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Whats "Too Gay" Today? Chris Evans Buffed & Shirtless, BIG LOVE Cancelled, Jason Stackhouse is Charles Manson?, and No One Calls Oprah A BITCH!

*  Chris Evans ULTRA buffed and stripped to thje waist in Captain America.  Hummina…Hummina…Hummina…WHOA!  Must not lick compter screen….

*  Season 5 will be the last season for HBO’s Mormon polygamy show “Big Love” An extremely muddled Season 4, and the fact that a show about polygamist could somehow actually “jump the shark” using a “Mexican bird smuggling” storyline and “forced artificial insemination” with a plan to create a master race of Mormons might have something to do with it.  That and the fact that Joey is NEVER shirtless.

*  Ryan Kwanten is set to play Charles Manson in the upcoming film The Family. This will not do. I do not want to turned on by Charles Manson.

*  New rule for the Oprah Winfrey Network. The Oprah Winfrey Network does not call anyone “bitches.” 

HBO’s "Big Love" Ends The Dale/Alby Gay Love Affair In 1950’s Stereotypical "Tea and Sympathy" Self Loathing Way

Ben Koldyke

While HBO’s “Big Love” continues into its 4th season and begins to resemble a Martha Stewart bloated Thanksgiving turkey, last night it took a turn for the worse and ended it’s only gay storyline in a throwback to the 1950’s where homo’s hated themselves and commited suicide.  (This coming after hinting at and then totally backinbg out of Heathers lesbian attraction to Sarah.)

At the very end of the episode, we found out that Alby’s conflicted boyfriend Dale had hung himself in the little loveshack apartment Alby had rented for them. He’d been outed to Bill and, I think we’re to assume, his wife by Alby’s horrid spouse, played by the always-excellent Anne Dudek.  The suckage was just so huge that they took such an old cliche’ and used it as an easy way out.  Especially from a show that makes it’s heroes a bunch of polygimist morons…..I mean Mormons. I mean I didn’t expect the characters would end with a happy gone-marryin’ trip to Iowa but c’mon.  A “self loathing homo suicide”?  It really saddens me that threy took that route.