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AFA’s Bryan Fischer Goes After FOX NEWS’ Bill O’Reilly for Calling Him a ‘Bible Banger’: VIDEO

Today in infighting is funny…….

The American Family Association’s lead spokesdouche Bryan Fischer is livid, livid I tells you over the fact that he and others like him were called out by FOX News’ loofah loving sexual harasser Bill O’Reilly for blaming anti-gay lunatic religious moron like Fischer for  losing the gay marriage battle, and calling them “Bible thumpers”, Right Wing Watch reports.

Fischer blasted O’Reilly on his radio program.

“The implication is that we’re a bunch of neanderthal, redneck, hillbilly Bible-bangers. That is essentially what he is saying we are … He’s insulting us to our face”

But ya are, Blanche! Ya are!

Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly Get Ready To Rumble With PPV Live Debate – VIDEO

Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly have announced that they’ll be going head-to-head in an mano-a-Faux news personality debate in “an air conditioned  auditorium” in just over two weeks.  Which you can watch live-streaming for $4.99.

One-half of the net profits from The Rumble 2012 will be donated by Jon and Bill to a number of charitable causes.

C’mon, ONLY one-half?

O’Reilly and Stewart are #5 and #7, respectively, in the list of  the highest-paid celebrities on TV, making $36 million annually, between  them.

Surprised at Jon.  At O’Reilly, not so much.

Bill O’Reilly Says Watching GLEE Will Make Kids Gay Transgender Smokers! (Or Something Like That)

The awesome Carlos Maza at Equlity Matters reports that during the April 19 telecast of The O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly did a segment trashing this week’s episode of Glee for featuring a storyline about a transgender teenager struggling with her gender identity.

O’Reilly criticized GLEE for encouraging “dopey kids” to experiment with homosexuality.

If you make the behavior of these people … if children hear it, unsupervised children, okay who don’t have parents watching their — they might go out and experiment with this stuff…When I was a teenager and I saw James Dean smoking, it made me want to smoke…a lot of these dopey kids are confused about who they are. They’re confused.”

Then using his logic if you watch O’Reilly’s show, you’ll become a loud mouthed, loofah loving douchebag.

Mike Rogers and Ed Shultz Take On Bill O’Reilly And Keith Ablow Over FOX-NEW’s Chaz Bono Hate Rhetoric

Last night Mike Rogers, activist, blogger, and Managing Director and partner of Raw Story appeared with Ed Shultz on MSNBC to discuss the big ballyhoo of hate and misinformation over at FOX-NEWS about the Chaz Bono, Keith Ablow controversy and how it in itself may affect children.


Video – Fox’s Megyn Kelly Doubles Down and Takes On Bill O’Reilly In Defense Of Chaz Bono

FOX News Megyn Kelly who last week took down Dr. Kieth Ablow after he posted hateful lies and rhetoric about Chaz Bono’s upcoming appearance on Dancing With The Stars appeared on Bill O’Reilly once again to speak out against the dangers of such hateful rhetoric and defend the transgendered community

I never thought I’d be sayint this to anyone on the FOX News staff but THANK YOU Megyn Kelly

OMFG! – FOX NEWS Hires Donald Trump

Here’s a shocker, or maybe not.

FOX NEWS has hired Donald “I don’t think gay people should have any rights” Trump to join the cast of Fox & Friends, where he will appear on Mondays.

Via LATimes.com:

Most mainstream Republicans would love to see the birther issue dead and buried before the 2012 elections, but Trump doesn’t want to appear to let go. And the “Fox and Friends” pulpit will allow him to say provocative things early in the week, which is certain to draw attention from presidential contenders such as Tim Pawlenty, who not only now has to compete for oxygen with the say-anything Donald, but also with unrepentant bomb-throwers such as Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich. Oddly enough, Trump is gaining a Fox News platform when some of his possible rivals for the GOP nomination have lost theirs. The network cut ties with Gingrich and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum when they became clear about their presidential aspirations, and is poised to do the same with Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin if the time arises

I’m surprised that Trump is  now on theF AUX  payroll after O’Reilly knocked him down a few notches for the birther nonsense. But Fox has no shame.  We all knew that.

Can’t wait to hear what NBC has to say about this.  Hopefully to Trump. “You’re fired!”

What’s "Too Gay" Today? – Rachel Maddow Calls Bill O’Reilly A "Race-Baiting Fuck", Bisexual Ghost Hunter Ryan Buell Talk Gay Ghost Sex, Man Bashed INSIDE Stonewall Inn Bathroom, Singer John Mellencamp Blasts NOM, and Sesame Street’s ELMO Is A "Homocidal Starfucker"

*  Rachel Maddow calls Bill O’Reilly out as a “race baiting fuck“.  THANK YOU RACHEL.  It’s about time someone had the balls to say it in plain language.

*  “Paranormal Sates” openly bisexual ghosthunter Ryan Buell talks about “gay ghost seduction” in a recent interview entitled:  ‘I came back from the grave just to be with you …hey, your roommate is kinda hot!’

* Two men have been arrested Sunday for attacking a man in the bathroom of the Stonewall Inn, the site of the legendary rebellion that helped spark the gay rights movement. The suspects reportedly told the man, “We don’t like gay bars, and we don’t piss next to faggots”,  I really hope that they both got the shit kicked out of them by the time that cops got there.

*  John Mellencamp blasted the National Organization for Marriage for using his song “Pink Houses” as part of their anti-equality campaign: “Please be aware that Mr. Mellencamp’s views on same sex marriage and equal rights for people of all sexual orientations are at odds with NOM’s stated agenda,” wrote his publicist. “We would encourage you to find music from a source more in harmony with your views than Mr. Mellencamp in the future.”  Yea John!  “Here’s a little dity about Jack and Bryan.”

*  BREAKING NEWS:  Sesame Street’s Elmo is a “Homocidal Starfucker”! – via CurrentTV

Homo Say What? – Blustery Blowhard Bill O’Reilly On French McDonalds Gay Commercial: If Gays Get a McDonald’s Ad, Why Shouldn’t Al Qaeda? – (Video)

It’s funny Bill O hasn’t gone after “Glee.” Oh wait — it’s a FOX show

Comparing gay people to radical terrorists is an INSANE wingnut argument  If you give some “radical group” attention, you have to give “other radical groups” attention?  Pleeeeeeeeeeeease Mary.

But not to worry Bill.  I hear Mickey D’s will be aiming thier next ads to middle aged blowhard commercial goons who work for FOX and have loofah fetishes so you have no need to feel left out.