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Religious Extremist Pastor Terry Jones Starts Riots In Egypt and Lybia With Anti-Islamic Movie

You all might remember Florida-based “BURN THE KORAN!” religious wingnut “Pastor” Terry Jones.

Well in memory of 9/11 (which Jones has dubbed “International Judge Mohammad Day“this batshit lunatic helped make and produce an anti-islamic film that depicts Mohammed as a homosexual and child molester which helped push Egyptian protesters to  overran the U.S. Embassy in Cairo tear down the American and now the latest reports are saying that the Anti-US violence has now spread to the American consulate in Libya.

An armed mob has attacked the US consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi and set fire to the building, witnesses reported, in what they said was a protest at a film they said offended Islam. A little earlier, Libya’s deputy interior minister Wanis al-Shari, told AFP the crowd had attacked the building and that information was confirmed by the US embassy in the capital Tripoli. “There are fierce clashes between the Libyan army and an armed militia outside the U.S. consulate,” Abdel-Monen Al-Hurr, spokesman for Libya’s Supreme Security Committee, said to Reuters, adding that roads had been closed off and security forces were surrounding the building. A U.S. embassy source said there had been “an attack” on the diplomatic office in Benghazi, but gave no further details.

Last April,  eleven people were killed in Afghanistan after riots erupted when Jones burned the Koran outside his Florida “church.”

The Atlantic has details about anti-Islamic movie.

The movie is called Mohammed Nabi al-Muslimin, or Mohammed, Prophet of the Muslims. If you’ve never heard of it, that’s because most of the few clips circulating online are dubbed in Arabic. The above clip, which is allegedly from the film (update: Kurt Werthmuller, a Coptic specialist at the Hudson Institute, says he’s confirmed the clip’s authenticity) is one of the only in English. That’s also because it’s allegedly produced by Florida Pastor Terry Jones (yes, the asshole who burnt the Koran despite Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates’ pleas) and two Egyptians living in the U.S., according to Egyptian press accounts. The Egyptians are allegedly Coptic, the Christian minority that makes up about a tenth of Egypt. [snip] Other scenes in the above clip seem to portray Muslim Egyptian characters, who for some reason all have strong New York accents, as immoral and violent, particularly toward the Christians whom they pursue with near-genocidal fervor. A number of Islam’s founding figures, including the prophet, are accused of homosexuality and child molestation.

You can watch a clip from POS Jones anti-islamic movie below plus a statement from Jones about his “International Judge Mohammad Day” below.  If you can stomach it.

"Burn The Koran" Pastor Terry Jones Was Forced Out Of Germany Over "Pray The Gay Away" Schemes And "Anti Islamic" Tactics

We all know that the deranged “Pastor” Terry Jones of the ironically named Dove Outreach Ministries of Gainesville, FL wants to burn the Koran on September 11th , and we remember that the church  put a “No Homo Mayor” sign in front of their church earlier this year to protest the election of Mayor Craig Lowe.  But Jones, has a record of scandal in the nation of Germany that got him ousted from practicing there.  Jones ran a church in the western German city of Cologne until last year when members of the congregation expelled him.  Former members have spoken of his hate-filled sermons and insistence on “blind obedience.”

“At one point he wanted to help a homosexual member to pray away his sins,” report the former members. This may not sound shocking or even strange to Americans because we have become accustomed to such religious schemes. In Germany however, civil unions have been the law of the land since 2001 and gays are allowed to openly serve in the military. Even the mayor of Berlin is openly gay. It is in this context that congregants found Jones behavior to be “radical” and that he suffered from a “delusional personality”.

No shit.

Jones also began his crusade against Islam in Germany. It was his actions in this regard which lead to a severe loss of congregants, forcing the preacher to try his luck in the United States instead.  (Lucky us.)

In a statement issued last Wednesday, Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Germany’s Central Council of Jews, said Jones’ recent stunt planned for 9/11 was “a terrible and repulsive” idea and that it reminded her of the Nazis’ infamous book-burning in 1933. “Where they burn books, they will end up burning people,” she said, quoting the 19th-century German author Heinrich Heine.

Jones is a repulsive dangerous megalomaniac and needs to be treated with and dealt with as such.