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The Reviews Are In! – Emmerich Does To Stonewall What He Did To The White House In Independence Day

Stonewall Movie


Most reviewers are not commenting about the huge drag/trans folklore brouhaha that we expected.  Just more the generic “the movie sucks” type reviews.

“Stonewall is oddly compelling when it’s trying to be a gay Forrest Gump. As a history of Stonewall, it’s confused, strange, and a little insulting.” – FilmDrunk

“Aside from its offensiveness, Stonewall is, plain and simple, a terribly made movie.” – Vanity Fair

“The tone is so erratic and artificial that it wouldn’t feel surprising if the movie suddenly became a musical. And as the film gets duller and duller, you find yourself wishing these characters would break into song, just for variety’s sake.” – The Wrap

“It’s remarkable to see how badly Stonewall misses its mark.” – NOW Toronto

“At its worst, the film dangerously repackages the queer experience using language invented by those originally deployed to break it apart.” – Richard Larson

“The usual Emmerich-style approach to ‘Stonewall’ would have been dodgy, maybe even offensive, but so is this one” – Metro

“In Stonewall, Roland Emmerich does to the dignity of New York’s burgeoning LGBT community what he did to the White House in Independence Day”.- David Jenkins, Little White Lies

“Disaster maven Roland Emmerich treats a seminal event in the gay pride movement as the mere backdrop to the otherwise vanilla story of a homeless Indiana teen looking for community in New York City.” – Variety

“If “Stonewall” is what it means for Roland Emmerich to make an artist’s statement, please, for the love of god, someone start setting up dynamite charges around the Seven Wonders of the World so that he might return to his wheelhouse.” – The Playlist

But honestly did ANYONE from the beginning announcement that Roland Emmerich of all people was going to make a movie about Stonewall and expected it to be good?

Coming in at a whopping 9% rotten w/a 1 STAR  at Rottentomatoes.com

Bristol Palin’s: Life’s A Tripp Turns Bad – Reality Series BOMBS BIG TIME!

Lifetime‘s new (what the hell were the Lifetime programming exec’s thinking) reality series Bristol Palin: Life’s A Tripp last night drew an underwhelming 726,000 and is officially a BOMB.

Losing over 1 Million viewers from its Lifetime lead-in show, Dance Moms, which delivered 1.8 million total viewers.  Palin’s Life’s A Tripphas received mostly negative reviews, also was well below the debut of the Lifetime’s now-defunct Roseanne Barr docu- reality series Roseanne’s Nuts, which opened with 1.6 million total

Could it be that American has finally grown tired of hearing he Palins whine about media intrusion while at the same time selling their asses and souls for easy money on television?  One can hope.

As for Lifetime one would hope and expect for better.  But what do you expect from a television station that’s giving Lindsey Lohan her 235th chance back in the business as Elizabeth Taylor no less.

Ron Howard’s "The Dilemma": Opens To Only 20 Million Dollars In 4 Days. NOW THAT IS GAY!

The Ron Howard-directed film “The Delimma” that has been on the LGBT radar screens and front and center with publicity because of Ron Howards refusal and somewhat muddled homophobic disbelief that people could find Vince Vaugh’s character sayying the line “That’s gay” offensive., is expected to earn only $20.7 million over its four-day opening weekend, coming in at second place against The Green Hornet

This is Vince Vaughn’s worst opening since 2001.

The Dilemma cost $70 million to make and has a craptastic score of 25% at RottenTomatoes.com and includes such reviews as:

“There are more laughs in SCHINDLER’S LIST” – Killer Movie Reviews

“…clumsy, unfunny, disgracefully sexist.” – Tolucan Times

“The only thing missing from this slight comedy of misunderstandings is Mr. Furley – and a scene set in the Regal Beagle – What Would You Watch

“The January movie burial ground claims another victim. RIP.” – Rolling Stone Magazine

Now that really is GAY………..REVENGE!