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Colorado GOP’s Vote To Defund Civil Rights Commission That Ruled Against Anti-Gay “Christian” Baker

Via The Denver Post:

Republican members of a powerful budget committee in the legislature on Thursday voted to withhold funding for the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, a move that could be revisited but which quickly stoked political outcry from Democrats and the LGBT community.

State Sen. Kevin Lundberg, a Berthoud Republican who sits on the Joint Budget Committee, which held up the funding, said he voted to withhold money for the commission — which operates under the the Colorado Civil Rights Division — because he is waiting to see if lawmakers vote to renew the law to authorize the commission’s existence (which is coming this session).

“This is the commission who ruled against Masterpiece Cake, and now the U.S. Supreme Court is reviewing that decision,” Lundberg said in a Facebook post. “My argument against approving their funding today is we need to wait and see what the legislature does with the renewal of the law authorizing the commission, which is up for sunset review in this session.”


Log Cabin Republicans, where are you now? This is your party.

Choke on your cake you bitches.


11 Bigot Bakers File Brief With SCOTUS Over Gay Wedding Cake Case: We Are Artists!


The American Bar Association filed the brief in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case currently awaiting review before the Supreme Court about a “Christian” baker who refused to bake a cake for a same sex couple because of his religious beliefs and that he is an artist before being a business.

Jill Griebel, baker and owner of the Hayloft Reception Hall in Hoagland, Indiana  joined 10 other cake designers from around the country filed the brief in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case “in support of neither party.” But in actuality it biased to the baker’s refusal and not non-discrimination. 

The filing frames bakers as cake artists and includes dozens of pictures of decorated cakes – including one of a silver pail with lobster and corn spilling out and a Noah’s Ark cake complete with bunnies and giraffes.

“If this brief did nothing beyond showcasing this small sample of creative work, it would surely convey that these unique projects involve artistic talent and communicate emotions and messages at least as clearly as other forms of art,” the filing said.

The National Law Journal said if the high court agrees that making cakes is an expression protected by the First Amendment, it could rule that by forcing the baker to accommodate the couple, Colorado was improperly compelling him to express himself in celebration of a same-sex marriage, contrary to his religious beliefs.

“This court should make clear in its opinion – regardless of which party ultimately prevails in this particular case – that cake artists are indeed practitioners of an expressive art and that they are entitled to the same respect under the First Amendment as artists using any other medium,” the brief said.

A date for oral arguments in the case has not yet been set but could come in December.

Gay Colorado Bakery Found NOT GUILTY Of Discrimination For Refusing To Write “God Hates Gays” On Cake



To “prove a point” that gays discriminate against “Christians” a good ole’ Christian named Bill Jack (I kid you not) walked into the  Azucar Bakery, outside of Denver, and tried to order a Bible-shaped cake with the words “God Hates Gays” and an image of two men holding hands with a big X over them. The bakery refused. So Bill Jack  filed a complaint, alleging discrimination “based on my creed.”s when Azucar Bakery refused to write the  gay slurs on the cake.

Well the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies has on ruled that the cake shop had every right not to make the cakes on the grounds that the message on the cakes would be “derogatory.”Marjorie Silva, the owner of the bakery said she would make the cake, but declined to write his suggested messages on the cake, telling him she would give him icing and a pastry bag so he could write the words himself. Silva said the customer didn’t want that.

In its ruling, the state determined that because Silva would have responded to any other customer the same way, the bakery didn’t refuse service because of the customer’s religion.
Bill Jack (LOL) it turns out is a founder of Worldview Academy, a “non-denominational organization dedicated to helping Christians think and live in accord with a Biblical worldview,”
Prepare for the cries of victim-hood from from the religious right extremist.
Oh, let them  eat cake. ….. or not.

Source: LGBTQNation

Today In Anti-LGBT Propaganda: FRC's Tony Perkins: Trump's Gay Ambassador Might Interfere With Countries That Put Gays To Death

FRC’s White Supremacist Connected President Tony Perkins: “If anything’s criminal, it’s the liberals’ totalitarian tactics!”

Tony Perkins Nazi2


Family Research Council hate group leader Tony Perkins has sent out another of her daily Toyko Rose-like propaganda press releases this time about how just intolerant liberals are about their right to hate.

“This is how radical liberals work — they try to silence and smear, instead of discuss and debate. We’ve witnessed that up close and personal on issues like marriage. Instead of practicing the tolerance they say they want, these anti-freedom extremists fiercely target anyone they disagree with. Tiny family businesses like the Kleins’, whose only offense is trying to operate their cake store in line with their religious beliefs. Large corporations like Hobby Lobby, who feel that they shouldn’t have to pay for pills that violate their conscience. And everyday conservatives, whose own senators were trying to junk the First Amendment to keep voters from speaking the truth about their radically liberal records. The Left will do anything to steamroll the opposition. If anything’s criminal, it’s the liberals’ totalitarian tactics!”

Again with the cake?

I’m picking up a little irony here, Tony.