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#ByeFelicia! – Phil Burress Head Of Ohio’s AFA and FRC Affiliated Hate Group the Citizen for Community Values Calls It Quits.

CCV Phill Burress Retires

Phil Burress the head the Ohio-based, right wing extremist LGBT hate group the Citizens for Community Values, says he plans to “retire” following the November elections.

Phil Burress, a good friend of Brian Fischer told The Columbus Dispatch he plans to spend time with his family after leaving his position as president of the CCV, based in the Cincinnati suburb of Sharonville. 

The CCV proudly boasts that its affiliated with the known anti-gay hate groups the Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, and Fischer’s American Family Association

“It’s time to move on,” Burress said. “I’m 74 and in great health. About a year and half ago, after praying about it, my wife and I decided this was the right thing to do.”

Burress spearheaded a campaign in 2004 to ban same-sex marriage in Ohio. The constitutional amendment was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court in June 2015.

Burress said his retiring is “not about the fact I lost the fight” over same-sex marriage.

Burress — who has admitted that he was “once” addicted to pornography — began volunteering with the group more than three decades ago. He joined its board of directors and became president in 1991.

For 25 years, he says, his waking hours were dominated by the need to view pornography. It destroyed his ability to be a loving husband, cost him financially and kept him emotionally estranged from people who should have been close.

He said the group has helped pornography addicts and some involved in human trafficking. It also has helped people “walk away from homosexuality,” Burress said.

The President of the CCV’s  sister organization in California was one of the leaders for “Yes on 8”. The CCV itself has most Republican politicians in the Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky regions in their pockets and have fought to repeal anti-gay discrimination laws and human rights ordinances throughout the state of Ohio.

Burress and the CCV seem to be able to fly under the radar in the rest of the county outside the Midwest because the group hiding behind their “anti-pornography campaign” and they localize their anti-gay hate movement to the Midwest.  But one trip to their website spells out bluntly where they stand on LGBT individuals. (All in the name of Christ, of course)

The CCV takes part as members of The National Pro-Family Forum on Homosexuality – This group includes representatives from most of the national pro-family organizations and meets every three months, usually in Washington, D.C. The group’s first organized effort was the National Campaign to Protect Marriage that mobilized national and local pro-family leaders in all 50 states to work together to defend traditional “one man-one woman” marriage. However, their major achievement has been The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and other similar laws that were passed in 36 states since 1996. Another major achievement of this forum was the “Truth in Love” full-page ad and campaign printed in many major newspapers and on TV

Even more alarming than the destructive effect upon the individual is the threat that the activists’ agenda poses upon society as a whole. Again we repeat, the traditional family-one father, one mother, and their natural or adopted children-is the basic building block of society. Not just our society, but society as a whole. The history of civilization proves that when a particular society strays from this norm, that society deteriorates.

Homosexual activists are not simply seeking acceptance of individuals who engage in homosexual behavior. Rather, the primary, clearly stated focus of their agenda is normalization, complete social acceptance, of homosexual relationships and the undermining of the traditional family. Just as we cannot stand by silently and watch individuals lured into a destructive lifestyle, we also cannot stand by silently and watch militant activists chip away at the very foundation of our cultural heritage and our Judeo-Christian belief system.

One very important part of the homosexual activists’ agenda is to raise the awareness of homosexuality, or simply stated, to talk about homosexuality frequently and loudly. In virtually every area of our lives, the homosexual activists have been successful in raising the homosexual issue. Every one of us has been forced to be a part of the argument regarding homosexuality and marriage; homosexuality and adoption; homosexuality and civil rights; homosexuality and minority status; homosexuality and the armed forces.

Burress will be replaced by Aaron Baer, a policy adviser to Arizona’s attorney general. And was a staunch defender of Arizona’s infamous SB 1062, the anti-LGBT state law that Jan Brewer vetoed.


Southern Law Poverty Center Adds 7 New Anti LGBT Hate Groups Including Cincinnati’s Citizens for Community Values.

CCV Cicinnati listed hate group

A new study shows hate groups are a growing concern in the United States

The spring 2016 edition of Southern Poverty Law Center’s investigative journal says there are 892 active hate groups in the United States.

The Montgomery, Alabama civil rights group listed 48 organizations as anti-LGBT hate groups in 2015, up from 44 in 2014, as a few from previous years became inactive. The number of anti-LGBT hate groups has nearly doubled since 2011, when there were only 27.

The journal says there was a 14 percent national increase in hate groups between 2014 and 2015. There are 9 active hate groups in Iowa and 36 in Illinois.

Among the organizations the were added to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of active anti-LGBT hate groups this year includes Cincinnati’s own  Citizens for Community Values who claim to be “officially” affiliated with the most notorious national anti-gay hate groups the Family Research Council and the American Family Association and have been active in the anti-LGBT civil rights movement in Cincinnati since its founding in 1983.

Recently when the city of Cincinnati banned the dangerous practice of “gay conversion therapy” within its city limits.

The CCV sent out the following press release:


December 10, 2015

Contact: Phil Burress – 513-733-5775
Garry Ingram – 607-341-1289

The City of Cincinnati will be Sued

CINCINNATI – Cincinnati City Council has once again overstepped its role as a City.  Licensing of counselors is the authority of the state, as are the instructions and limits on those counselors.  To date NOT ONE bit of evidence has been brought forward of forced counseling or counselor misbehavior.  City Council has over-reacted to urban myths, banning a recognized therapy and inappropriately intervened between families and doctors. The reality is that doctors and licensed counselors do not “convert” homosexuals to heterosexuality, instead they work with heterosexuals who are struggling with various feelings, including UNWANTED same-sex attraction.  Therapy against someone’s will does not work, and is not ethical.

Any statements made about electroshock or waterboarding therapy is absurd.

What the City has created is an environment that forces licensed counselors to promote homosexuality while banning heterosexuality.  This is especially dangerous when 70-80% of children struggling through this process as adolescents have grown out of the mixed feelings into heterosexuality as adults (Vanderbilt University and Portman Clinic studies).  Additionally, this effort was undertaken with the guise of lowering suicide rates, yet studies at the Karolinska University have shown a 20-fold increase in suicides for those with mixed-body feelings moving forward with gender re-assignment.

Finally, there are an estimated 10,000+ who have entered and LEFT a LGBT identity, exposing the nihilistic myths surrounding those with unwanted same-sex attraction.

There is no better example of two people that left homosexuality than Garry & Melissa Ingraham. Both were deeply engaged in homosexuality, but with the freedom to seek support and counsel to resolve and reduce their unwanted same-sex attraction, they have been happily married for 8 years and parents of two delightful boys

Incidentally one of the only two votes against the banning od reparative therapy on the Cincinnati City Council belonged to that of Charles Winburn, an ex-employee of the CCV who still has close ties to the organization.

Below are the seven new anti-LGBT hate groups that have been added to the SLPC listings:

The Campus Ministry USA of Terre Haute, Indiana

Citizens for Community Values in Cincinnati, Ohio

Conservative Republicans of Texas in Houston, Texas

D. James Kennedy Ministries in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

• Faith Baptist Church in Greenville, Georgia (formerly Sons of Thundr)

Faith2Action in North Royalton, Ohio

The Friendship Assembly of God in Colorado Springs, Colorado


Mission: America Hatefrau Linda Harvey and CCV’s Phil Burress: We Endorse Ted Cruz He’s Anti-Gay and Dreamy

Linda Harvey slime

Columbus, Ohio Hatefrau Linda Harvey of Mission: America who recently complained about  how she and other anti-gay activists are running out of places to shop. Today “officially” endorsed Ted Cruz for President alongside two other D-list haters Phil Burress ex-porn addict and now President of Cincinnati’s anti-gay hate group the Citizens for Community Values and Whack-a-doodle Molly Smith of Cleveland Right to Life a joint press release issued Monday. The release directs supporters to the website of Keep The Promise, a pro-Cruz Super PAC led by Religious Right activist David Barton, but the endorsements have not been promoted by the PAC or the Cruz campaign, at least not yet.

Buress is a close friend of Brian “Grampa’s off his meds again” Fischer of the American Family Association and his organization the CCV is fully embroiled in Ohio politics brags about being officially affiliated with the unholy trinity of anti-gay hate groups the Family Research Council, the AFA and Focus on the Family.

Harvey who runs the one woman hate group Mission: America and somehow manages to have a weekly radio show has claimed that efforts to combat bullying of LGBT young people amount to “sexual abuse.”

Said that gays “were not born this way, but created through sexual indoctrination” and now want to recruit kids in turn.

Worried that LGBT youth are possessed by “demonic spirits.”

Said that gay pride parades are signs of God’s impending judgment on America and “ought to be banned.”

Backed Jamaica’s law criminalizing homosexuality. 

And has actually loves gay people, but supporting gay rights is “the least compassionate, the meanest and most hateful thing you can do” because that will “accelerate and confirm this behavior in more and more people in our country.”

Welcome to Ohio.

Hell IS Real


Ohio hell

BREAKING: City of Cincinnati Passes Ban On LGBT Reparative Therapy – 7 to 2 Vote

Cincinnati Passes Reparative Therapy Ban


Not content with waiting for the Ohio legislature to pass a statewide ban on LGBT “Reparative Therapy”. Today the city of Cincinnati, OH in a 7-2 vote, banned the dangerous practice that many experts have called  torture to be performed within its city limits.

Openly gay City Counselor Chris Seelbach posted on his Facebook page.

Almost a year ago, Leelah Alcorn asked us to make her death mean something. I think she might think we helped do just that today.

Cincinnati City Council, in a 7-2 vote, just BANNED LGBT “Conversion Therapy” in the City of Cincinnati.

No longer will LGBT people, under 18, have to suffer the incredible damage that comes with medical professionals trying to change their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

The conversation before the vote was perhaps the most meaningful and touching I’ve ever been apart of during my time on Council.

Support and comments from Vice-Mayor David Mann, Council members Kevin Flynn, Christopher Smitherman, Wendell Young, Yvette Simpson & PG Sittenfeld were incredibly moving.

The votes against the ban, by Councilmembers Amy Murray & Charlie Winburn, were votes against keeping LGBT young people safe. And (to) feel shameful.

But, lets celebrate our victory and the victory for so many young people in Cincinnati.

‪#‎LeelahAlcorn‬ ‪#‎FixSociety

The passage makes Cincinnati the first major U.S. city to ban reparative or conversion therapy. The Movement Advancement Project, an LGBT organization in Denver that tracks legislation nationwide on reparative therapy, has no record of a city passing an ordinance that would ban the practice.

City Councilor Charles Winburn who voted against the ban is the former employee and current member of the anti-gay, anti-woman’s choice, “religious” group the Citizens for Community Values which is officially affiliated with the Family Research Council and the American Family Association both nationally recognized hate groups.

H/T Chuck Beatty – Unite Cincinnati

700+ LGBT and Straight Allies Rally In Cincinnati During 6th Circuit Same-Sex Marriage Hearing

Rally 1


Crowd of 700+ LGBT and Straight Allies Rally In Cincinnati During 6th Circuit Same Sex Marriage Hearing – Outnumber Anti-Gay Protesters 35 to 1 

A crowd estimated at well over 700 people gathered at Cincinnati, Ohio’s Fountain Square today to rally and show their support for same sex marriage at a rally put together Joshua Snyder-Hill, James Gutierrez-Winnettand Freedom to Marry Ohio while a three-judge panel of the 6th. U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is hearing cases from Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee relating to recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states and allowing same-sex marriages themselves.  

Over a dozen speaks took to the stage, including myself to speak out for not only same-sex marriage but for full state and federal equality also.

Jim Obergefell who married John Arthur in Maryland shortly before Arthur, who suffered from ALS, died last fall too to the stage and told of his fight  to keep his name on Arthur’s death certificate as corrupt Attorney General Mike DeWine fights for the state of Ohio to remove it.

 “The death certificate showed he was married and I was the surviving spouse,” said Obergefell, “It means we exist. The state wants to erase those facts. It is not right, not fair and downright disrespectful.”

Other speakers included:  Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Seelbach,  Democrat David Pepper who is running to unseat Ohio’s anti-gay Attorney General Mike DeWine, and Micheal Chanax who gave a heartfelt remembrance speech for Worley Rodehaver longtime editor of Cincinnati’s GLBT News,  community volunteer, and activist who passed away on July 23, 2014 and did not live to see this day.

The Citizens for Community Values run by Phil Burress and is not only officially “affiliated” with the anti-gay hate groups the Family Research Council and the American Family Association but also helped write Onio’s SuperDOMA that banned same-sex marriage warned that “God’s design for marriage is under attack!” and urged its followers to gather outside the courthouse to pray on Wednesday at the same time of the rally.  Only 20 showed up and Phil Burress was nowhere to be seen.


Rally 2
rally 3
rally 4

LGBT ally and Ohio Attorney General candidate David Pepper (center) with two really cute Aides.
LGBT ally and Ohio Attorney General candidate David Pepper (center) with two really cute political aides.
Falled anti-gay prayer protest lef by the Citizens for Community Values - They should have prayed for rain.
Falled anti-gay prayer protest led by the Citizens for Community Values – They should have prayed for rain.

EXPOSED! Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine Connected To Hate Group, Vows To Repeal LGBT Anti-Discrimination Laws If Re-Elected

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, already on the record as being against LGBT civil rights, but in a new political survey sent out by the fringe anti-abortion group Right To Life of Greater Cincinnati he has pledged that he will “work actively” to revoke state laws and local ordinances that upset people’s religious beliefs as reported by Bob Vitale of Outlook Ohio Magazine.

That means anti-discrimination laws in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, Dayton, Canton, Athens and other cities might well be in his sights for a second term.

It also means he might renew a push for legislation that’s similar to a bill withdrawn by sponsors earlier this year after they learned it would have opened the door to discrimination against Ohioans based on their sexual orientation or gender identity identical to the one recently passed in Mississippi but which failed in Arizona.

The first-term Republican is facing a challenge in the Nov 4 election from Democrat David Pepper, a former Hamilton County commissioner and Cincinnati councilman who has made an issue of DeWine’s ongoing use of taxpayer money to fight federal court rulings that have chipped away at Ohio’s ban on same-sex marriage.

In the survey for the anti-abortion group, DeWine also said that all levels of government should define marriage as an institution solely for opposite-sex couples.

ProgressOhio has revealed  that an arrangement seems to exist between DeWine and Phil Burress, head of the anti-LGBT hate group Citizens for Community Values (CCV) which is a “officially affiliated” with the notorious and nationally recognized anti-gay hate groups the Family Research Council and American Family Association

After spending years criticizing DeWine for being too liberal, Burress and CCV suddenly changed their tune and publicly endorsed him in the 2010 AG’s race. Soon after, Burress’s daughter, Stephanie McCloud, became part of DeWine’s transition team and would later receive lucrative special counsel contracts with DeWine’s office totaling over $100,000.00 in July and August of 2013 alone.

DeWine called in Burress, an extreme anti-LGBT activist, to help build up his credibility with the far right. And he’s helped maintain that allegiance by using his office to call in favors for Burress’s family and to aggressively fight to maintain the ban on same-sex marriage in Ohio that Burress helped put in place.

You can read DeWine’s survey and other anti-gay Ohio GOP candidates up for re-election by clicking here – > Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati.


CCV affilaition

Cincinnati Same Sex Couples Battle For Right To Both Be Named As Parents On Child’s Birth Certificate

Cincinnati York Smith

Pam York and Nicole Smith married outside of Ohio and have since combined their last names to make Yorksmith. Now, they want their child, due in June, to have the same name – and for both women to be listed as parents on his legal paperwork.

The Yorksmith family along with two other same sex married couples have filed a federal lawsuit seeking to force the health departments of Ohio and Cincinnati to list the names of both same-sex parents on birth certificates.

“All of the (couples) seek an order that will establish for children and parents in families established through same-sex marriages the same status and dignity enjoyed by children and parents in families established through opposite-sex marriages,” says the suit, filed by Cincinnati attorney Alphonse Gerhardstein

We’re entitled to have that name listed on the birth certificate,” Pam Yorksmith added.

But not so fast. This is Ohio, a state which has one of the strongest and most restrictive “one man – one woman” DOMA state laws in the country written by an “official” affiliate of the Family Research Council called the Citizens for Community Values run by “recovering ex-porn addict” (and good friend of Brian Fischer of the American Family Association) Phil Buress.

Burress uses the same old FRC line that voters in Ohio and 30 other states approved banning same-sex marriages either by changing state laws or constitutions.

“They’re not going to get what they want through public opinion, so they’re going shopping for a liberal judge … a judge who doesn’t care about the law.”

Those supporting same-sex marriages, Burress said, are filing such lawsuits because they are desperate after voters in three states have legalized same-sex marriage while voters in 31 others banned it.

“They’re all Hail Mary passes,” Burress said of the suits. “They know the score is 31-3 right now on what people vote. They know that’s the only way they can win.”

Marriage, Burress said, is the oldest institution and exists to rear children. That’s why he and CCV helped push the 2004 ballot issue that banned same-sex marriage in Ohio. (Actually Buress and the CCV wrote the 2004 Ballot issue)

“My issue is protecting marriage and not continuing to experiment with different types of marriages so people can feel good about themselves,” Burress said..

Whatever the outcome the issue needs to be decided quickly because three of the couples are pregnant and are due to deliver in June.


EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Gay Group Pushes Bill To Make LGBT Discrimination Legal In Ohio

CCV Action

Earlier this week in the news it was reported that an anti-gay Christian group has filed an Oregon ballot measure that would make it legal for businesses to refuse to provide wedding services to gay people on the grounds of religious beliefs.

Now in what seems to be a growing trend across America its come to light that Ohio’s main LGBT hate group the CCV (Citizens for Community Values ) is pushing the Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act or “Ohio RFRA” that would allow so-called “first amendment” religious based discrimination statewide in all aspects of life. (employment, housing and services) as long as the person doing the discrimination claims that the act is against their personal “religious beliefs”

From the CCV website:

Representatives Bill Patmon (D-Cleveland) and Timothy Derickson (R-Hanover Township) will be introducing legislation called the Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). This legislation will largely resemble the federal RFRA. The Act, signed into law by President Clinton in 1993, aimed to prevent laws that substantially burden a person’s free exercise of religion. The RFRA restored the requirement of strict scrutiny application in religious freedom cases, the same test used by the Supreme Court prior to its decision in Unemployment v. Smith (1990). In City of Boerne v. Flores (1997), however, the Supreme Court ruled that Congress lacked the authority to mandate how state laws should be interpreted. As a result, RFRA still applies to the interpretation of federal statutes, but not to state laws. This Supreme Court ruling has encouraged states to implement their own Religious Freedom Restoration Acts to uphold and protect their First Amendment Rights.

The Citizens for Community Values  headed by ex-porn addict Phil Burress is an affiliate of Mat Staver’s and Bryan Fischerts American Family Association (Burress met his wife at an AFA meeting), has close ties to James Dobson’s Focus on the Family and also receives funding by the Family Research Counsel.

The CCV, Ohio’s own version of the Taliban led the crusade in 2004 to have Ohio’s voters amend the state constitution to prohibit gay marriages and all civil unions and has been fighting against LGBT civil rights in Ohio under the guise of “religion” for the past 20 years with the open support of Ohio’s Republican Party and the extreme right wing group COAST

TRIVIA:  The federal RFRA was originally passed to protect native American Indians against the expansion of government projects onto sacred Indian land. In Native American religion the land they worship on is very important. Often the particular ceremonies can only take place in certain locations because these locations have special significance. This, along with peyote use are the main parts of Native American religions that are often left unprotected.


Click here to download and read the full OHIO RFRA bill.


Ohio discrimination


Former Ohio GOP Attorney General Jim Petro Backs 2014 Gay Marriage Ban Repeal Effort

Ohio Attorny General Jim Petro

Ohio’s former GOP attorney general Jim Petro is expected to endorse a 2014 ballot effort to repeal Ohio’s 2004 voter-approved constitutional amendment limiting marriage to between one man and one woman on Monday.

Petro told The Columbus Dispatch that he had a change of heart on the issue after his daughter, Corbin, married her wife last year in Massachusetts.

In 20o6  Petro chose anti-gay Hamilton County Commissioner Phil Heimlich as a running mate.  Heimlich, of Cincinnati, is affiliated with  Ohio’s Citizens for Community Values run by anti-gay activist Phil Buress.  The CCV  is alo in partnership with the nationally recognized hate groups the  Family Research Council and the American Family Association

Burress and his group are responsible for nearly every anti-LGBT action in Ohio for over a decade, including Cincinnati’s Article 12, the Ohio marriage ban amendment passed last fall as Issue 1, and the “defense of marriage” act that preceded it. They have inserted themselves into numerous legal matters around the state adversely affecting LGBT families

Petro is the latest unlikely GOP ally to join the push marriage equality and LGBT civil rights in Ohio  joining  Senator Rob Portman, who changed his position on marriage equality because of his openly gay son Will .

FreedomOhio co-founder Ian James said that the organization is mobilizing to put the question on next year’s ballot despite Equality Ohio’s and Freedom to Marry’s recent meeting which ignored the grassroots organizations who have worked so hard in Ohio and want to wait until 2016 or later.




Cincinnati FRC Affilliate The CCV Vow To Boycott “Homosexual Activists Sex Parade” Sponsors

Phil Burress Porn addict

Gay rights bigots opponents in Ohio are targeting corporate sponsors of Cincinnati’s annual Gay Pride Parade.

CCV Action, the political arm of Citizens for Community Values (CCV) which are affiliates of both the Family Research Council and American Family Association are calling on members to boycott Huntington Bank, Macy’s, Kroger, P&G, Fifth Third Bank, PNC Bank and U.S. Bank for supporting the June 19th event.

In an email to supporters, CCV Action referred to the parade as the “Homosexual Activists Sex Parade” and encouraged members to “search and follow your own conscience as to whether you will support businesses that support anti-family and anti-marriage policies.”

Kroger, P&G, Fifth Third Bank, PNC Bank, US Bank and others are sponsoring the Homosexual Activists Sex Parade in Cincinnati scheduled for June 19, 2013. Express your disappointment with these businesses by clicking on their names above. We encourage you to search and follow your own conscience as to whether you will support businesses that support anti-family and anti-marriage policies.

Homosexual activists are pushing for a new special rights law in Ohio that will eliminate some of your Religious freedom.Click here to view real life occurrences that have happened in other states as a result of passing similar laws.  These stories will blow your mind! It is amazing that these businesses would support a group that want to limit your Religious freedom. The two new laws are HB-163 and SB-125.

As for CCV and the Burress family, we will no longer do business with any of these sponsors.

Since CCV’s founding in 1983, we have conducted our business through PNC Bank. This year PNC is a sponsor of the sex parade and we have decided to close all of our accounts and move to a bank that stays out of controversial issues like same-sex marriage and special rights laws. I personally have banked with PNC (formerly Provident Bank) for more than 40 years but I have begun the process of canceling my accounts and will switch to a bank that is more interested in banking than trying to force homosexuality on me and my family.

Instead of shopping at Kroger, we recommend Meijer, Jungle Jims, Remke or Walmart. Instead of P&G, use SC Johnson or other products. Check the label to make sure P&G does not make the product before you make the purchase. Instead of Fifth Third, PNC or US Bank, we recommend LCNB National Bank. There are also many local banks that do not support the homosexual agenda and you will need to check the policies of the bank before switching.

Where you shop says a lot! Support Family Friendly businesses.

The Cincinnati-based CCV is headed by Phil Burress a self professed ex-porn addict who in 2004, led the organizations to approve and also help write Ohio’s constitutional amendment which prevents the state from recognizing any relationship other than a heterosexual marriage.  One of the strongest state type DOMAs on record

“As for CCV and the Burress family, we will no longer do business with any of these sponsors,”

Funny, I never knew that Kroger Supermarkets sold Purina Swine Chow.