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NEW YORK: Trump Supporters Crash Ron DeSantis Rally in Long Island [VIDEO]

CALL TO ACTION: PROTEST FL Gov Ron DeSantis at Chelsea Piers NYC – Sunday June 12 @ 1:30PM – 22nd St. and 12th Ave

PRIDE Month in the heart of Chelsea what a wonderful for time for the extremely homophonic Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to have the nerve to come to NYC and speak at a Jewish Leadership Conference at Chelsea Piers

There is just so much wrong about this on so many levels (Including the fact that not one of our orgs HRC, GLAAD, Task Force can’t even be bother to set up a protest in a major city.) And since they won’t. The job is ours.


We will have to do old skool. Protests, Boycotts it sis the ONLY way to show them that will; are done being stepped upon and businesses like the Chelsea Piers need to pick a side., And if they pick the wrong side. They will have to deal with any further ramifications. From US.

The conference will also feature a number of conservative heavy-hitters, including Mark Meadows, Mike Pompeo, Trump’s former secretary of state; and former New York Times editor Bari Weiss, a vocal critic of “cancel culture.”

PLEASE, IF YOU CAN: Join the protest against Ron DeSantis @Chelsea Piers – June 12 1:30PM-2:30PM . Ron DeSantis, Chelsea Piers, 22nd St. and 12th Ave

Bring: Protest signs, water, face masks, and of course FRUIT PIES!

Lets show that bastard DeSantis and the rest of the world that we have had enough and we will not allow them to put us back and lose all we have fought for.

And as for Chelsea Piers you will never see one #LGBTQ cent again unless you cancel.


Ted Cruz Confronted at Restaurant: “19 Children Died And That’s On Your Hands” - VIDEO

Ted Cruz Confronted at Restaurant: “19 Children Died And That’s On Your Hands” – VIDEO

Indivisible Houston Board Member Benjamin Hernandez challenged Ted Cruz to support background checks and other measures during a break in dinner at Uptown Sushi on Westheimer. “He needs to be held accountable,” said Hernandez.

“For him to attend the NRA Convention today after the murder of 19 kids and two teachers in Uvalde three days ago, and the murder of ten people just for being Black ten days ago in Buffalo, and to keep blocking gun reform measures, is embarrassing and tragic. It has been long been time for basic, common-sense gun reform measures in this country. This can’t keep happening. Shame on Ted Cruz.”


Trumps AmeriKKKa: Indiana Church Bars Gay Man from Singing at His Grandmother’s Funeral

Trumps AmeriKKKa: Indiana Church Bars Gay Man from Singing at His Grandmother’s Funeral


Connor Hakes, an Indiana man, wanted to honor his grandmother by singing at her funeral, but was told by the parish priest that because of his ‘gay lifestyle’ he wouldn’t be allowed to do so.

Father Bob J. Lengerich, saw a photo of Hakes and his friends at a Gay Pride festival, and told him that he wouldn’t be able to sing at St. Mary’s of the Assumption Catholic Church in Decatur because he was openly advocating for gay rights.

conor-hakeWrote Hakes:

I can no longer sing at my Grandma’s funeral, because I attended a gay pride rally and a picture was posted publicly (years ago). The priest’s reasoning is by attending such event, I am opposing the Catholic Church’s fundamental marriage belief. Both my Grandma and Grandpa would be disgusted by their parish. Their compassion and empathy was abundant, no matter who you were. They saw beyond race, religion, sexuality, and social class. They loved everyone. That is what is means to be a Christian. That is what it means to be Catholic. Please SHARE!

Hakes posted the letter, which says that it would “cause scandal” because he has “embraced the homosexual lifestyle” and that any person who serves in the church or as its representative must uphold its values

The letter outlines the reasons why Hake was banned from his grandmother’s funeral mass. According to Father Lengerich, “the Catholic Church forbids those who openly defy tenants of our faith to serve in [any official church capacity]. This included people who have been divorced or remarried (with the benefit of a declaration of annulity), have openly supported abortion rights and are openly participating in unchaste same-sex relationships.”


The letter continues:

The Catholic Church upholds the dignity of those with same-sex attraction. At the same time, it does not permit same-sex relationships or openly advocating for them because it causes a scandal…

There are many ways for those with same-sex attraction to participate with full communion on the Catholic Church, such as chastity, prayer, and attending holy Mass. At St. Mary’s we have several LGBT parishioners who have openly declared their intentions to embrace a homosexual lifestyle – the attend Mass each Sunday (some throughout the week) and are warmly welcomed to worship with us.


Lengerich goes on to tell Hake that he is “welcome to honor your Grandmother with a special tribute in song as long as it is outside of the Mass and outside of the Church, perhaps at the Funeral Home or Parish Hall during the viewing, at the cemetery after the committal and/or even at the luncheon.”

The pastor concludes with his “hope we can remain in each other’s prayers as Grandma Carolyn prayers for all of us.”

Here’s a photo of the gay face priest in question.

Father Lengerich

And here’s the damning Gay Pride photo:

Gay Pride

You can contact St. Mary’s of the Assumption Catholic Church in Decatur @ 260-724-9159 or by sending an email to the Father Lengerich at  blengerich@stmarysdecatur.org

Watch the News Channel 15 report below:



GLAAD Removes “Outstanding Blog” From Media Awards. Spits In Independent Media’s Face


GLAAD,  formerly known as Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has just defamed the independent LGBT journalists that have helped them for many years by removing the “Outstanding Blog” category from this years 27th. Annual Media Awards claiming that “the definition of “blog” became insoluble” (Yes that’s right.  GLAAD could not figure out what a “blog” was after all these years.) and that anything “previously considered in the Outstanding Blog category would now be considered in other categories, including Outstanding Digital Journalism Article, Outstanding Digital Journalism – Multimedia, and Special Recognition.” Meaning that independent blogs would have to go up against outlets like this years nominated VICE, NewYorkTimes.com, MSNBC.com, and Buzzfeed.com

Most shameful is the fact that the very people that GLAAD are marginalizing are the same people that for years promoted their causes and brought LGBT news, opinion and information to millions of readers on the internet.

Pam Spaulding former Blog Mistress of Pam’s House Blend:

“It’s shameful, considering independent voices (including Pam’s House Blend, nominated once), helped shape the political gains over the last decade. 

It seems like this is just another sign of what we’ve seen in the past few years in independent citizen journalism. It is on the slow fade out. There isn’t a sustainable financial model and the lack of attention in cases like this seals the fate. GLAAD’s position is part of the problem and a reflection of it. Sad. Our voices are needed out there.

PHB was a nominee, never a winner. But ultimately unless one has a day job/indy $ or partner to support the effort to do real commentary and journalism, attend pressers and conferences, blogs have a limited shelf life to entities like GLAAD.”

Bil Browning of Billerico

“GLAAD has dumped the Outstanding Blog category this year after we fought so long to have it included. Instead, they say independent bloggers should compete with mainstream paid news outlets like the New York Times because it’s all “online journalism.” What horse shit. The award was meant to honor the smaller folks who put their heart and soul into doing the work without all the monetary rewards of paid journalist.”

Alvin McEwan of Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters:

“I have been blogmaster for Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters for over nine years and my goal is simply – to educate the public on anti-gay propaganda and the groups who use this propaganda to exploit ignorance, fear, and religious opposition to LGBT equality.

being honored by GLAAD as a nominee for ‘Outstanding Blog’ on two occasions meant a lot to me. It increased my profile and sent the message that anyone in our community with enough heart, skill, discipline, and patience can make a positive impact in pursuit our equality.

However, this year, GLAAD has chosen to eliminate the ‘Outstanding Blog’ category, probably permanently. And this sends a negative message to grassroots and non-celebrities like myself. The GLAAD Media Awards should help to elevate new leaders, not push them away because lack of notoriety or fame. It’s not just solely about visibility, but also acknowledging and cultivating new spokespeople and leaders. And you can’t do that by focusing specifically and only on prominent celebrities and national media.”

Mark S. King – of My Fabulous Disease and contributor at POZ Blogs

“The Outstanding Blog category has been eliminated from the newly announced GLAAD Media Awards, and along with it the grassroots first-person voices of writers across the entire LGBT spectrum, including those of us living with HIV.

Folding blogs into the online journalism category is a disingenuous ploy; not a single past nominee or winner for Outstanding Blog is present anywhere on the 2016 list of award nominees.

GLAAD hasn’t simply marginalized the unique voice of bloggers. They have rendered us dispensable and ultimately invisible. It’s shameful that a national organization that purports to lift up LGBT voices has dismissed the very people and outlets that deserve encouragement and recognition.

But hey, won’t the GLAAD award race between Carol and The Danish Girl be a tight one? Maybe Eddie Redmayne will show up to the awards. That would be just the sort of evening GLAAD is hoping for.”

Seth Adams, the Director of Communications at GLAAD  (646) 871-8018 – seth@glaad.org

“Every year, GLAAD looks at our competitive categories to ensure as best we can that they reflect the current media landscape. We have retired several categories in the past (including our Theater categories), and added others as new media continue to evolve. GLAAD remains unequivocally committed to lifting up the voices of individuals and independent media within the LGBT community, and I can assure you that the feedback here will inform that process later this year as we begin work on the 28th Annual GLAAD Media Awards.

Thanks again for engaging us in this important conversation and holding us accountable. I promise we’re listening.”

I promise they’re not.  GLAAD has been talking about removing this category for years and according to my sources had made this decision well over 9 months ago and told no one  because they know that there would be a blowback.

A few of us have called upon GLAAD to hold a special late 2 week open submission for “Outstanding Blog/Independent Media” category and  announce those nominated and present whuile there is still time this year and tweak the category for next year. (We’d even help them figure out what a “Blog” is. )  But so far Seth Adams,  GLAAD Director; Sarah Kate Ellis, and the GLAAD team has been silent,

Funny thing about silence.  If GLAAD can be silent to our needs.  Then we in turn can also be silent to theirs.





FRC’s Tony Perkins Puts Out A Lame Call to Action: “We’re still standing for marriage” – Hijack This TWEET!

Really is this the BEST that Tony Per-KKK-ins can do?


Call to Action: We’re still standing for marriage – stand with us.
June 26, 2015 | | Share with Friends | Permalink

Dear Will,

Today, five justices on the Supreme Court have overturned the votes of 50 million Americans and demanded that the American people walk away from millenia of history and the reality of human nature. In reaching a decision so lacking in foundation in the text of the Constitution, in our history, and in our traditions, the Court has done serious damage to its own legitimacy. Just as with Roe v. Wade in 1973, the courts will not have the final say on this profound social matter. We will not lapse into silence but will continue to speak uncompromisingly for the truth about what marriage is, always has been, and always will be: the union of one man and one woman.

On this historic day, we want to encourage you to raise your voice in support of marriage. Please join the conversation on twitter by following @TPerkins and @FRCdc and using the sample tweet below to help raise awareness about the importance of marriage and religious freedom.



Tweet this: #SCOTUS #marriage ruling is shocking abuse of power, and will never be accepted – @TPerkins

It’s our belief that Americans will not stop standing for transcendent truth and will never accept the legitimacy of this decision. Truth is not decided by polls or the passage of time, but by the One who created time and everything that exists therein. The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of our God will stand forever. Isaiah 40:8

Family Research Council

P.S. Please forward this email to at least one friend.


C’mon everybody head over to Twitter and Tweet this:: #SCOTUS #marriage ruling is the right and only ruling for America – #FU @TPerkins

CSPAN Shuts Out Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings on DOMA Repeal – CALL CSPAN!

At this moment in Washington, DC the first historic hearings on the ‘Respect for Marriage Act’, the bill which would repeal the so-called ‘Defense of Marriage Act’ (DOMA), have begun in the Senate Judiciary Committee

And C-SPAN is not airing it.

I called CSPAN’s Washington DC office and voiced my displeasure at why CSPAN after covering almost the entire Values Voters summit in 2010 was not broadcasting this important LGBT hearing.

Their reply was that whenever the House and Senate is in session that CSPAN 1 and CSPAN 2 are always dedicated to showing them exclusively and that CSPAN3 covers others hearings, seminars, discussions and programming in Washington, DC.  So I then inquired what was showing on CSPAN3?   I was told it was The Exxon Mobile Spill In The Yellowstone Hearing until 12 Noon EST and then The Counter Narcotics Efforts In Afghanistan Hearing. 

Narcotics Efforts In Afghanistan is more important to CSPAN than American Citizens Civil Rights.

 I  asked if the ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ hearing was on the schedule at all to which I was answered “No “but they have a camera there and might show live segments during Congressional breaks.

CSPAN refused to answer me when I asked who did the scheduling for CSPAN3 and also refused to give any definate answers to if any of the ‘Respect for Marriage Act’  hearing would be shown at all.




ENOUGH! – Wherever You Live, Call Albany NY and DEMAND Senator Skelos Allow The Same Sex Marriage Vote NOW! – Phone: (518) 455-3171

It’s an old ReTHUGlican trick kids.

They KNOW we have the votes in the New York Senate to pass Same Sex Marriage but Republican New York State Senate Majority Leader  Dean G. Skelos is holding the agenda hostage and not allowing it to come up to vote and is stalling so it either dies this session or to give the GOP enough time to blackmail the YEAH votes into NAY votes and WE CANNOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN!

Wherever you live.  Be it in New York, New Jersey, New Mexico or New Calidonia.  Weather you are male or female, gay, straight, bisexual or omni-sexual.  If you believe in EQUALITY Call Senator Skelos and the Albany State House and DEMAND THAT A VOTE BE TAKEN ON SAME SEX MARRIAGE IMMEDIATELY!

We need to FLOOD Albany with calls and bring down their phone lines and DEMAND that they do the right thing.

New York State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos – Phone: (518) 455-3171

Albany State House Main Number – (518) 427-6063


UPDATE – Companies on Tennessee Chamber of Commerce Board Respond To Pressure Over Backing LGBT Rights Repeal

Well never let it be said that we have no power. 

Thanks to everyone on Twitter and across the web who responded to my pleas and AmericaBlogGay’s pleas for help against the TN Chamber of Commerce who is backing a religious right Bill called “The Equal Access to Intrastate Commerce Act” that would repeal gay/trans rights protections in Nashville and would ban municipalities in the state from passing any future civil rights laws.

Some of the prestigious companies who make up the board which include FedEx, AT&T, Comcast, DuPont, Pfizer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Caterpillar, KPMG, Whirlpool, Embraer, Alcoa, and United HealthCare have started to issue statements due to the pressure.

So far Alcoa, Fed-Ex, Nissan and AT&T have issued statements, but Alcoa is the only company out of the fours so far to say explicitly that they oppose the Tennessee legislation that would repeal Nashville’s civil rights ordinance, and that they want the Governor to veto the bill.

“Alcoa provides equal employment opportunity without discrimination and supports state and local legislation protecting the rights of all community members. We do not agree with the chamber on this issue and would ask that the governor veto the bill.”

AT&T, Nissan and Fed-Ex on the other hand bob and weave and never come out explicitly saying that they do not support, and will ask the Governor to veto the Bill  

You can read the Nissan, Fed-Ex and AT&T

The AmericaBlog petition received over 4,000 signatures yesterday and thanks to the Twitter and and retweets of my previous post a lot of pressure has been exerted.  It proves that WE CAN make a difference if we try together and take the time to do so.

We still have not won on this issue and must keep up the pressure.  Especially after Tennessee’s passage of the “Don;t Say Gay” Bill that now FORBIDS schools in TN of discussing LGBT issues, history, or answer any questions about us in Tennessee schools.


We must continue calling the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and the Governor of Tennessee and complain and  threaten to boycott State tourism,  its companies and products until they STOP backing the Religious Rights BLATANTLY harmful, bigoted and Un-american attempts to destroy the LGBT Community.

PLEASE – Sign John Aravois and Joe Sudbury’s open letter to the companies involved  in backing the The Equal Access to Intrastate Commerce Act”  by CLICKING HERE

Call the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and threaten to boycott the businesses, merchandise and the state of TN if they don;t immediately withdraw their support and if LGBT protections are repealed and the Bill is passed

Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry
611 Commerce Street, Suite 3030
Nashville, TN 37203-3742
Telephone: 615-256-5141
Fax: 615-256-6726
E-Mail: info@tnchamber.org

And CONTACT Gov. Bill Haslam and tell him to VETO “The Equal Access to Intrastate Commerce Act”, “The Don’t Say Gay Bill” and  any anti-lgbt legislation or there will be financial consequences to the state.

WE are the only ones that can do this and this just does not affect the LGBT community in Tennessee but everywhere because once precedents are set others will seize the opportunity and momentum and will follow suit.

*PLEASE Repost, Retweet, and spread the word!

TN Chamber of Commerce Led By FedEx, AT&T, and Comcast Push To Repeal LGBT Rights Laws In Nashville

AmericaBlogGay is reporting that Legislation overturning Metro Nashville’s anti-gay bias ordinance is on its way to Gov. Bill Haslam for his consideration after House members gave final approval yesterday and one of the most vocal backers of overturning the legislature was The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce – chaired by Nissan, and whose other board members include such companies as FedEx, AT&T, Comcast, DuPont, Pfizer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Caterpillar, KPMG, Whirlpool, Embraer, Alcoa, and United HealthCare – The TCC lobbied for a religious right bill in the Tennessee legislature that would rescind Nashville’s civil rights protections for its gay and trans citizens, and which bans every city in Tennessee from passing any civil rights laws, for anyone, ever again

According to the TN chamber of commerce,  abiding by LGBT protections would be too much of an “additional burden.”  (Not discriminating against LGBT is a burden to them it seems while not discriminating because of race, religion, or handicap isn’t.)

Interestingly HRC’s Equality Index gives FedEx gets a score of 80 out of 100 on its Equality Index Chart, dealing with LGBT non-discrimination policies, benefits and other practices ,  Comcast gets a 95, and AT&T has a perfect score of 100%.  Yet these companies bowed to and rallied vigorously with the the religious right which was the lead lobbyist on the law.

The ONLY victim of the law was the LGBT community.  This law was specifically written and intended to repeal Nashville’s new civil rights ordinance protecting gay and trans citizens, period and do harm to LGBT citizens throughout the state of Tennessee

John Aravois and Joe Sudbury have written an open letter to the companies involved  You can sign it by CLICKING HERE

Call the Tennesse Chamber of Commerce and threaten to boycott the businesses, merchandise and the state of TN if they don;t immediately withdraw their support and  if LGBT protections are repealed and the Bill is passed

Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry
611 Commerce Street, Suite 3030
Nashville, TN 37203-3742
Telephone: 615-256-5141
Fax: 615-256-6726
E-Mail: info@tnchamber.org

And contact Gov. Bill Haslam and tell him to VETO  “The Equal Access to Intrastate Commerce Act” which bans cities and counties from requiring government contractors to drop anti-gay policies.

(And as for HRC after TARGET, BestBuy and now this.  It might be a good idea just to discontinue your Equality Index since it really is not accurate and perhaps put the money and time to better uses like actually fighting for Equality.)

*PLEASE feel free to REPOST and RETWEET this.  This is a very important and harmful issue nit just to LGBT’s in TN but everywhere.  EVERYONE no matter what state you live in needs to get informed and involved if we are to stop this. – Thank you

CALL TO ACTION! – Anti-Gay Christian Group Lies And Abuses The Memory Of Harvey Milk On Youtube

The anti-gay “christian” group SAVE CALIFORNIA has placed a video on YouTube denoucing Harvey Milk Day which is full of venom and lies.

Enough of this bullshit!

YouTube has a responsibility to remove videos with hateful content. 

Everyone take one minute and PLEASE go to the link below and FLAG this video



Then at Please indicate the group attacked” – CHOOSE SEXUAL ORIENTATION

And let YouTube know that they have a responsibility to keep this lying hateful garbage off their site!