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The Benham Brothers Go Balls Deep About North Carolina's Sexual Health Initiative for Teens

The Benham Brothers Go Balls Deep About North Carolina’s Sexual Health Initiative for Teens

Those two North Carolina closet cases Jason and David Benham are “doth protesting too much” once again.  This time its over SHIFT (Sexual Health Initiative for Teens) whose mission it is to improve adolescent and young adult sexual health. 

But of course to the boy’s repressed sexual imagination its all LGBT and dirty.

“The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction is allocating almost $400,000 from Title V federal grant taxpayer money intended for ‘abstinence’ education and instead, funding SHIFT (Sexual Health Initiative for Teens) North Carolina’s LGBTQ campaign! These tax dollars will be used to train teachers and promote LGBTQ guides targeting older teens on social media to push their Teen Playbook website, which provides ‘guide to safer, sexier choices,’ including the graphic teaching on how to use condoms.”

Now, we’ve seen some of these “safer, sexier choices.” They include “a sex-positive view of BDSM” (uh, that means bondage, dominance, sadomasochism, in case you were wondering) and the mechanics of anal and oral sex, how to masturbate and to question your gender.

Have we really gotten to this point, America? Teaching a sex-positive view of BDSM?! To our kids?!

A few months ago, we wrote about men dressing in drag and reading trans books to small children in public libraries across America. Now we’re writing about initiatives to indoctrinate our kids into BDSM, masturbation and gender questioning.

At some point, we all have to say enough and stand in the gap to speak up. We must utilize every ounce of our influence to stand against this type of moral perversion. How many children need to be deceptively stimulated by these teachings and then hooked into a lifestyle of sexual bondage for the rest of their lives before we speak up?

Now of course if it was the teaching of gay twincest I am sure the boys would get right behind it. And each other.

The Benham Brothers Go Balls Deep About North Carolina's Sexual Health Initiative for Teens

Benham Bros: God Sent the Killer Hurricanes So America Would Repent For Accepting LGBT People

Those soon to be exposed incestuous found sex tape brothers the Benham Bro’s are at it again.  This time between swallows stating that God sent the murderous and destructive hurricanes of Harvey and Irma because America has become too comfortable with homosexuality.

Jared Holt at Right Wing Watch reports:

Religious Right culture warriors David and Jason Benham published a video Monday in which they claimed “God is speaking” through hurricanes to send a message that America should repent for “breaching the boundaries of God” in regard to gender identity, gay marriage and homosexuality in general.

The Benham brothers posted a Facebook video on the anniversary of 9/11, warning that God had been using recent hurricanes to urge America to repent against its advancement of LGBTQ rights. The duo has previously labeled marriage equality “a mask for Satan,” and has gone so far as to claim that Satan is responsible for the existence of homosexuality.

Now we all know that these two have Benham Bro-jobed each other.  Just look at the worshiping glance  and you can feel the that sexual tension in the above picture.

Oh who do I kid. They have sucked a lot of cocks than just each others.  

Sex tapes forth cumming I am sure.