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Coming Soon! – The Netroots Nation LGBT Connect Online Scholarship Auction

Every year thousands of progressive social justice advocates, labor and organizational leaders, grassroots organizers and activists, and bloggers and journalist gather together for three-days at the annual Netroots Nation Conference this year to be held in San Jose, California June 20–23 to build stronger relationships with others and working on the issues they care most about.  And each year, some of the brightest minds in progressive politics come to Netroots Nation to speak with—and hear from—our community.

Each year Netroots Nation LGBT Connect a 501{c) nom-profit raises funds to provide between 20 and 25  full scholarships which include airfare, hotel and Netroots Nation admission  to grassroots LGBT advocates, activist and bloggers who otherwise would not be able to attend the event and have their ideas and voices heard.

In addition Netroots Nation LGBT Connect hold a one-day pre-covention the day before Netroots Nation proper and conducts a LGBT Caucus during the event which brings LGBT and straight ally advocates, activist, bloggers and journalist together from across the country to discuss, network and brainstorm on issues that effect the LGBT Community not only with our peers but also with other groups within the progressive community.

This year Netroots Nation Connect will be holding its first online auction to help raise additional funds for this years scholarships starting on May 11th and ending on May 19th.

So far auction items include:

* An autographed Minnesota Vikings logo football from straight ally , LGBT equality advocate  and wordsmith Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings

* A giftset of Beekman 1802 products from The Fabulous Beekman Boys  Josh Kilmer-Purcell and his partner Brent Ridge recent winners of the Amazing Race which includes a box set of Beekman 1802  Soaps and autographed copies of their national bestseller The Bucholic Plague and the Beekman 1802 Cookbook.

* An autographed t-shirt from Anti-Bullying LGBT advocate and straight ally Ben Cohen founder of the Stand Up Foundation and World Rugby Cup Champion.

* The complete 3 book hardcover set of the gay literature classics The Front Runner, Harlan’s Race, and Billy’s Boy autographed and donated by their author Patricia Nell Warren

* A cameo speaking part in the award winning LA Web Series Festival’s Old Dogs & New Tricks  Halloween episode.

* Rare mint condition 1980 Gay Freedom Day Gay Pride Silver Coin from The Bulldog Baths in San Francisco, CA donated by Back2Stonewall.com

And more to come!

So look for the upcoming announcement and link to the auction around May 11th and bid bid bid!

If you would like to donate an item to be auctioned to help us raise money for the scholarships please contact me will@back2stonewall.com for  further information and details.  We’d greatly appreciate any extra donations.  It’s a worthy cause and a great way to help grassroots LGBT activist and bloggers be heard and try to make a difference.

If you are attending Netroots Nation 2013 and would like to attend the one-day LGBT Pre-Con that will take place on June 19th at the Saint Claire Hotel in San Jose, C.A.  CLICK HERE for registration information.

Chris Kluwe



“Santa Claus Conquers The Homophobes” On Sale Now At Amazon.com – REALLY!

From Amazon.com’s Description page verbatim:

Santa Claus is back. And flying beside him is Wendy, his freshly minted stepdaughter, who can peer into the future of selected children and offer them glimpses of the wonders ahead. But with that power come horrific visions of the turmoil and trouble the less fortunate among them are fated to suffer. Can Wendy and her stepfather prevent the suicide of Jamie Stratton in his teen years, as he grows up gay in a homophobic household and community? God the Father grants them three Thanksgiving visits to Jamie’s tormentors, in hopes of bringing about a change of heart in them and eliminating their ingrained prejudices. Beyond the challenge of rescuing one precious child lies the far more daunting task of expunging entirely this brand of bigotry from the human race, as Santa and Wendy strive to remake the world in compassion and generosity. Along the way, they enlist the aid of the Easter Bunny, a highly persuasive fellow indeed. But the Tooth Fairy and her loathsome imps are hell-bent on doing all they can to stop Santa and Wendy-nay, to heighten mortal fear and hatred of anyone whose orientation strays even the slightest from the norm.

Average Customer Review: 4.5 Stars

Robert Deveruex is a fantasy and horror fiction writer who has a well-deserved reputation as an author who pushes every envelope, though he would claim, with a stage actor’s assurance, that as long as one’s writing illuminates characters in all their kinks, quirks, kindnesses, and extremes, the imagination must be free to explore nasty places as well as nice, or what’s the point? 
Santa Steps Out,  is the sequel to “Santa Claus Conquers The Homophobes” in which Santa Claus’s gradual recall of his prior existence as Pan leads to an affair with the Tooth Fairy, while a voyeuristic Easter Bunny tries to twitch and wiggle his way into Mrs. Claus’s good graces. Santa Steps Out, which won much praise for its mythological underpinnings and  also had the honor of being banned in that cultural backwater of intolerance and censoriousness known as Cincinnati.
Take that “I’m Not Gay Just A Sissy Calendar!”
Check out and /or purchase Santa Claus Conquers the Homophobes here.

WWHD? (What Would Harvey Do?) Gay Pride 2010 Tee Shirt! Back2Stonewall 2010 Gay Pride Store, Original LGBT Merchandise For Your Gay Pride Needs! Order NOW! (Please?)

I’ve added a few new Tee Shirts and stuff to the Back2Stonewall Store. 

There are some GREAT ORIGINAL Tee’s for Gay Pride.

Help support this blog and show your PRIDE at the same time!


Have A Secret Crush On Scott (Cosmo) Brown? – Own Your Own Anatomically Correct Scott Brown Doll! (No….Not Love Doll)

Do you secret think that Scott Brown is a DILF?

Ywa, I know its soooo wrong.  But even though he’s probably a right wing loon he is a HOT Daddy who under other circumstances many of us wouldn’t mind teabagging.

Well now thanks to Herobuilders.com, the makers of the Sarah Palin doll, they present their latest creation: the “Anatomically Correct” Scott Brown. and it can be all yours for the low price of 34.99!

Personally I think I’ll wait fopr the life size anatomically correct John Edwards doll.   LOL!