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Porn Company To Benefit LGBT Russians Unveils Film Title “Put It In Putin”

Vladimir Putin jerking off

As reported earlier Monarchy Distribution owner Mike Kulich has announced the formation of Boys Town Studios, a gay porn studio which will donate 100% of its DVD and VOD sales to help LGBT Russians seek asylum 

Boys Town Studios is already in post-production of his first title, Deep in the Dark and has moved onto their aptly named second title, Put It In Putin a Vladimir Putin parody,

Explains Kulich to AVN

“Put it in Putin is exactly what it sounds like. The synopsis is Putin grows up behind the red curtain and has to spend his whole childhood hiding who he really is. As he slowly climbs the ranks in the Russian military, he meets a Lieutenant in the Red Army named Alexander. They become best friends and once Putin is thrust into power, Alexander becomes his personal bodyguard. One day while both men are riding through Siberia on horseback, Alexander finally makes his move and the rest is history.”

“We are really excited to get rolling on this movie. This one is going to be a love story for the ages. It’s like Brokeback Mountain meets Communism.” 

Personally I think Put It In Putin should have been a gangbang movie with a Vladamir look-a-like tied to an oversize lazy susan in a gulag.  But you know, some people want a story-line.

Boys Town Studios is hoping for a mid-November release date for Put it in Putin and is currently developing its website and VOD platform at www.BoysTownStudios.com