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Scott Lively During UK Channel 4 Interview: “Obama may as well be a homosexual” – Video

Scott Lively in Uganda

Britain’s Channel 4 yesterday broadcast an interview with Scott “Crimes Against Humanity” Lively.

The interviewer Inigo Gilmore took Lively to task over his anti-gay hate and his help influencing Uganda’s anti-gay laws which carries some of the harshest penalties in the world for openly gay people.

“When I went on to point out that the President Obama is “wholeheartedly” against this legislation, Dr Lively chuckled and said: “I think Obama may as well be a homosexual himself. He is certainly a radical homosexualist – meaning a person, whether they are homosexual or not, meaning a person who is 100 per cent invested in the homosexual agenda.”

Rather perplexed by his unexpected comment, I said; “So you think Obama is a homosexual?” He replied: “I think he may be.”

I asked Dr Lively what his view was based upon and he referred to an article on an online site, World Net Daily. When I asked if he thought President Obama was part of the gay agenda, he replied: “Anyone who is trying to break down the protections for the natural family and legitimize sexual perversion is complicit in the recruitment of children.”

I asked: “How is President Obama supposed to do that?” He said that the president was supporting gay activists behind “a destructive homosexual agenda”. He stated: “Well, he (Obama) is lending the weight of his office to a movement that’s goal is to overturn the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic and replace it with the gay ethic of sexual anarchy. That’s what he’s doing.”

It’s really worth the watch to just see how evil and insane Lively really is.

Fry, Tatchell and Hundreds of Londoners Protest Russia’s “Gay Propaganda” Laws – Video

Lodon russia protest

In whats believed to be the largest gay rights protest in the UK capital in recent years. Almost one thousand people gathered in London on Saturday to protest against the human rights violations and sub-human treatment of LGBT people in Russia.

Stephen Fry walked along the whole length of the protest like an ambassador, and everyone was cheering him,” said an eyewitness.  Fry has called for an all out boycott of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

“Just remember that what this is about is not a big abstract thing like the Olympic movement, or a big abstract thing like the nature of totalitarianism, it’s keeping in the head the lesbian being savagely raped and being told by the police go take a walk because it’s not a crime, it’s a corrective thing to make you straight. These things happen daily in Russia; the teenagers being humiliated by their friends, punched and kicked and forced into suicide at an enormous rate. That’s what we have to remember this is all about, it’s about allowing the gay people of Russia to grow up free and proud and happy and with the genuine sense of importance they deserve.

Putin is the ‘Czar of Homophobia’,” said longtime veteran gay rights activist Peter Tatchell  “His regime has outlawed the public expression of LGBT identity and affection.”

A human rights campaigner who was at the demonstrations said that Saturday’s protest was just the beginning of a long fight for change.

Great Britain To Grant Posthumous Pardon To Alan Turing Father of Computer Science

Alan Turing

Great Britain will be granting Alan Turing  who is widely considered to be the father of computer science and artificial intelligence  a posthumous pardon . Turing committed suicide after being convicted of gross indecency under Britain’s anti-homosexuality code.

The government signaled on Friday that it is prepared to support a backbench bill that would pardon Turing, who died from cyanide poisoning at the age of 41 in 1954 after he was subjected to “chemical castration”. Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, a government whip, told peers that the government would table the third reading of the Alan Turing (statutory pardon) bill at the end of October if no amendments are made. “If nobody tables an amendment to this bill, its supporters can be assured that it will have speedy passage to the House of Commons,” Ahmad said. The announcement marks a change of heart by the government, which declined last year to grant pardons to the 49,000 gay men, now dead, who were convicted under the 1885 Criminal Law Amendment Act. They include Oscar Wilde.

Turing’s homosexuality resulted in a criminal prosecution in 1952, when homosexual acts were still illegal in the United Kingdom. He accepted treatment with female hormones (chemical castration) as an alternative to prison.

Turing died in 1954, just over two weeks before his 42nd birthday, from cyanide poisoning. A formal inquest determined that his death was suicide.

On September 10,  2009, following an Internet campaign, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown made an official public apology on behalf of the British government for “the appalling way Turning was treated.” and in May 2012, a private member’s bill was put before the House of Lords to grant Turing a statutory pardon.

OMFG! – Islamist Terrorists Behead British Soldier On London Street – Video Report


Two suspected terrorists were shot by armed police after attacking a pedestrian, believed to be a soldier, with a machete-style knife close to military barracks in whats being called an ‘Islamist attack’

Local MP Nick Raynsford said he had been told the man attacked in the street was a soldier serving at the Royal Artillery Barracks near the attack. Mr Raynsford said the soldier had been returning to the barracks after a day out when he was attacked. The BBC reported sources had told them the men were shouting “Allahu Akbar” as they carried out the attack and had filmed carrying it out.

The Telegraph reports that one of the killers approached a passing city bus and asked passengers if they wanted to take his photo and then ranted into a camera.



Tory MP Against Gay Marriage, Fails Biology

After yesterday’s announcement of a British Conservative campaign group, Freedom To Marry, in support of same-sex marriage, it was probably inevitable that an insignificant backbencher would say something daft. Take it away, Monmouth MP David Davies:

“I think most people are very tolerant and have no problem at all if people are gay but, and I hate to say this in a way because I expect it’s going to cause controversy, but I think most parents would prefer their children not to be gay, knowing most parents want grandchildren if nothing else.”

Not meaning to upset Davies’ delicate sensibilities, but your bits don’t know if you’re gay or not when you make babies. If they did, I wouldn’t have four stepchildren.

Davies took to Twitter to wag his finger:

Of course! How foolish of us to misinterpret statements like “most parents would prefer their children not to be gay” as meaning, well, that most parents would prefer their children not to be gay.

Davies then attempted to demonstrate either his egalitarianism or his half-naked non-gay body by posting a YouTube video of his boxing match with an actual homosexual. So he must really love gay people…because he once punched one of us?

Personally, I want to see Davies’ views on a placard – “NO GAY MARRIAGE BECAUSE GAY BABIES” has a nice absurdist ring to it, I think.

British Conservatives back same-sex marriage

A campaign group of prominent British Conservatives has banded together to support marriage equality in England and Wales.

Prime Minister David Cameron has promised that the Conservative-Liberal Democrat government will change the law before the next election in 2015. Cameron himself is an advocate for same-sex marriage, though he is allowing his Conservative caucus a free vote.

Despite expectations that over 100 Tory MPs will vote against it, the legislation is expected to pass easily in the House of Commons with the support of the Liberal Democrats and the opposition Labour Party, but may face stronger opposition in the British House of Lords.

The Conservative group, Freedom To Marry, announced its launch in a letter to The Sunday Telegraph, arguing that civil partnerships – legal in the U.K. since 2004 – “are not marriages, which express a particular and universally understood commitment.”

The group includes Education Secretary Michael Gove, London Mayor Boris Johnson, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin, Foreign Office Minister Alastair Burt, and the openly lesbian leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson. Freedom To Marry was organized by former minister Nick Herbert who is himself in a civil partnership.

Two of the 19 members of Freedom To Marry are known for their strong religious beliefs; McLoughlin is a Catholic, Burt an evangelical Protestant.

Prime Minister Cameron has come under fire from members of his own caucus for his strong support for marriage equality, despite Cameron’s assurances that no church will be forced to perform same-sex marriages. In this clip, he makes his support crystal clear. Good show, Dave!