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Republican Senators Move To Dismantle Internet Privacy Laws

Heres something to chill your heart via The New York Times

Republican senators moved Thursday to dismantle landmark internet privacy protections for consumers in the first decisive strike against telecommunications and technology regulations created during the Obama administration, and a harbinger of further deregulation. Visit Website  – WebDesign499 for more information.

The measure passed in a 50-to-48 vote largely along party lines. The House is expected to mirror the Senate’s action next week, followed by a signature from President Trump.

The move means Verizon, Comcast or AT&T can continue tracking and sharing people’s browsing and app activity without permission, and it alarmed consumer advocates and Democratic lawmakers. They warned that broadband providers have the widest look into Americans’ online habits, and that without the rules, the companies would have more power to collect data on people and sell sensitive information.

“It is unnecessary, confusing and adds another innovation-stifling regulation,” Senator Jeff Flake, Republican of Arizona, said this month when he introduced the resolution to overturn the rules using the Congressional Review Act procedure that lets Congress overrule new agency regulations.


CBS Brings Back Racist GOP HomoCON Colton Cumbie for Survivor 27: Blood vs Water

Colton Cumbucket Cumbie

The upcoming 27th installment of CBS’s fading hit reality show Survivor returns next month and as per usual to try to keep the franchise alive it will bring a new twist, the castaways will consist of ten returning players each competing against their very own loved ones. (YAWN)

Unfortunately Survivor and its casting agents (which must be the same as Big Bother’s) have decided that one of the returning players and his “fiance” will be the infamous Colton Cumbie, the gay, racist, and elitist Republican bully of last year’s Survivor: One World.

“Dammit I’m Cumbie”  has the maturity of an unfertilized egg and on his first stint on Survivor  convinced his tribe to give up their immunity idol so that he could vote out fellow black tribemate Bill  whom Cumbie called “ghetto trash” and told the African-American stand-up comic to “get a real job” before listing all the Black people he interacts with in his everyday life including his housekeeper.  But it far from ends there. Cumbie racist and insensitive comments continued throughout his time on the show at one point calling a little person contestant (Lief)  a “munchkin,” and bullying another contestant and telling her to “jump in the fire”

It not only amazes me but in my opinion it is and afront to the LGBT community especially at this time in our fight for full civil rights that CBS and Survivor deem it  fit to bring Cumbie back as a contestant this season especially since here have been many lesbian and gay contestants on Survivor with a much more positive images including Rafe Judkins, Spencer Duhm, Todd Herzog, J.P. Calderon, Ami Cusack, and Scout Cloud Lee to name a few.  But like this years casting of Big Brother CBS will once again be using racism and intolerance to get ratings at the LGBT community’s expense.


Big Brother 15 Cast Full Of Racist, Homophobic, and Misogynistic Cretins – Video

Big Brother 15 sucks

The casting agents for CBS’s Big Brother 15 have scraped the absolute bottom of the barrel and should be fired for filling the Big Brother house this season with the most racist, sexist, homophobic and obnoxious group of “mactors” to date.

The comments captured on the live feed will probably never see the light of day thanks to sanitized editing by CBS.  Executive producer Allison Grodner has explained why the CBS show ignores awfulness from the house guests: “We really don’t want to put hateful things out there in our edits.”  Grodner said.

As to the awful things this cast has said so far, most of it occurred Saturday night and into Sunday. A Jokers poster has compiled an extensive list including flashback times to view the footage, while Zap2it’s Andrea Reiher summarized many of the awful things in a story.

Here are examples, compiled and expanded from the above sources, video clips, and other sources:

  • GinaMarie said that, because of her income level, she receives “nigger insurance” (she whispered the n-word, so it’s possible she said the version that ends with “a”). She whispered it to both Nick and Andy, neither of whom challenged her.
  • GinaMarie said Helen, who’s Asian, “should be kissing our ass and serving us some fucking rice.”
  • Aaryn said of Andy, “No one’s gonna vote for whoever that queer puts up.” She also suggested he’d win MVP because “people love the queers.”
  • Aaryn said about Candice, who’s black, “be careful what you say in the dark; you might not be able to see that bitch.” (A month ago, Aaryn tweeted, “Attractiveness comes from inside. What would you look like if your looks mirrored your words and actions?” So much irony.)
  • GinaMarie said Candice “gets that fuckin’ blackness,” referring to Candice’s reaction to something that happened in the game.
  • Aaryn said of Helen, “Shut up. Go make some fucking rice.”
  • Talking about sheets that smelled bad, David said they were that way because “black Candice” was on them, and then admitted, “that was totally racist.”
  • Jeremy, who calls the house’s women “bitches,” said of Katilin, “I did touch her vagina today.. she didn’t act like she was happy.. I like to feel around see what’s she’s working with.. see if it’s a nice meat wallet … I know she’s on her period.”
  • Spencer called Andy “Kermit the fag”; Amanda called Andy “Faggoty Ann” (McCrae later called her out for that language, but she defended it).
  • Spencer said that the medical torture conducted by Nazi doctors was beneficial and praised Hitler’s speaking abilities, even while acknowledging that he’d be criticized for that.
  • Katilin said she likes gay people but they’re “untrustworthy in a game like this.”
  • McCrae said, “If I’m talking to a girl, that probably means I don’t want to fuck her.”
  • Spencer referred to women as “cunts.”
  • GinaMarie said, “you know two blacks stick together. They’re like tokens.”

Nice going CBS.  Whats next Klansmen

The ironic thing is how the UK versions of the show handles these sorts of things…if someone says something that someone else in the house might possibly construe as hateful, racist, bullying, homophobic, etc, Big Brother calls them into the diary room, reads them back verbatim what they said, reminds them of the house rules on hateful speech, gives them a warning and says that if this sort of behavior is repeated, it’s grounds for immediate eviction. And asks them if they understand why this is being done

And then they air the entire hand-slapping process.

But obviously this isn’t UK television because our versions of UK shows as proven by Big Brother usually suck.

Source: Reality Blurred

WOOF – Big Brother 12 Brazil’s Yuri Fernandes Caught Showing Off In Front Of A Camera BIG Time

On America’s version of Big Brother usually the contestants appear on the show first and then the sex  tapes sow up.  But not so in Brazil where Yuri Fernandes one of the cast members of the upcoming season of Brazil’s version of Big Brother has a solo stroke tape already making the rounds on the internet.

Fernandes is a 26-year-old Thai mixed martial-arts expert with quite a set of nunchicks bt the look of it on the tape. 

You can head on over to the on Brazilian site Ao Vivo Agora to see the the full Skype loop – NWSF of course.

Gareth Thomas nearly naked

WOOF! – Gay Rugger and Icon Gareth Thomas Joins UK’s Celebrity Big Brother

Hunky prime aged Welsh beef Gareth Thomas, the gay rugby icon who retired from sport in October has joined the cast of “Celebrity Big Brother” in the UK  which begins airing tonight.

According to the Daily Mail:

The popular sportsman, who is a close friend of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and attended their wedding, will appear on the Channel 5 reality show which starts tonight. He will join such luminaries as Natasha Giggs, whose only claim to fame is having an affair with her footballer star brother-in-law Ryan Giggs. Ironically, Mr Thomas is friends with Manchester United winger Giggs.”

The rest of the line-up for Celebrity Big Brother UK includes ex-EastEnder Natalie Cassidy, cocaine-shame X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza, Former glamour model Nicola McLean, Hollywood actor Michael Madsen, TV presenter and  Denise Welch.

OY!  All you Back2Stonewall.com UK readers.  Get the DVR ready and get some shower screenshot of Gareth and send them to info@Back2Stonewall.com and make us all very happy!


Big Brother 2 Contestant Kent Blackwelder Sues Over Gay Naked Men Mailer and DVD…..LOSES!

Former Big Brother 2 contestant Kent Blackwelder of Knoxville TN, whose 15 minutes of fame is beyond over,  tried this week to convince a jury to punish the gay publisher because his then-12-year-old daughter got an unwanted eyeful of some naked gay boys which was sent to his home.

At issue in his lawsuit is the five seconds his daughter perused a mailer featuring photographs of naked men in erotic poses in May 2007 and its impact. He also accuses the publisher of violating regulations on how sexually explicit material should be packaged.

In 2007 Madison Blackwelder plucked from a basket on the kitchen counter a plain white envelope addressed to her father and promising on its cover a “free new DVD offer.” for “Titan Men’s Fresh Farm” DVD with a subscription to “Freshmen” magazine

She told jurors she thought it might be a Disney movie offer so she opened the envelope.

Inside was a tri-folded brochure. On its cover, it carried a warning label of sexually explicit material, her father’s name and address, and the name of the magazine and free DVD. Madison said she was “embarrassed, just really confused” about what she saw and ran to her room. She said it made her fearful of “being kidnapped,” and, after her father filed the lawsuit, she sought counseling.

As it turns out in 2005 Kent Blackwelder entered an online contest sponsored by the magazine known as ‘The Out Traveler,'” which is a gay publication.  The contest, which the married Blackwelder denies entering, offered up an all-expenses paid trip for two to a “gay-friendly” destination. It was also noted that Blackwelder had received at least one other mailing from the gay publisher without complaint, according to the firm’s records

Blackwelder conceded he buddied up with an openly gay “Big Brother” contestant during his stint on the show.  After BB2 his mortgage business went belly up and later wound up clashing with his co-workers at a temporary employment agency. Blackwelder was fired and later filed suit, alleging that he, as a white man, was discriminated against by a black supervisor. Records show that the lawsuit was later dismissed by agreement

Sounds like someone was just trying to make a quick buck through bigotry……..again

Gay Big Brother Contestant Ragan Fox Wins $20,000 For Being The House Saboteur – Good Ole Boy Contestant Lane Elenburg Has A Jack Attack In The Shower (Watch The Video!)

Openly gay Ragan Fox, Big Brother 11’s  “America’s Top Bottom” in  this seasons version (LOL)  is $20,000 richerafter being voted by viewers as the replacemenst  “House Saboteur” after the original player chosen for the role was voted off.

Anyway, Ragan was given several task that were meant to sabotage the other players in the game. By leaving a note saying “I know your secret” on another player’s bed, Ragan inadvertently tagged the blame on another player named Kathy who was really running under the radar.

When a twist occurred giving one of the nominees for eviction, Matt, a special power to remove himself and nominate someone else to replace; he picked Kathy.

By a unanimous vote, Kathy was evicted and Ragan’s last sabotage was complete and Ragan was $20,000 dollars ricker.


In other Big Brother 11 news this week good ole boy Lane Elenburg finally hit the frustration point and had a date with himself in the shower while the live feed was running.  Here’s that video of Lane taking matters into his own hands…..

What’s "Too Gay" Today? – Anderson Cooper Silver Fox and BEST Big Brother BITCHFIGHT EVER! (Video)

*  Silverfox Andy Cooper of CNN has been offered 1 Million Dollars to dye his silver hair!  The offer comes from Rise-N-Shine, the makers of Go Away Gay Gray.  Cooper is a really visible and well-respected figure and thought he would be a great spokesperson for the product and the company.’ said Cathy Beggan, the product’s developer ‘And it doesn’t hurt that he’s a handsome gentleman.’ Go Away Gray is a pill containing the enzyme Catalese. The company is willing to deliver the cash to Cooper after using the pills for 60 days and sharing his experiences with the new look via social media such as Twitter and Facebook.  Hmmmm, I wonder if the carpet matches the drapes.

*  Last night on CBS’s Big Brother…… MAJOR BITCH evicted Las Vegas cocktail waitress Rachel was released back into the house for 24 hours and caused major drama with gay professor MAJOR GAY BITCH Ragan.  Last night the house could have used some major scratching posts and a whole lot of Pamprin. (The Video gets REALLY GOOD around the 6:15 mark)