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Daily Xtra – Bare Naked: Gay Men and Body Image – Episode 1 (Video)

Xtra Body Image

In the Daily Xtra’s new series Bare Naked, four guys talk about what it was like to take off their clothes for the first time on camera. They were part of Egale’s new m.bodiment campaign that aims to open up a conversation about gay, bi, trans and queer men’s body image

About the Canada’s Egale m.bodiment campaign:

15 men were asked to participate in an activity about body image. by the end of the activity it had become clear to all those participating that individuals of all body types had had experiences of body shame and marginalization in relation to their bodies. The commonality of poor body image that these men reported experiencing is the result of a larger systemic problem of body-focused discourses and beliefs; It is not individual. But in such a climate it is incredibly difficult to remember that all bodies are good bodies.

Watch the teaser for the m.bodiment campaign and Daily Xtra’s 1st episode below.