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Craving Publicity Bristol Palin’s Blog Ghostwriter Attacks Miley Cyrus!

Palin Cyrus Fued


Bristol Palin and her ghostwriter on her Patheos blog.  (Cause lets face it we know its not Bristol writing it. ) is attacking  Miley Cyrus  for what she calls the pop star’s hypocrisy when it comes to asking for tolerance.

Cyrus who did an interview with Paper Magazine this week (along with a nude photo shoot)  talks about her sexual identity, calls her parents “conservative-ass motherfuckers,” ridicules the “fairy tales” of the Bible.

“Is it just me,” Palin  asks, “or does it seem more than a little fake that someone claiming to be accepting of everyone and everything would spew such judgment towards her own parents and their deeply held religious beliefs?”

“She wants everyone else to let her be ‘free to be Miley,’ but seems unwilling to offer the same respect to her parents and those who wish to live out their Christian faith,” she added.

The post ended with a sarcastic aside to the “Adore You” hitmaker. “Oh, Miley,” Palin wrote. “Thanks for giving us the best example of what ‘tolerance’ looks like in Hollywood: It looks a lot like contempt.”

Of course Palin’s attack is as fake as her blog writing since Miley actually voiced her displeasure over Christian fundamentalists LEGISLATING their beliefs, not having them.  (Reading comprehension is an actual thing Bristol)

Another desperate attempt for  publicity after becoming a has.-been  from Bristol “I’m such a model for deeply held religious beliefs that I had a kid out of wedlock. Never got married TWICE. And I am role model of Christian purity that gets drunk and wails on people in a crowd with my family!” Palin. 




Bristol Palin Calls Gays “Hypocrites” Over Duck Dynasty Debacle – *cough* Media Whore *cough*

PigBristol Palin, the adulterous unwed mother, devout “Christian” and daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, sensing some free publicity came to the defense of “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson and called out the LGBT community as being “hypocritical.”

In “Bristol’s Blog” (HAHAHAHA!) on Patheos.com, the former governor of Alaska’s eldest daughter suggests that people should “leave Phil alone for expressing his beliefs.”

“I think it’s so hypocritical how the LGBT community expects every single flippen person to agree with their life style. This flies in the face of what makes America great – people can have their own beliefs and own opinions and their own ways of life.”

She goes on to say that everyone should treat each other as God would, “with love.”

“I hate how the LGBT community says it’s all about ‘love’ and ‘equality,'” she continues. “However, if you don’t agree with their lifestyle, they spread the most hate. It is so hypocritical it makes my stomach turn. They need to learn how to respect others’ opinions and not just jump to the conclusion that everyone who doesn’t support homosexuality and gay marriage is homophobic.”

Palin adds that members of the LGBT community are intolerant of traditional Christian beliefs on sexuality and marriage, *SNORT* and thus, act counter to their claims of fighting for tolerance. She also notes that by living in a country like the United States, people have the right to freedom of speech and freedom of thought, and shouldn’t be censored.

Bristol then suggests that the Robertsons should leave A&E and take their show elsewhere, despite their contractual agreement with the network.

I guess that’s better than being canned like Bristol’s “reality” show I suppose.

Bristol Palin.  The media whore doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Bristol Palin Wants To Explain Something To President Obama LOL! Haha! Make It Stop!

President Obama recently said, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” Small business owners all over America took offense at this incorrect view that government (instead of elbow grease, intelligence, and good-old-fashioned risk taking) is the bedrock of our economy. Since the President doesn’t understand how our economy works, let’s take a moment to explain how small businesses are created… More importantly, let’s show him the businesses we’ve made and who has made them. Please send me your photos — either e-mail me (via BristolsBlog @ gmail.com, without the space!) or tweet me at this blog’s brand new Twitter account (@BristolsBlog) using the hashtag #IBuiltThis. – Frpm Bristols Blog which I won’t even link too.




Bristol Palin wants to TEACH President Obama something.

I can’t breathe, I think I’m going to pee myself.  Make it stop!

The only thing Bristol Palin’s ever taught anyone is how to be an unwed mother, a publicity whore and how to teach a child how to say the word “faggot”.

To quote Second City’s  Sassy Gay Friend: 

” Stupid BITCH”.

Bristol Palin’s: Life’s A Tripp Turns Bad – Reality Series BOMBS BIG TIME!

Lifetime‘s new (what the hell were the Lifetime programming exec’s thinking) reality series Bristol Palin: Life’s A Tripp last night drew an underwhelming 726,000 and is officially a BOMB.

Losing over 1 Million viewers from its Lifetime lead-in show, Dance Moms, which delivered 1.8 million total viewers.  Palin’s Life’s A Tripphas received mostly negative reviews, also was well below the debut of the Lifetime’s now-defunct Roseanne Barr docu- reality series Roseanne’s Nuts, which opened with 1.6 million total

Could it be that American has finally grown tired of hearing he Palins whine about media intrusion while at the same time selling their asses and souls for easy money on television?  One can hope.

As for Lifetime one would hope and expect for better.  But what do you expect from a television station that’s giving Lindsey Lohan her 235th chance back in the business as Elizabeth Taylor no less.

Bristol Palin Cries She’s Being Bullied After Obama Same Sex Marraige Remarks

Bristol Palin is claiming that shes being bullied and threatened about the comments she made last week about the Presidents daughters helping him to “evolve” on same sex marriage.

From the New York Daily News:

“Around Hollywood, there’s lots of concern and great initiatives to try to  encourage more kindness in this world,” she wrote. “Then why do I get so many  messages telling me I should die?”

Palin claims in the post she is victim of “bullying.”

“Here’s a newsflash, guys. Your hate and bullying won’t work,” she wrote. “People see through it, and they don’t like to be pushed around. You think it’s  completely obvious that you’re right, but this younger generation is more  pro-life than their parents, and voters just keep defending traditional  marriage.”

Tough words from a 21 year old adult who had to drag in and use the Presidents 13 year old and 11 year old daughter to critique a decision on same sex marriage that she personally didn’t like.

Bristol Palin needs to understand when you make remarks in public you should expect response.  Especially when you heave moral judgements upon another group of people when you yourself have an immoral past.

Prehaps Bristol’s just pissed that she was never on “16 and Pregnant” or perhaps This is just publicity she or, more likely her ghostwriter Nancy French, have cooked up before her reality show called Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp debuts.

I say the latter.

Because once a media WHORE.  Always a media WHORE!

Video – Stephen Hanks The Gay Man Who Heckled Bristol Palin Speaks Out – TESTIFY BROTHER!

Stephen Hanks, the L.A. consultant who heckled Bristol Palin during the videotaping of her upcoming reality show “Media Whore Skank” speaks out to TMZ about the incident.

The way she said ‘homosexual’…She’s a racist homophobe in my opinion…Her mother’s a media whore and a money-grubbing whore, and a Dominionist who is evil and dangerous for this country…I think we all go to that line every day. Sometimes we stand behind the line and sometimes we cross it…”

I’ve heard some people say out there “Oh she didn’t deserve it” but in my opinion she did and  I agree 100 percent with Banks.   And its about time people start calling these douchbags out, in thier faces so they go scampering back into the woodwork.

She’s making money off her mothers evil fucking legacy by whoring herself to the media and I will bet you ANYTHING that if there was not a camera rolling she would have NEVER crossed that barroom and confronted Hanks about what he said.

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Video – ‘Chelsea Lately’ Takes On Bristol Palin’s Gay Jab at Margaret Cho

Chelsea Handler and her roundtable panelist last night took on the Margaret Choi v. Bristol Palin smackdown that’s currently happening.

For those who don;t remember this all started when Margaret  blogged that fellow ex-‘Dancing With the Stars’ competitor Bristol appeared on the dance-competition show only for her mother’s political gain.

Bristol then fired back with a lengthy blog post on Facebook. Which was OBVIOUSLY NOT written by her with her High School drop out, unwed mother eduction.

The panelists on ‘Chelsea Lately’ seemed genuinely impressed shocked by the essay’s eloquence but took issue with the odd gay joke (jab? insult?) Bristol tacked on the end.

As Ross Mathews put it. “You were on ‘Dancing With the Stars’! It took a village of gays to make you look how you looked on that show. It’s not smart to mess with us. We are here, we are queer, and we do your hair, Bristol!”

Bristol Palin FINALLY Loses On Dancing With The Stars – Hey Tea Baggers! Nah nah nah nah nah!

After fans of her mother and tea baggers  helped her advance at the expense of more talented dancers Bristol Plin was FINALLY dumped from Dancing With The Stars last night coming in 3rd to Dirty Dancing’s Jennifer Grey and professional cutie of a partner  Derek Hough

Palin’s improbable run for the finals had been championed by some conservative bloggers, and tea party wackos who led get-out-the-vote campaigns on behalf of the 20-year-old single mother. Palin’s fan support was evident when she was voted in last week over singer Brandy — who had received a perfect score for her one dance  prompting some viewers to question the integrity of the “Dancing” voting system

A viewer in Wisconsin recently became so angry after watching Miss Palin perform that he fired a shotgun at his television and became involved in an armed stand-off with police.
But lets puut some blame here on ABC who cast Bristol Palin in the first place.  They kept Bristol until the end for ratings. ABC just might be on the verge of outsmarting itself; using Palin’s cult of personality to juice this cycle’s ratings while ensuring a result that just might give the lie to everything ‘Dancing With the Stars’ stands for. A BIG FIX for ratings.

Maybe its time that DWTS finally be canceled and be replaced with something more tasteful and cultured.

TONIGHT ON ABC! Its the debut episode of Alligators Having Sex While Ripping Apart Death Row Inmates!  –  In HD where available!

Wisconsin Man Arrested for Shooting TV Over Bristol Palin Dance Routine – My Hero!

Dane County prosecutors have charged Steven N. Cowan with second-degree reckless endangerment after a 15-hour police stand-off in Wisconsin because Cowan shot up his television set  because  Bristol Palin’s dance routing on Dancing with the Stars sucked.

“As Bristol Palin danced on the screen, Cowan raged.

“The (expletive) politics,” he yelled, according to the complaint. Cowan was upset that a political figure’s daughter was on the show when he didn’t consider her a good dancer, his wife told authorities.

Cowan went to his bedroom and came back about 20 minutes later, demanding that his wife find his pistols. Cowan’s daughter had taken two handguns away for safety reasons, according to the complaint.

Cowan had tracked down a single-shot shotgun in the house, he “slapped” bullets down onto a TV tray, loaded a round and took out the TV, the complaint says.”

Really though who can blame him? Man, that truck horse needs to be sent packing!

2ND AMENDMENT! 2ND AMENDMENT! This is EXACTLY what the Founding Fathers (TM) were thinking of in terms of a well-armed militia!

Joe Wurzelbacher, eat your bald headed heart out!

What’s "Too Gay" Today? – Taylor Lautner Is A Diva!, George Michael Pleads Guilty, John Barrowman Sells His Used Undies? Bristol Palin STFU!, and True Blood’s Layfette Was Better As A Slut.

*  Oh how quickly they grow and become self important.  Taylor Lautner has filed a lawsuit Monday against McMahon’s RV in Los Angeles for “emotional distress,” since the custom trailer (s)he ordered didn’t arrive on time to the set of one of her new movies, “Abduction”.  Well that answers the question everyone has been asking.  Because how  many straight guys sue over “emotional distress“?

George Micheal has pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and being in possession of drugs, which will now be called “pulling a George Michael”  Looks like Geoirgie will have his dance card all booked up in the coming months with dates and catching up with Boy george in the slammer so all you “tearoom queens” out there are safe…..for now.

*  John Barrowman holding a two-day “USA garage sale” at his £750,000 ocean view home to “clear out a load of old junk”, he insisted he will remain in Wales.  Everything must go – spread the word,” urged the flyer.  Barrowman, who plays Captain Jack Harkness in the Doctor Who spin-off, was on hand to sign every item on sale for an extra £1 on the ticket price – with a percentage of the proceeds going to local children’s hospice T Hafan.  Bravo Captian Jack!

*  Bristol Palin gets $14,000 as a speaking fee. . So, how much to shut the stupid inbred bitch up?

Nelsan Ellis says he never wanted Lafayette’s romance with Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) on True Blood, because he thinks Lafayette works better as a prostitute and a dealer. True dat, bitch!