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AFA Hate Group Radio Host Bryan Fischer: HomoCONS Are The Rotting Cancer Of Conservatism


Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association writes:

A new and quite insidious trend has been launched in some conservative circles, a trend that unless it is stopped will eat away at the foundation of conservatism like a cancer until the foundation rots away and the whole thing collapses. This trend is the notion that one can be a practicing homosexual and a conservative at the same time. It’s impossible. Now it is certainly possible for a homosexual to hold conservative views on certain issues, and even defend them on talk shows, but it is not possible for him to be a conservative.

He, for instance, might be able to articulate a conservative view on national defense, or Second Amendment rights, or school choice, or repealing and replacing ObamaCare. But he cannot be a conservative. Why? Because at the center of conservatism is a non-negotiable view of human sexuality and the family. At the heart of a conservative view of the world lies the family. Not the individual, mind you, but the family. At the heart and soul of conservatism is the notion that marriage consists of one man and one woman and a family consists of a married father and mother and the children they conceive together through their love for each other.

Hmmmmm. “The center of conservatism is a non-negotiable view of human sexuality and the family.”

Which is why Hair Furor Trump has 5 kids from 3 different gold-diggers.

But on the other statement and I must confess it feels dirty to agree with Bryan Fischer on anything.

But HomoCONS are a rotting cancer.

Paging Clayton Moore!

AFA’s Bryan “Off His Meds” Fischer Compares Memories Pizza Owners to Anne Frank – Video

Batshit Bryan


Yesterday American Family Association employee/non-employee Bryan “Grandpa’s Off His Meds Again” Fischer demonstrated  on his radio show that he is stark raving mad when he declared that the anti-gay pizza owners of “Memories Pizza” in Indiana were like Anne Frank.

Think about what you see in the homosexual community,” he said, “and what it tells you about the god that they must worship. Whether they recognize it or not, whether they know it or not, but the god that they worship is vengeful, he is vitriolic, he is venomous, he is hateful, he drives his followers to trap a good-hearted American family in their home, like Anne Frank, in fear of their lives simply for what they believe.”

“So if you turn out to be like the god that you worship,” he asked, “what kind of god must homosexual activists serve?”

AFA’s “Batshit Bryan” Fischer Wants All GOP Candidate To Be Asked If They Agree With Ben Carson On Gay Prison Butt Sex

Right Wing Watch posted another bizarre video of “Batshit Bryan” Fischer of the American Family Association hate group in which he praises Ben Carson for saying homosexuality is a choice because of gay prison butt sex and demands that all other possible GOP candidates be asked the same question.

YES!  Ask them all the Ben Carson question!  Please, please please !!!


Bryan Fischer FIRED From The American Family Association – BEST Pink Slip EVER!

Bryan Fischer  2


Last night the American Family Association officially fired Bryan Fischer, as a spokesperson and director of issues analysis,  after a controversy involving the RNC and it’s upcoming trip to Israel with Fischer which is being paid for by the  AFA,

AFA President Tim Wildmon  dismissied Fischer as “just a talk show host”.  When asked specifically what bothered him about Fischer, he cited “the soundbite quotes, you know, the Hitler and the homosexuality one we reject that.”

According to Mediate.com while Fischer has been fired as a spokesperson and director of issues analysis, he will still be a radio show host for the AFA.

Dare I say “fucking awesome”?

Fischer Fired


AFA’s Batshit Bryan Fischer: God Killed Those French Cartoonists For Being Blasphemous – #JeSuisCharlie



“A God that cannot be mocked should not have created people with a sense of humor.” #JeSuisCharlie

As for Brian Fischer, since the good die young that douchebag will probably live forever.

American Family Association Hate Group’s Bryan Fischer: “Christian is the NEW Black, Big Gay is the NEW KKK.”

Bryan Fischer Christian


How many “Christians” have been lynched?  How many “Christians” have been beaten, tied to fences in Wyoming and left to die in?  How many “Christians” have been attacked in the Dallas Airport because “This is America”?

A REAL Christian would never spout such lies and hateful rhetoric.

The NEW KKK is the OLD KKK.  White straight pathetic inbreed losers.  Perhaps Bryan should ask his good friend Tony Perkins of the FRC about that.

Besides we have better things to do in the sheets.