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Breitbart News Begs For Money For Florida Right Wingnut Allen West

Dear Patriot,

Conservative hero Allen West is in the midst of a brutal recount. His entire career hangs in the balance. The liberals threw everything they had at him in this election and couldn’t defeat him outright. Please help Revive America stand up to defend Colonel Allen West right now! Please make an URGENT contribution of $35, $50, $75, $100, $200 or whatever you can today. And Allen West is getting very little help from the Republican Party. He needs grassroots conservatives to stand up today! Colonel West is a fighter. The liberals hoped he would just give up when his leftist opponent pulled ahead by a small margin. Allen West will not be thrown out of Congress without a fight! He will not be cheated out of his Congressional seat! But he needs ordinary Americans like you to stand with him in this battle. Please make the very most generous contribution you can to help keep Allen West in Congress. And please do it now. I know you’re exhausted and disgusted with politics right now. You probably want to put this entire nightmare election behind you. However, Allen West is still fighting. And I think we should too.

Posted by the ever hunky, hairy, hung and resourceful Joe Jervis on Joe My God who notes that there were no less than five separate links to the same donation page.

Rick Santorum Wants To Make You C.U.M. And Give Him Money.

Maybe ole Frothy Mix Rick Santorum REALLY IS as stupid as he looks. 

After an abysmal showing in both New Hampshire and North Carolina “Man on Dog” Rick is begging for funds via his website so he can continue on for the Republican nomination for President with a  fundraising action called Conservative United Moneybomb or as the initials say C.U.M.

It really makes you think there’s a gay mole in the Santorum campaign camp having a lot of fun.

Maybe his next Right Wing Welfare initiative will be called F.E.L.T.C.H.


Audio: Actual Radio Ad Begging Money For Porno Pete LaBarbera’s Anti-Gay Hate Group AFTHA

onkneesforjesus.blogspot.com has done a brillant mash-up of adding pictures to an actual radio audio for Porno Peter Labarbera’s anti-gay hate group Anericans For Truth About Homosexuality begging for Right Wing Welfare money because those leather chaps of his and failed SLPC Press Conferences cost money.

Knowing No Shame, Rick Santorum Asks For Sarah Palin’s Help To Save His Failure Of A Campaign

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Even though she once reffered to him as a “knuckle-dragging Neanderthal” that’s not stopping Rick “Frothy Mix” Santorum from delivered a personal plea for help from Nan-nookie of the North, Sarah Palin since he is now beginning to realize he has no shot in hell of becoming the GOP Presidential candidate……. again.

In an interview with ABC’s Jon Karl yesterday at the Values Voters Summit “Roll Over Rover” Rick laid out his lube laden plea.


The HRC Wants To Make Money Off Your Same Sex Marriage – Emily Post Would Shit

This may not be as low as the Human Rights Campaign originally buying Harvey Milk’s Camera Store to turn into a gift shop but it’s pretty damn close.

The HRC is setting up its own sort of “donation wedding registry” called Millions for Marriage Equality –  where couples can encourage their friends and families to support the work of the HRC in lieu of gifts and in “honor of a wedding celebration.”

And as David Badash of The New Civil Rights Movement points out the HRC’s new wedding registry donation program. “isn’t even hosted by HRC, but by their marketing partner, Convio.”

Now for those of you with short memories please remember that this is coming from an  organization who publicly derided; the couples that filed the lawsuit that got Prop 8 declared unconstitutional, the organization that filed suit to end DADT, and legal action that had part of DoMA declared unconstitutional. And right after each success HRC had their people out on the street fund raising saying that HRC was behind the actions when they were an impediment to those legal actions.

Yes they did work for same sex marriage in New York.  But that is their job after all and they currently raise over 45 million dollars a year to do it, own an 8 million dollar office building, and pays its President Joey “Botox Boy” Solmonese over $350,000.00 a year.

Besides, it is entirely improper to EVER state that a gift is needed . It is tasteless in the extreme to tell one’s friends and family what to give for any occasion. One is to be delighted that friends and family cared enough about the occasion to give one anything at all. For HRC to stand at the gift table with its hands open to attempt to make money off of the wedding celebrations of the LGBT community is inexcusable, crass, and plain offensive

Family Research Council Hate Group Sends Out Mass Email Begging For Money Over DOMA

The certified Hate Group, The Family Research Council has send out an “Emergency” plea begging for more right-wing welfare donations to fight to uphold DOMA because as they put it the FRC is “obsessed”.

Cincinnati Ohio’s Very Own Anti-Gay Hate Group, "The Citizens For Community Values" Plugs NOM’s HATE-APOLOOZA Tour And Begs For Donations…As Usual

It’s not like I am or anyone should be shocked that “The Citizens For CommunityValues“, Ohio’s Number 1 a bullet (and I wish literally) anti-gay hate group is pushing The National Organization For Marriage’s “One Man, One Woman” HATE-APOLOOZA Tour. After all the CCV is the group that calls Tony Perkin’s of The Family Research Center “a good friend”,and is conneted to “Focus on the Family” and is responsible for Ohio having one of the WORST DOMA laws on the books statewise.

I will award 20 Gay Points to whoever brings me some prosecutable proof on the CCV and it’s President Phil Burress or it’s founding member Chris Finney. 

C’mon it can’t be that hard and somebody must know something?