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Vanishing NYC Gay Landmarks: Boots & Saddles On Christopher Street to Close After 40 Years

Boots 2

Iconic New York City gay bar Boots & Saddle, (Lovingly known as Bras & Girddles to older LGBT New Yorkers)  at 76 Christopher Street in NYC’s West Village, will close after forty years in business because of the city’s ever rising rents.

DNA Info reports:

“We cannot afford to pay a rent increase on its space at 76 Christopher St. and will shut down soon after 40 years in the Village, managing owner Rob Ziegler said.

“I’m sad,” said Ziegler, who started as a bartender at Boots & Saddle in 1999 and later became an owner. “I’ve been here 15 years. Fifteen years is a long time.”

Ziegler said a new landlord is taking over the building in the coming months and plans to raise rent for the 700-square-foot bar by thousands of dollars per month, to the “high twenties.”

This tiny bar in the 70’s and 80’s (when Christopher Street and the West Village was THE place to be on a Saturday night) is where the hottest men in NY always stoppped in for their first drink of the night. Being the first bar on the strip and opened at 8:00 a.m. to catch the die hard party crowd who came stumbling out of the after hours clubs

While Boots & Saddles will be sorley missed and be counted among the many missing as gay landmark to many gay men of certain age it’s been gone since 2009 when the owners took the beloved dark wooded cruisy bar with the trough urinal in the mens room and did heavy renovations that included blond-wood wainscoting, pale brown walls, the occasional vase of flowers and flat-screen TVs.

Did you visit the old Boots & Saddles in it’s heyday?  Have any pre-1999 pictures?  We’d for you to share them with us.

Before all the memories disappear.