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KKK Members Stab 2 Protestors At White Supremacist Rally Turned Riot In Anaheim, CA – Video

Ku Klux Klan rally in Anaheim

A  Ku Klux Klan rally in Anaheim, California, turned bloody as the Klansmen wearing Confederate patches attacked two counter-protesters. Both were stabbed, with one in critical condition after being reportedly pierced with the point of a flag in “self defense”. The Grand Dragon and five other Klansmen have been arrested.

Anaheim police expected about 20 members of the notorious hate group to rally at Pearson Park. The theme of the event was to be “White Lives Matter Too.”  By 11 a.m., several dozen protesters had shown up to confront the Klan.

By 11 a.m., several dozen counter- protesters had shown up to confront the Klan.

Fighting broke out moments after Klan members arrived. At some point, a protester collapsed on the ground bleeding, crying that he had been stabbed.  A Klansman in handcuffs could be heard telling a police officer that he “stabbed him in self-defense.” Several other people were also handcuffed.

Brian Levin, director of Cal State San Bernardino’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, said he was standing near the KKK members when several protesters attacked.

Several of the Klan members jumped in the SUV and sped off, leaving three others to “fend for themselves,” Levin said.

Levin had been trying to interview the KKK ringleader, whom he identified as William Quigg, an Anaheim resident.

The Klan rally — to decry, as one of them put it, “illegal immigration and Muslims” — was initially planned for 1:30 p.m., police said.

“I was expecting violence — but it’s disgusting,” said Nick Keeton, 18, of Anaheim. “I feel like this is 1953 and we’re in Kentucky.”

Martin Buenorostro said a friend was wounded when one of the Klan members began using a flagpole as a weapon to fend off the crowd surrounding their vehicle.

“They started pulling out weapons,” Buenorostro said of the Klansmen. “One of them had the flag, the American flag, with the pointed top and I think that’s what got my friend. It’s a serious wound. It wasn’t like the blood was dripping out. It gushed out of him.”

Six Klan members (five men and one woman) and seven protesters (six men and one woman) were arrested, Wyatt said.

The Klan members were arrested in connection with the stabbings. The protesters were arrested on charges related to physical assaults on Klan members.

Both sides say that the other started it.


CA Supreme Court Denies Another Last Last Last Last Ditch Effort To Halt Same Sex Marriage



In yet another of the endless line of lame,  no chance in hell last ditch efforts by anti-gay groups and individuals to try to stop same-sex marriage in California.  The California Supreme Court has once again, and rightfully so shot down the latest lawsuit brought forth that would have halted county clerks from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

SCOTUSblog has the news:

For the second time in the past eight days, the California Supreme Court on Tuesday refused to order county clerks across the state to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. In a brief order, without a noted dissent, the state court turned down a plea by the clerk of San Diego County to halt all such licensing until the legal status of the “Proposition 8″ ban is further clarified.

The state court is still considering two pleas to keep “Proposition 8″ intact throughout most if not all of California, on the theory that it remains binding in the state despite a federal judge’s 2010 decision striking it down in the case of two same-sex couples. One of those challenges is by the sponsors of the ballot measure, the other by the San Diego County clerk. State officials and the clerks of 20 other California counties are resisting those requests.

It’s time that these losers stop beating this dead horse.  It’s glue.  It’s over.  And its time that they give up.

Democratic Strategist James Carville Blames Election Losses on “Stupid Wokeness”

CA Supreme Court Denies Bigots Last Last Last Ditch Effort To Stop Same Sex Marriages


Bloomberg reports that the last, last ditch effort by California anti-gay bigots to stop same-sex marriage has failed and that he California Supreme Court has rejected a petition from Prop 8 backers asking it to halt same-sex marriages.

Proposition 8 backers filed a petition July 12 and asked the state’s high court to order county clerks to enforce the gay-marriage ban, claiming the measure was still valid because a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last month didn’t find it was unconstitutional. They asked for an immediate injunction reinstating the law while the lawsuit is pending.

“The request for an immediate stay or injunctive relief is denied,” the court said in a filing today, without giving a reason.

Its not quite clear if there are any legal avenues left for Prop 8 supporters to follow.

Let’s hope not.


UPDATE: San Diego Pride’s Shawn Chamberlain Responds To Lawsuit Over Pride “Thong” Arrest

Yesterday we posted a story about Will X. Walters (above) who was arrested at the 2011 San Diego Pride on a charge of public nudity and the resulting lawsuit Williams has brought against the SDPD and the head of Pride security, Shawn Chamberlain.

Walters who was dressed in “leather gear consisting of boots, a black leather gladiator kilt, black underwear, and a black leather harness with chrome rings and says he was forcibly escorted out and had his phone knocked from his hand as he attempted to record the incident. 

Shawn Chamberlain Head of San Diego Pride responded to our post:

This incident is being over publicized by Mr. Walters and his legal counsel. Mr. Walters allegations of battery of his camera are false. I never struck him or his camera. He was afforded every opportunity to cover his ass crack which was exposed with every step as he was not wearing anything under his flap. This event permits children.

Mr. Walters was simply asked to cover his crack, he refused the situation was taken without force outside the side gate for everybody’s safety. Just outside the venue and in plain sight the conversation continued between the San Diego Police (6) officers including a Lieutenant and Sergeant along with myself the only representative of San Diego Pride.

When he refused to cover himself he was informed of the San Diego and Penal Cde sections he was violating and that he would be subject to citation if he refused to comply. At this time he called his attorney as well he video taped the conversation. He was allowed to make his calls and continue to video tape throughout the ordeal.

It was decided that the incident was not going to resolve and a citation was issued. The citation was explained to him in it entirety and he refused to sign the citation which would constitute his promise to appear in court. Based on his repeated refusal and his escalation in his attitude he was ultimately

During the entire incident I was allowed to speak with Mr. Walters during the initial encounter to attempt to resolve this incident as the Pride lason. Mr. Walters was asked to comply by simply covering his ass crack and enjoy the event. He refused. Prior to issuing the citation I was permitted again to attempt to resolve this issue to which Mr. Walters again refused. When the citation was issued and Mr. Walters refused to sign, I was allowed again to attempt to resolve this issue as well as inform Mr. Waters that they were considering arresting him and f that happened he would be taken to jail dressed as he was.

Mr. Walters continued his defiance and was ultimately arrested. This incident took over 40 minutes to play out. I am accused of striking the camera from Mr. Walters hand which is a false statement. I never touched Mr. Walters and will defend not only my Name but my reputation in the community. Mr. Walters was dressed inappropriately and refused to change his attire to conform with the request of the police dept furthermore refused to give his promise to appear which resulted in his arrest.

Well I have to say that from the above photo I have seen much more risque outfits at many other Gay Pride Parades and at Mardi Gras.  So whats the problem?

The one line in Chamberlain’s response.

“This event permits children.”

Well all parades permit children.  But its the parents responsibility not to take them and expose them to things they don’t deem fit to see. But with the recent “gayby” influx over the past 10 years this puts all Prides in a precarious situation.

Do they tone down the festivities to make them “family friendly” or do they also hold separate “Family Pride Events”?

IMO children have no place at a Pride Parade.  Its always been a day of celebration, frivolous fun, and letting go.  That’s part of the point of it.  And to be so prudish to censor some to make it palatable for others is what we fight against daily.  And for San Diego Pride to allow and to be part of  one of our community to be arrested is inconceivable.  If anything San Diego Pride should have been defending Will X’s right to freedom of expression and also his leather community roots

Thats just my opinion.

Man Sues City of San Diego And San Diego Pride Over Public Nudity Arrest

Thanks to the San Diego Police Dept. and San Diego Pride Will X. Walters now holds the dubious honor of being the ONLY  person in the history of the City of San Diego to be arrested and booked on a charge of public nudity. 

The problem is that Mr. Walters wasn’t nude.

The arrest happened at the 2011 San Diego Pride Parade and Walters who was dressed in “leather gear consisting of boots, a black leather gladiator kilt, black underwear, and a black leather harness with chrome rings and  says he was forcibly escorted out and had his phone knocked from his hand as he attempted to record the incident.

Walters is now suing the City of San Diego, several police officers, San Diego Pride, and head of Pride security, Shawn Chamberlain, seeking an injunction and compensatory and punitive damages for violations of the Fourteenth and Fourth Amendments, false arrest, battery, negligence and violation of his civil rights under California’s Civil Code, Courthouse News Service reports:

Will X. Walters claims city police selectively enforced a municipal policy on public nudity, which allows women to wear g-strings and thongs, but not gay men.

Walters also claims that San Diego Pride “wholeheartedly endorsed” the policy, to “curry favor” with the police department, to appeal to mainstream sponsors, and to make the event palatable to straight people and families.

“Will Walters is a Hispanic, gay man who owns the dubious distinction of being the only person in the history of the City of San Diego to be arrested and booked on a charge of public nudity,” the complaint states. “Mr. Walters was arrested for public nudity at the 2011 Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual Transgender Pride (‘Pride’) event while wearing an opaque gladiator type kilt over black underwear. Under any definition, he was not nude, as his buttocks and genitalia were fully covered. Nonetheless, he was ushered out of the event, humiliated, arrested, and incarcerated.

At the jail Mr. Walters was placed in a single cell visible to all inmates being checked in. San Diego County sheriffs deputies encouraged the incoming inmates to ridicule Mr. Walters, who was wearing only his kilt and underwear, and the deputies joined in the verbal harassment. In going from the hot environment of an overheated car to the air conditioned jail, Mr. Walters was chilled. The deputies refused Mr. Walters any additional clothing or a blanket. However, upon his release from jail, Mr. Walters was ordered to change into clothing provided by the jail. Mr. Walters was released from the jail at approximately 2:15 am, Sunday, July 17, 2011, after posting $190 bond. He had been given nothing to eat or drink since his arrest, some twelve hours prior.”

Is this just another attempt at assimilation and making Pride Events “gaybie” Family Friendly? 

If so it’s just WRONG.

The whole point of Pride is to celebrate WHO we are, MAKE A STATEMENT and HAVE FUN. 

We do not hold Pride Parades to impress heterosexuals with how “normal” we are are.