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RNC Cancels Next GOP Debate After Crybaby Republican Candidates Complain About Tough Quesions

GOP Crybabies


Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus has canceled the next GOP Presidential debate with MSNBC scheduled February  claiming that NBC’s partner network CNBC asked questions that “weren’t fair”  to the Republican candidates.

I write to inform you that pending further discussion between the Republican National Committee (RNC) and our presidential campaigns, we are suspending the partnership with NBC News for the Republican primary debate at the University of Houston on February 26, 2016. The RNC’s sole role in the primary debate process is to ensure that our candidates are given a full and fair opportunity to lay out their vision for America’s future. We simply cannot continue with NBC without full consultation with our campaigns.

The CNBC network is one of your media properties, and its handling of the debate was conducted in bad faith. We understand that NBC does not exercise full editorial control over CNBC’s journalistic approach. However, the network is an arm of your organization, and we need to ensure there is not a repeat performance…

I have tremendous respect for the First Amendment and freedom of the press. However, I also expect the media to host a substantive debate on consequential issues important to Americans. CNBC did not.

Speaking Thursday in Colorado, Ben Carson decried the “gotcha” questions of the CNBC debate.

Marco Rubio used the debate to go after the “mainstream media” on FOX News of course. “I don’t think it’s atypical from what you see among most people in the mainstream media, which is privately they believe they’re smarter than the people running, and they can’t wait for their chance to show off in front of their buddies by asking some question they think is going to embarrass us, especially Republicans,” said Rubio.

But let’s be honest. Ben Carson brazenly lied about his disturbing ties to Mannatech, a nutritional-supplement company that’s paid millions to settle lawsuits about its fraudulent claims. Donald Trump lied when he said, “I was not at all critical” of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for his efforts to advance comprehensive immigration reform and widen the H-1B visa program. Carly Fiorina lied when she claimed 92 percent of those who lost jobs in President Obama’s first term were women. Marco Rubio lied when he charged the media ignored evidence that Hillary Clinton was a “liar” at last week’s absurd Benghazi hearing.

This is the REAL reason why the GOP Presidential candidates are upset.  

Because being busted in outright lies on national television is SO UNFAIR.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Calls Out Ben Carson and Ted Cruz At HRC Staffer Speech – Video

HRC meets HRCHillary Rodham Clinton who cancelled last nights Human Rights Campaign Gay-la appearance to appear on Saturday Night Live yesterday morning addressed HRC staff, unpaid interns and volunteers. Clinton urged the assembled activists to resist the temptation to relax after the Obergefell ruling, noting that there are people “literally standing in the courthouse door” in an attempt to thwart LGBT civil rights.  

ABC News:

“Ben Carson says that marriage equality is what caused the fall of the Roman empire,” the Democratic presidential candidate said to laughter during a breakfast at the LGBT rights organization’s annual gathering in Washington, D.C. Clinton then mentioned Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, which drew hisses and boos from the crowd gathered inside the grand ballroom of the Mayflower Hotel, and went on to challenge him to join her at a gay pride parade. “Ted Cruz slammed a political opponent for marching in a pride parade. He clearly has no idea what he’s missing. Pride parades are so much fun. I was marching in them back when I was first lady. You should join sometime Senator, come on,” she said. Both Carson and Cruz have said they believe marriage is between a man and a woman. ABC News has reached out to their campaigns for comment to Clinton’s remarks. “Hillary would have everyone believe she’s been in favor of marriage equality since the fall of the Roman Empire,” Carson campaign spokesman Doug Watts said. “When she’s not lying, she’s spinning!”

Clinton also highlighted her support for the Equality Act, the legislation introduced this spring to ban LGBT discrimination in a variety of areas, including employment, housing, credit, and education. She added that she hoped that some of the people in the room on Saturday morning would be with her when, she said, “I sign it into law.”

In an interesting note.  When HRC President Chad Hunter Griffin introduced Ms. Clinton to the crowd, Clinton said to Hunter. “You know I’ll always be your first HRC”.  What Clinton was referencing is that Griffin worked for Bill Clinton during his time in the White House.  The same time that DADT and DOMA was signed into law.

*At this time Back2Stonewall.com does not endorse any specific candidate in the 2016 Presidential election.



GOP Presidential Wannabe Ben Carson: Gay Rights Are Not Civil Rights!‏ Oh, And I’m A Victim.

Ben Carson


Speaking on Fox News’ “Special Report”, GOP Presidential hopeful of shit Ben Carson Wednesday night said  that he was “irritated” by the comparison between the fight for same-sex marriage rights and the Civil Rights Movement because there’s no overt segregation against gays and  elaborated on his remarks on CNN in March that he believes being gay is a choice because people “go into prison straight — and when they come out, they’re gay.”

“I was a little bit irritated that he was equating the whole [gay marriage] issue with the Civil Rights movement. Because, quite frankly, I didn’t remember any times when there were signs up that says, you know, ‘everybody else here and gay people have to drink at this fountain.

Carson also took the opportunity to play both underdog and victim over his much criticized March interview on “New Day,” with Andrew Cuomo had pressed Carson on his assertion that the marriage issue should be left up to the states to decide because “being gay is a choice”.  

His reasoning? — It’s a choice because some people go into prison straight but come out of prison gay.

“They saw that as the opportunity to finally knock this guy out — and they thought that they had done it. Stick a fork in him, he’s gone. They were jubilant,” he said of critics. “And now they’re saying, I can’t believe this guy’s still here, are you kidding me?”

Carson came in seventh place in a late May CNN/ORC survey of the GOP presidential field, taking only 7% support of those interviewed.

AFA’s “Batshit Bryan” Fischer Wants All GOP Candidate To Be Asked If They Agree With Ben Carson On Gay Prison Butt Sex

Right Wing Watch posted another bizarre video of “Batshit Bryan” Fischer of the American Family Association hate group in which he praises Ben Carson for saying homosexuality is a choice because of gay prison butt sex and demands that all other possible GOP candidates be asked the same question.

YES!  Ask them all the Ben Carson question!  Please, please please !!!


GOP Presidential Hopeful “Dr” Ben Carson: Gay Butt Sex In Prison Proves Being Gay Is A Choice.

Ben Carson

Tea Party darling and potential Republican candidate for president in 2016 (because Tea Party loons are STILL Republicans) “Dr” Ben Carson in an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo when asked if whether being gay is a choice, Carson responded: “Absolutely.”

“Because a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight — and when they come out, they’re gay. So, did something happen while they were in there? Ask yourself that question,” Carson said.

Carson stated that because of gay sex happens in prison by “straight” convicts that it “thwarts” the notion that homosexuality isn’t a choice.

Carson also said he believes the issue of allowing or restricting same-sex marriage should be decided on the state level, rather than by federal courts adding that he believes it’s possible to grant the legal rights that accompany marriage to same-sex couples, or any couple without redefining “marriage”.

“Why do gay people want to get married? Why do they say they want to get married? Because they want to have various rights — property rights, visitation rights,” he said. “Why can’t any two human beings, I don’t care what their sexual orientation is, why can’t they have the legal right to do those things? That does not require changing the definition of marriage.”

Tea Party Darling Ben Carson To Keynote Anti-Gay National Organization for Marriage Gala Dinner

Ben Carlson


National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown announced this week that Tea Party darling and Fox News contributor Dr. Ben Carson is is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at NOM’s  first Gala dinner in mid-June.

In a May 6 email Brown wrote that “it’s 1972 for marriage,” referring to the year before the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed a woman’s right to an abortion and the growing expectation that the Court will take up marriage equality once again by 2015. To protest the frightening possibility that same-sex couples nationwide will soon enjoy civil equality, NOM will hold its second annual March for Marriage in Washington on June 19. Brown’s email touted Carson’s appearance –

It was a crisp winter day in 1973 when the United States Supreme Court issued their horrific decision in Roe v Wade. How much would you sacrifice to go back in time to a few months before that fateful decision, to the Fall of 1972, and mobilize the American people BEFORE the Supreme Court issued that infamous decree?

Just about anything, right? Well, when it comes to marriage, we have that chance!

You see, it’s 1972 for marriage. Within the next 12 months, it is very likely that the United States Supreme Court will take up the marriage issue again. Many people have bought in to the lie that the courts redefining marriage is somehow “inevitable.” Well, I refuse to believe that, because it’s simply not true!

That’s why the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is organizing its second annual March for Marriage this summer on June 19th in Washington, DC — bringing together thousands of marriage activists from all across the country to make sure the elites in our nation’s capital hear loud and clear: Marriage matters because every kid deserves a mom and a dad!

One incredibly courageous leader who is standing up for marriage is Doctor Ben Carson, who will be the keynote speaker at NOM’s first ever Gala dinner on the evening of the March for Marriage. He said in a speech earlier this year that the “P.C. police” have “tried to shut him up” because he’s willing to state his belief publicly that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Carson has praised Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay Russia, saying that thanks to the religious conservatism adopted by the current regime, the country was “gaining prestige and influence throughout the world” while the U.S. was at risk of “becoming godless and moving away from Christian values.” Carson has also compared homosexuality with pedophilia and bestiality and called marriage equality “a slippery slope with a disastrous ending, as witnessed in the dramatic fall of the Roman Empire.”

Last year Carson also keynoted the at the Illinois Family Institute’s Fall Banquet.  The IFI is an officially recognized extremist hate group.

The GOP’s New Rock Star Dr. Ben Carson Compares Being Gay To Beastiality and Pedophilia

Ben Carson

The Republican and Tea Party’s newest rock star and raving lunatic Dr, Ben Carson appeared on the propaganda driven Fox News channel on Tuesday to bitch about the Obama administration and to denounce the liberal media. Oh and he also equated being gay with pedophiles and bestiality.

CARSON: My thoughts are that marriage is between a man and a woman, it’s a well-established uh, fundamental pillar of society. No group, be they gays, be they NAMBLA [the North American Man/Boy Love Association], be they people who believe in beastiality, it doesn’t matter what they are, they don’t get to change the definition. So it’s not something that’s against gays, it’s against anybody who wants to come along and change the fundamental definitions of pillars of society. It has signifcant ramifications.

Ironically Carson was presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2008 for his contributions to medicine and his work in education.

I guess this is the conservative outreach to the LGBT community that the GOP keeps talking about.