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Bob Newhart Cancels Performance at Anti-Gay Catholic Legatus Summit

Bob Newhart bigot


by Lisa Derrick of LaFiga

Comedian Bob Newhart has canceled his headlining stand-up appearance at Legatus Summit, a virulently anti-gay Catholic organization. So happy! Wednesday Newhart tweeted:

Upcoming Bob Newhart Tour Date Change — Bob will not be performing at the Legatus Summit in Orlando FL on February 6th, 2014

A number of bloggers and activists expressed their shock that Newhart–who won his first Emmy  this year playing opposite openly gay Jim Parsons on Big Bang Theory–would headline the Legatus Summit which will also showcase Rick Santorum and the Catholic League’s William Donohue. It’s pretty clear where the ever-frothy Rick Santorum and Donohue stand on LGBT issues–and Legatus? Writing for GLAAD, Jeremey Hooper said:

Legatus pushes the idea that homosexuality itself is a “disorder” from which one must be “cured.”

Thank you, Bob Newhart for realizing some groups (even religious ones) have darker agendas and want to use celebrities to further bigotry, discrimination and hate. And thank you for looking and listening to your fans, gay and straight, who believe in you!


Whats "Too Gay" Today? Henry Cavill’s Hairy Chest, Dan Hampton Idiot, Big Bang Theory’s James Parsons Outed, Caprica Returns!, and Dieux du Stade 2011 Is On It’s Way!

*  Whats “Too Gay” Today?  Not James Franco! (I am so bitter)

*  Henry Cavill shows off his hairy pecs on film set. Hmmmm interesting.  James who?

*  Pro Football Weekly neanderthal host Dan Hampton to apologize on-air for Brokeback Mountain joke.  Hopefully he’ll include an apology for being a fucking moron.

*  Big Bang Theory’s James Parsons outed to Kansas housewives in the National Enquirer.   NE runs a piece on how Parsons and his partner of several years, Todd Spiewak, are allegedly going to get married.”  It’s not really an outing though.  It’s a well known fact that Parsons is gay u8nless you live in a Trailer Park.  Hey there Joy!

*  Syfy’s critically-acclaimed series Caprica will come even sooner than anticipated. The second half of season one will now premiere on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 10:00PM ET/PT.  YEA!  More kickass gay gangster Sam Adama sooner!

*  ANNOUNCEMENT!  –  Below you can see a first glimpse of the cover of Dieux du Stade 2011, which will be on sale this fall. On the cover, 27 year-old Dimitri Szarzewski , a French rugby union footballer, currently playing for Stade Français.  For those who don’t know, “Dieux du Stade” is French for “strip off your kit and hide your wang with a football for the enjoyment of homos worldwide!.”