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BIG GAY ROADTRIP 2012 – Day 1: The Lucy-Desi Museum (Jamestown, NY)

In the Western-most corner of New York state is Lucy’s hometown of Jamestown — now the proud location of the world’s only Lucy-Desi Museum. (How GAY Is that?)

The museum contains awards, photographs, and other vintage memorabilia as well as many items from Lucy’s personal wardrobe and costumes from “I Love Lucy” and Lucille Ball’s many movies.

The museum also contains exact to scale replica sets from the “I Love Lucy” 50th Anniversary Tour Sets that traveled the country in 2001-2002


The Lucy-Desi Museum in Jamestown, NY is a BIG GAY MUST for any Lucille Ball fan.

“Lucy!  Honey, I’m HOMO!”


Back2Stonewall.com’s BIG GAY ROADTRIP 2012! Aug 16th – Aug 26th

From Aug 16th – Aug 26th I will be embarking on a 2000+ mile BIG GAY ROADTRIP Vacation!

OH, NY, VT, NH, ME, MA, PA all in 10 days and I will be posting some of the GAYEST photo’s and adventures from the road.

But fear not!  In my absence the Back2Stonewall Boyz: Brett, Zak, Sly, Peter, Roy, Featured Poster Sean Cotter and INTRODUCING Back2Stonewall.com’s latest victim, er I mean newest poster the awesome Tim Franco will be posting and keeping the blog full and we’ll also be having some SUPER DUPER GUEST BLOGGERS making appearances.  (Rumours have it even a lesbian!  GASP!)

So buckle up and hang on, it’s going to be a fun and interesting week and a half!