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Televangelist and Reality TV Show Subject Bob Larson BUSTED Performing Exorcism On Gay Man – Video

Televangelist Bob Larson calls himself the “world’s foremost expert on cults, the occult and supernatural phenomena.”  and has appeared on Oprah, Larry King Live, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper.  But perhaps what will turn out to be his most infamous piece of work has been uploaded on Youtube and shows Larson trying to “exorcise” that dreaded demon of “gay” out of an unnamed man.

While “performing” the exorcism  over a grunting, moaning, normal looking middle-age man, Larson commands, “I loose him from the curse of homosexuality…The worst thing in the world for a filthy stinking sex demon to say is ‘the holy spirit’ — they hate it.”

After the man is “freed” of the demon, the video cuts to Larson addressing the camera and stating, “I pray in the name of Jesus for those who may be battling sexual feelings of lust and pornography and lesbianism and homosexuality… Amen.” Viewers are then encouraged to call in and order a $59 three-video set to help them break “the six strongholds of Satan.”

The Lifetime Network will be presenting an 8 part weekly reality show called “The Real Exorcist” showcasing Larson starting Halloween night.  Lifetime should be ashamed.

As for the video……

Third rate acting – and the guy being exorcised was no better.