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The Benham Brothers Go Balls Deep About North Carolina's Sexual Health Initiative for Teens

Benham Boys: Trans People Peeing Is Like the Joker in The Dark Knight – Both Cause Chaos

Benham Brothers Gay Sex

Disgraced HGTV never-weres the Benham Brothers are keeping their anti-LGBT “Christian” hate brand alive by now saying that  laws that allow trans people to use restrooms that correspond with their gender identity and laws that allow same-sex couples to marry aren’t really about those civil rights issues at all – they’re about allowing the Devil to cause chaos!  CHAOS THEY SAID!

In a Facebook video posted last week that’s been viewed well over 8 million times, Jason Benham says the Obama administration is “basically mandating that all public schools in the entire nation, that we have to open up our bathrooms – especially girls’ bathrooms – to boys.” It’s unclear why he says “especially girls’ bathrooms.”

Benham goes on to claim, “the fact that the Department of Justice and Obama and Department of Education is doing this, it’s leading us into absolute chaos.”

“Here’s the interesting thing,” says Benham, who, with his brother David and father, extremist street preacher Flip Benham, have spent years in North Carolina attacking the LGBT community. “You guys remember the movie ‘The Dark Knight,’ when the Joker is hanging off the building and Batman is holding on to him and Batman’s like, ‘What do you want?’ and the Joker just says, ‘Chaos!’? Well that’s what we are experiencing right now,” he concludes.

“Today, having transgender folks go into bathrooms, that’s going to open up a loophole for deviant men to go in and prey upon our women and girls,” he claims, falsely. “That’s still not the issue. The issue is the revolution, and the revolution is chaos,” he insists, when in reality, the issue is people just need to pee.

Source: The New Civil Rights


Ex-HGTV Benham Twin’s Father “Pastor” Flip Benham Screams Insults And Disrupts Same Sex Weddings In North Carolina

Evil Prayers


So-called “Pastor”Flip Benham, father of the anti-gay tow-headed twins who were booted the HGTV network after their homophobia and bigotry were exposed , joined two other “Christian” protesters over the weekend to scream insults at same-sex couples  marrying outside a North Carolina courthouse.

Matt Comer at Q Notes reports:

Three anti-LGBT protesters were present outside the register’s office, including well-known street preacher and convicted stalker Flip Benham. He interrupted several couples’ weddings as supporters held up a large rainbow flag to block his view. Another protester waved a bible in the air as he screamed several profanities and vulgarities. He was asked by sheriff’s deputies to tone it down or leave. He opted for the latter. Despite the protesters, those gathered celebrated at each of the several weddings held outside the register’s office.

Nothing screams “Christian” more than waving a bible and yelling Fuck You!

#VVS14 – HGTV’ “Never Been” Benham Boys Martyr-Up at Values Voter Summit: “We got on our knees” – VIDEO

Benham Boys


Ever since HGTV had decided not to move forward with a reality TV show starring those christainically twisted twin brothers Jason and David Benham, who have compared gays to Nazis and warned marriage equality will destroy society, they have been playing the extremist right-wing “christian” circuit and milking it for all its worth. And this week is no exception as they “matyr up” at Tony Perkin’s and the Family Research Council’s annual HATEROPOLOOZA Values Voter Summit.

Best line: We went into Jason’s house, shut the door and put our phones on the dresser and got on our knees and  FILL IN THE BLANK .