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Gay Inc. – Chad Griffin Comes Out Of Hiding For HRC’s Annual National Dinner To Give Award To Sally Field?

Well the Human Rights Campaign had one of its many parties this past Friday in Washington, DC as it hosted its 16th Annual National Starfucker Dinner.

Hosted by new $360,000.00 a year HRC president Chad Griffin in a rare public appearance after keeping a very low profile since hired over 6 months ago.  Other speakers included  Dustin Lance Black and Newark’s hero mayor, Cory Booker, and Griffin (the highest paid event host in history) presenting the  National Equality Award to the NAACP and its president, Ben Jealous and the  HRC’s Ally for Equality Award to actress Sally Field with .  (Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE Sally Field but what the fuck?  Aren’t there more relevent, active and in the now allies *cough* Ben Cohen, Pauley Perette, Chris Kluwe,  Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Williams, nd Josh Hutcherson to name a few. *cough*)

Being the mother of a gay son. Sally did deliver a nice talk though about the biological innateness of being gay. “Sam is what nature intended him to be,” she  told the audience. She knew well before her son that he was gay, of course, and  had wanted to explain it all to him, but thanks to her other sons’ insistence,  she let Sam find his own way. And she couldn’t be more proud.

Parents who kick out their children or turn their backs, she said, need to  realize “these children have something important to teach their parents:” Love  and acceptance. Some children are gay, she explains, “So the f*ck what?”

But what was the relevance of honoring her over others who are more visibly outspoken?  STARPOWER and Ticket Sales.

All in all it was just another night at Gay Inc. with the gay elite paying $275.oo a ticket for a catered dinner, to run elbows with the stars,  and tell each other just how fabulash they are while ENDA is still stuck in Congress after 20 years and Federal DOMA still stands.

NAACP Hosts LGBT Town Hall At Nat’l Convention – NAACP President Ben Jealous Gets Defensive


The NAACP held its first ever LGBT Town Hall panel yesterday at its national convention in California. 

Panel hosts included Julian Bond chairman of the NAACP,  Benjamin Jealous the current president and chief executive of the NAACP, openly lesbian comedian Wanda Sykes, CNN’s Don Lemon and LGBT advocates of color.

No More Down Low TV covered the event and has a partial description:

The debate gets heated when the current NAACP president is asked how can the LGBT community take the NAACP seriously when its current board members are out saying that gay rights are not civil rights, referring to current NAACP board member Rev. Keith Ratliff recent statement: “Gay community, stop hijacking the civil rights movement.”

Julian Bond has always been a staunch straight forward supporter and a great friend  of gay marriage and LGBT Equality Rights movement.  Benjamin Jealous on the other hand where he does support LGBT Equality through the NAACP under his leadership has takes a combative stance  when he makes statements defending the NAACP when its pointed out that the NAACP has  board members across the country who preach anti-LGBT hate speech by saying that those board members “aren’t speaking for the NAACP” which is a well known copout separation that many try to use to cover homophobic hate within their organizations as to not deal with it or to offend anyone.

Jealous also accuses the LGBT community of coming to the black community late in the game with an expectation and not treating the community with the same respect as others. Saying the LGBT community needs to show up early, organize and build relationships in the community.  Ben Jealous would do well to remember that there are LGBT people of color and thus it should be the NAACP’s fight also for equality for those members of our community and “invitations” should not have to be sent. And that during the 1960’s a large percentage of those who supported and fought for black civil rights were indeed lesbian and gay individuals but at that time in history were in the closet and go unrecognized.

What’s Too Gay Today? – Sons Of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnan Stripped, Sweaty, and Buff, Katy Perry CENSORED!, Wachoskis Gay Iraq War Soilder Romance, and Tim Gunn Gets Catty!

Sesame Street censors Katy Perry over cleavage: “in light of the feedback we’ve received on the Katy Perry music video which was released on You Tube only, we have decided we will not air the segment on the television broadcast of Sesame Street, which is aimed at preschoolers.”  Which is ironic considering they’ve just recently eaten at the “All-You-Can-Eat” Booby Buffet.

*  More details on the Wachoskis’ forthcoming futuristic gay Iraq war romance. “They rut like dogs!  WOOF!

*  NAACP’s Ben Jealous will speak at the at New York Lesbian and Gay Community center on Wednesday  “The NAACP is opposed to discrimination in all its forms. We recognize that many of our members are also members of the LGBT community, and just as the LGBT community counts on us to stand with it for basic civil rights protections, so we count on the LGBT community to stand with us in our unified struggle for the broader civil rights agenda.”   Jealous, who is helping to lead a march for jobs and justice in Washington next month, will ask the LGBT Commnunity to attend the rally.  Gee Ben, where has the NAACP been during DADT and Prop 8?  NOW you are reaching out?  Just saying…..

*  Tim Gunn got catty over last week’s Project Runway challenge and on Lifetime itself.  And who can blame him really (Jackie O Sportswear Challange?  Pleeeease/)  Tim went off on his Facebook Vlog and suddenly after a few days it disappeared.  Sources say Lifetime made him pull it but Gunn said Lifetime had nothing to do with it. I did it completely on my own,”  […] Gunn says he’s not sure now if he’ll be posting any more “Runway” critiques on his Facebook page. “I’m debating it,” he said. “I don’t want to hurt anyone, and at the same time I want to be able to talk matter-of-factly.  You can watch Gunn’s bitchfest here It’s awesome!  Love you Tim!

*  FX’s “Sons Of Anarchy”Charlie Hunnam strips down for Men’s Fitness.  Sweaty never looked so good! Nathan Maloney from the UK’s (MUCH SUPERIOR) “Queer As Folk” has really grown up.

NAACP President Benjamin Jealous Blames The Gay Community For The Lack Of African American Support

We all know that Julian Bond Civil Rights Leader and Board Chairman of the NAACP has been a steadfast LGBT Rights supporter.  But today NAACP President Benjamin Jealous, who has been mostly non-commital where the “organization” is concerned tried to lay the fault squarely at the LGBT Community’s feet when it comes to the fact that black activist have not been supporting the Gay Rights Movement.

In an article from ThinkBig::

I really just have one thing to say about this. No one from the african american community ever had to do outreach for me to stand up for thier rights. I have marched, I have protested, and I have signed petitions. And I did it because it was the RIGHT thing to do. And I did it gladly.

Jealous is also attuned to the civil rights struggles of another minority group—gay Americans—and aware of the public perception that black activists have been lukewarm in supporting their cause. Yet for his own family as well as the NAACP, he says, gay rights are not only important but “personal”—and if there’s a gap between the movements, it’s a product of insufficient outreach from the LGBT side.

It’s very easy for the NAACP to hide behind religion as an excuse. Mostly because its true. And mostly because they do nothing to discourage bigotry and hate of any form within thier organization.  Because if anyone should know that its almost next to impossible to change someone’s religious beliefs to accept a minority it should be the NAACP. A meta-analysis of 55 independent studies carried out in the United States with more than 20,000 mostly Christian participants has found that members of religious congregations tend to harbor prejudiced views of other races and sexual orientations. It was that way in the 1960’s and 1970’s when African Americans fought for their rights. And it’s still like that today only this time its the black community hating through religion.

If Mr. Jealous is truly sincere and honest with his support perhaps it is time for the NAACP to make a CONCRETE commitment to and stand up with us for ALL LGBT rights, including gay marriage and educate it’s members because it’s the RIGHT thing to do, instead of splitting hairs as to not piss off religious NAACP members and place the blame at our feet for thier non-support.