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San Francisco Gold’s Gym Leave Franchise Over 2.2 Million Dollar Donation To Karl Rove’s Anti-Gay SuperPAC American Crossroads.

One of the Gold’s Gym franchises in San Francisco announced via thier Facebook page yesterday that they will be  leaving the umbrella company, TRT Holdings, after hearing the news that Robert Rowling, the President, CEO and owner, made a 2.2 Million dollar contribution to Karl Rove’s SuperPAC American Crossroads

Dear Gold’s Gym Members,

In response to the donation to American Crossroads from Robert Rowling, the CEO of TRT holdings, Gold’s Gym San Francisco Bay Area would like to make you aware of the following:

We are a local, family run business of 4 gyms. A large percentage of our employees and members are from the LGBT community. Our company works tirelessly to support the LGBT community with financial donations to almost every major local LGBT charity. We are sponsors of the Academy of Friends, Folsom Street Fair, ALCS Riders, SF AIDS Foundation, PAWS, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center, Maitri, SF PRIDE and many, many more.

Gold’s Gym San Francisco has long been a pillar of the gay community. We will continue to be. It is very unfortunate that the CEO of TRT holdings has chosen this course of action. We do not support it in any way. Our original contractual obligations to Gold’s Gym International were signed over 22 years ago and TRT holdings is just the latest in a series of ownership groups that has presided over Gold’s Gym.

Our company has worked for over twenty years to support our LGBT staff, members and community in everyway possible and we will continue to.

We were as surprised by Mr. Rowling’s action as anyone but because our company believes in and lives up to the ideals of equality for all we are going to take the following actions:

1: Our contractual obligation with Gold’s Gym expires on September 15th, 2012 and on or prior to that date (our legal counsel is reviewing our options) we will leave the Gold’s Gym brand. It is a major initiative to create a new brand and leave Gold’s Gym which has been our identity for over 20 years but we will begin that process today.

2: For every dollar we pay Gold’s Gym in franchise fees we will donate an equal or greater amount to LGBT charities. While we donate much more than this to charities and community groups that support the LGBT community we want to make a commitment to match or exceed this amount until our relationship with Gold’s Gym can be severed.

3: Our management and staff will continue to support LGBT causes in every way possible and we will use our business as a platform to fight for change and equality for everyone. We have always taken great pride in being a leader in the LGBT community and we will continue to.

Thank you,
Don Dickerson – Director of OperationsGold’s Gym Bay Area

Thnak you Don Dickerson and Gold’s Gym Bay Area.  I really hope that  more franchises do this. 

If you are a member of many GOLD’s GYMS across the country call your gym and see if they are franchise or run directly by the  TRT Holdings Company.  If they are run directly by  TRT Holdings CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP IMMEDIATELY and tell them why.  If they are a franchise as them if they will be leaving the  TRT Holdings Umbrella because of this.  If they are not CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP.  Remember that even though they might be a franchise and not sirectly owned by TRT Holdings franchise fees and partial profits are paid to TRT which can in the future be used to finance such anti-gay Political Pac’s as Rove’s.

Pass the word!

Robert Rowling Owner Of Gold’s Gym Donates Over $2 Million To Karl Rove Poliitical Organization Which Supports Anti-Gay Candidates – CANCEL Your Memberships and BOYCOTT Gold’s Gym!

Robert Rowling (pictured left), the Owner, Chief Executive Officer and President of TRT Holdings which runs Gold’s Gym, been exposed as donating over 2 MILLION DOLLARS through both his corporate and personal accounts to American Crossroads, the pro-GOP/Tea Party organization founded by Karl Rove Politico.com has reported.

Among the candidates that the owner of Gold’s Gym is working to elect include Nevada GOP senate candidate Sharron Angle, who is challenging Sen. Harry Reid. Angle, you might recall, has previously said that women who are raped should turn their lemons into lemonade, and that LGBT people should be barred from adopting children. And that’s only the tip of iceberg.

Rove’s organization also endorses many anti-gay GOP and Tea party candidates (Including Rand Paul) and is responsible for the lying attack ads on many Democrats running for election including in Kentucky, Colorado, and Missouri just to name a few.

Change.org has started a petition urging Gold’s Gym, which has many many LGBT members, to stop supporting anti-gay politicians. You can sign the petition here if you want.  But I say FUCK THEM!.  Don’t even bother. It won;t matter to them what we urge.  What WILL matter to them is LOSING MONEY.

And before people say some Gold Gym’s are franchises then the franchises decision in all this should be to denouce the action and terminate the franchise contracts when they are over because even though they are franchises percentages of their profits still go to the home company which in turn was in part used for support of Rove.

So if you are Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Green Party, Straight, LGBT and just plain sane and sick of this shit.