’s CDC Ban On 7 “Christian” Dirty Words Is “Bringing The Country Back To Reality”

  For once, it’s not what the Trump administration is saying that’s raising the media’s eyebrows — it’s what they aren’t saying. Heading into the weekend, the Washington Post sparked an interesting debate over the power...