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North Carolina GOP Congressman Calls Bruce Springsteen a Radical Leftist ‘Bully’ for Canceling Concert

NC GOP Congressman Calls Bruce Springsteen a ‘Bully’ for Canceling Concert

Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC) spoke out against Bruce Springsteen’s decision to boycott North Carolina over its anti-LGBT law, calling the rock icon a “bully” and suggesting that his fans should flock to go see Justin Bieber instead.

Via the Hollywood Reporter

“It’s disappointing he’s not following through on his commitments. We’ve got other artists coming soon — Def Leppard, Justin Bieber. I’ve never been a Bieber fan, but I might have to go. Maybe artists who weren’t ‘born to run’ deserve a little bit more support. Bruce is known to be on the radical left, and he’s got every right to be so, but I consider this a bully tactic. It’s like when a kid gets upset and says he’s going to take his ball and go home.”

“I choose to stand with our sheriffs, who support this bill, which doesn’t target the LGBTQ community; it targets imposters. It’s a little crazy to think sexual predators wouldn’t be devious enough to pull something off if they were free to go into any bathroom they want…I would just like to intellectually explain to Bruce Springsteen the safety aspect of this bill, which is about four pages long. Sometimes people only hear one side of the story.”

A clueless bigoted bully calling someone else a bully.

Back2Stonewall.com has reached out to both Def Leopard,  Justin Bieber and all other musical artists who will be performing in North Carolina over the next few months  asking then to stand with the LGBT Community and follow Bruce Springsteen’s example and cancel their upcoming concerts in solidarity.

We ask that you all take 5 minutes and do the same.

List of upcoming North Carolina concerts


Gay CIA Contractor In Afghanistan Faked Family Emergency To Escape Anti-Gay Co-workers

Brett Jones

Brett Jones, a former Navy Seal turned CIA contractor wanted to get out of Afghanistan so badly that he faked a family emergency to so.  But as it turns out that Jones did not want out of the country because of the militants. He wanted desperately to leave  because he was constantly harassed by his fellow co-workers because he is gay.

“I don’t feel that it is very safe for me to be here,” Jones, the first gay Navy Seal revealed in a video he prefaced would be released in the case of an untimely death while serving in Afghanistan. “I don’t feel like I can work with these guys.”

The anxious confessional dated July 2 revealed Jones was more fearful of his colleagues’ harassment and pranks than of the dangers working among local militants.

Among the things that Jones had to endure included his colleagues revising their briefing and dubbing his radio call sign “Gay gay.”  And also a contingency plan loaded with sexual innuendos, such as “Reverse Cowboy/Girl” and “Cross Dresser,” that was targeted at him.

Jones who is married to a former policeman and lives in Alabama with their teenage son, wanted nothing more than to come home to his family after the constant barrage of the harassment. He fabricated a family emergency just to go home.

“I had no choice. I couldn’t say ‘Hey, stop.’ I couldn’t say ‘I don’t feel comfortable because you guys are making fun of me.’”

“These things should not affect what career you decide to go into,” Jones added.

CIA officials did not deny Jones  accusations and stated that allegations of sexual or racial harassment and discrimination are taken seriously and CIA employees are advised to report such behavior to a supervisor, manager or the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity

H/T – N.Y. Daily News

Piers Morgan: If You Boycott Dolce and Gabbana You Are “Bullying” Them

John Fugelsang - Stop Caling It Bullying


In an op-ed for the Daily Mail, Morgan Piers Morgan has said that, although he agrees with the condemnation of the designers’ comments, he is not in support of the boycott and chastizes Elton John for the call to boycott instead of the offensive comments about same-sex families from Dolce and Gabban who said adopting and having children through in vitro fertilization, are”children of chemistry, and  synthetic children.: and that “uteruses are for rent”, with “semen chosen from a catalog.”

Morgan also said he supports freedom of speech, regardless of how “unpalatable.” He did, however, advocate for ongoing discussion.

The best way to alleviate that discomfort is not by strangling [Dolce’s and Gabbana’s] rights to freedom of thought or speech, or demonizing them. But by making them see that their fears are unfounded. If I were Elton John, I’d stop this silly call for a boycott, and invite Dolce and Gabbana round to one of his houses for to let them see with their own eyes what a great dad he is and how happy and well adjusted his kids are. Elton’s best weapon in this debate is practicing what he preaches, with demonstrable success – not trying to stop others from having an opinion.

Morgan who is not a U.S. Citizen seems to need a civics lesson where “Free Speech” is concerned.

Free Speech in the United States means the government cannot come in and arrest you to prevent you from speaking or arrest you for something you have said [with certain very limited exceptions which do not apply here]. Free speech is the free exchange of ideas and where ideas are freely exchanged there can be friction. If you said something I felt was disagreeable in my home or business, I can require you to leave. If we were friends or acquaintances or business associates of some sort, I could sever that relationship. The vice versa is true. That is the risk one has always taken in exercising free speech.  And that is what has happened to Dolce and Gabbana.

After being fired for fake photos and cancelled for low ratings. Piers should just STFU because no one  really cares about his opinions anyway.

AFA’s Bryan Fischer Attacks Teen Transgender Homecoming Queen Calls Her “mentally ill” – Video

Bryan Fischer lunatic

62 years old Bryan J. Fischer is sinking yet further into the depths inhumanity by lashing out and bullying 16-year-old Cassidy Cambell , a trans girl who won her high school’s homecoming queen title. Fischer in one of his on-air hate triads called the teen is mentally ill and is upset that media outlets covering  Cassidy’s story are referring to her as “she” and “her” rather than her birth gender.

“He has a mental illness, he thinks he’s a girl and they elected him homecoming queen and the school officials allowed this charade to go on. That violates everything we know about gender, about sex, about genetics, about biology, about human health, about what mental health is, it violates every known standard of decency and normality in America”

A man Bryan Fischer s age using a public forum to attack a child.


There is just one of the many reasons and PROOF why that the Southern Poverty Law Center lists the American Family Association as a hate group.

H/T The New Civil Rights Movement

FIRST LOOK TRAILER – Carrie (2013) Starring Julianne Moore and Chloë Grace Moretz – Video


Eve was weak and Hollywood is fucking insane for remaking this classic again.

As much as I love Julianne Moore she is no crazed Piper Laurie!

Carrie 2012 is directed by Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don’t Cry) with a screenplay by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

Meh.  Plug it up.

BSA Bullies Gay Friendly MD Scout Pack Into Removing Inclusion Policy and Instating DADT Policy

Boy Scout BulliesThe National Capital Area Council (NCAC) of the Boy Scouts has bullied  Cub Scout Pack #442 of Cloverly, Maryland into removing  a statement on its website saying it won’t discriminate against gay members.  If they refused to remove the statement the NCAC threatened to withhold funding and other benefits and to kick the pack out of the organization.

Pack #442 which serves boys age 7-10,  voted unanimously in August that they “will  not discriminate against any individual or family based on race, religion,  national origin, ability or sexual orientation.”

Last week NCAC CEO Les Baron told Mother Jones that if the pack doesn’t remove the statement “they will not be recognized as an organization, although that’s our last resort […] That’s a message that’s against our policy, and we don’t want it to continue to be out in our community.” they also would lose access to member insurance, rank badges, and  scout camps.

This week Pack #442  took a public poll on whether or not to continue its association with the BSA, has removed the inclusion statement from their website and will return to a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, welcoming all  families.

I am truly ashamed to say that I was ever a Boy Scout

“Do a good turn daily”




Amazing Straight GLBT Ally John Fugelsang: “Stop Calling It Bullying!” – Video

It always amazes me that are straight LGBT allies deliver such strong and powerful messages for us.  Much more powerful than our own organizations which actually says a helluva lot.

As much as I like to “hit on” John Fugelsang, Ben Cohen and Chris Kluwe I am so appreciative that they stand up fo us and speak their mind and admire them and thank them for it.

14 Year Old Boy Blinded In Gay Bashing At Brooklyn Middle School

14 year old Kardin Ulysse has been left blind in one eye after a brutal “gay bashing” by bullies which took place in the cafeteria of a Brooklyn middle school.

Kardin  has undergone two surgeries on his right eye since the June 5 beatdown at Roy H. Mann Junior High School in Bergen Beach. It is unclear whether the bullies’ multiple punches or the broken shards of lens from his eyeglasses caused the damage to his cornea. “The doctor says he needs a transplant,” Pierre Ulysse said. “For me to send him to school with two eyes and come back with one eye is really absurd. “I want the world to know about this,” he added. Kardin, an eighth-grader, was set upon by a pair of seventh-graders who were calling him a “fucking faggot” a “pussy,” a “transvestite” and “gay,” according to a Department of Education occurrence report. While one schoolmate pinned the victim’s arms, the other rained punches on Kardin’s face, head and neck. Kardin broke away and the fight continued in the cafeteria until school safety officers and school aides finally intervened.

This is not the first time that Kardin was a victim of bullying at the school.

Last year the  Roy H. Mann dean was contacted and told that Kardin had been a victim of bullying at the school for some  time. Last October, another thug attacked him and tried to steal his school  lunch money. But nothing came of it.

Just last year the parents of another 13-year-old student filed a lawsuit against Roy H.  Mann school alleging a pattern of bullying.

Kardin’s parents’ lawyer is calling on police to investigate the assault as a hate crime.  Both the boys involved were only charged with misdemeanors in Family Court.

Kardin’s parents intend to sue the school.