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Anti-Gay, Anti-Black FRC President Tony Perkins: Obama Filing Prop 8 Brief Is A Betrayal Of Country

“To the 7,001,084 Californians who exercised their constitutional right  to protect marriage, the President’s decision is a deep betrayal of the  democratic process and America’s identity of political diversity. Making matters worse, the President’s plan for disenfranchising these millions of voters is bringing the full weight of the government to bear against its own people! By enlisting the Justice Department, the White House is using Americans’ own resources against them to take away their ability  to participate in the democratic process. That’s not equality–it’s  tyranny. In the hands of this administration, the Justice Department is  no longer the gatekeeper of U.S. law but a weapon to bludgeon the  American people and change laws. And until the administration puts  constitutional principle ahead of its extreme liberal political agenda,  marriage will be the first of its many casualties.” – Hate group leader and white supremacist Tony Perkins, via press release not realizing that the population of California is 38,041,430 and thus those in California who voted against gay marriage are nothing more than a vocal minority of hateful lemmings who need to mind their own business and get a life.

Tony Perkins FRC White Power KKK

ABOVE:  Tony Perkins graciously accepting an award from the Council of Conservative Citizens, or K of KK C of CC, which is a racist hate group that advocates white supremacist positions including white separatism and are also are also, unsurprisingly, anti-gay and anti-Semitic.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri the C of CC was founded in 1985, rising from the execrable ashes of the White Citizens’ Councils formed in the 1950s to oppose de-segregation. They have published various columns describing African-Americans and other non-white ethnicities as “a retrograde species of humanity.” The C of CC enjoys some popularity in the US South, but almost none in any other states. The C of CC is organized into various chapters spread across thirteen states.

These are Tony Perkin’s “people”