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VH1 Pro Basketball Drama “Hit the Floor” Introduces Bisexual/Gay Male Relationship – Video

Jude and Zero

The VH1 pro basketball drama Hit the Floor recently revealed that the star player on its fictional Los Angeles Devils team is bisexual and begun an affair with his gay agent.

From Gay Star News:

Zero is played by an often shirtless Adam Senn. ┬áHis agent, Jude, is played by Brent Antonello. Jude who is deeply in the closet also happens to be the son of the team’s owner.

Since Zero had been involved in an affair with the teams cheming cheerleader, the relationship with Jude came as a bit of a surprise.

But a flirtation begins after Jude kisses Zero and is initially rebuffed. But when Jude becomes interested in a photographer’s assistant (played by openly gay actor Scott Evans, the brother of Chris Evans), the player cannot contain his jealousy.

Now in it’s second season VH1 announced this week that it has been renewed for a third season.

The current season will end on 11 August with season three expected to premiere in May of 2015 with 10 new episodes.

You can watch highlights of the Jude/Zero storyline below.