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FCK H8 Campaign and Store To Go Live On Oct 11th, National Coming Out Day! (Video)

It looks like Luke Montgomery (The founder of Good Ideas for Good Causes and a longtime gay rights activist) along with boyfriend Nate Guidas the masterminds behind the UNF–CK THE GULF fundraising campaign will be turning thier brillance and fundraising abilities on gay rights and gay marriage next with The FCK H8 Campaign. 

Montgomery who is a the founder of Good Ideas for Good Causes and a longtime gay rights activist—one who at 19 ruffled President Bill Clinton’s feathers by interrupting his 1993 World AIDS Day. 

The FCK H8  online store doesn’t launch until Oct. 11, National Coming Out Day with a portion of the proceeds from each shirt going to fight the fight for gay marriage.

Justin Long Takes Off His Pants For The Clean Energy Jobs & American Power Act. Can’t You At Least Send An E-mail? (Video)

NRDC Action Fund wants you to do something about clean energy bill sitting, thats sitting in Congress gathering dust like many of our Congressmen and its very simpel. Visit thisisourmoment.org to email your senators and ask them to pass the Clean Energy Jobs & American Power Act. They even got an all-star cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Bateman and Edward Norton cracking jokes and urging you to do this one, simple thing in the video below

“Flood the inboxes of your senators, it freaks them out,” Bateman says. “They don’t even know how to use e-mail, then they see a bunch of stuff in the inbox, they know they gotta do something.”

Let’s hope so.

Justin Long even takes off his pants to get the point across. What more can you ask?

DO IT! (And watch The Clean Energy Campaign – “This Is Our Moment” Video Below!)