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Oregon’s Attorney General Rejects Haters Bid To Rewrite Marriage Ban Ballot Measure

The Oregon Family Council, a distant associated cousin of Tony Perkins Family Research Council was delivered a crushing blow today as Oregon’s Attorney General rejected their “absurd” bid to rewrite a proposed 2014 ballot measure to overturn that state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

“The attorney general’s office on Friday announced its final wording on a ballot title  — and it rejected the legal argument from an attorney for the Oregon Family Council that the title should reflect the notion that the initiative would require every governmental agency in Oregon to issue marriage licenses. Basic Rights Oregon, the gay-rights group sponsoring the initiative, has rejected that argument as absurd.  It says county clerks would continue to be the only ones issuing marriage licenses if this initiative is approved by voters.”

Here is the ballot language:

“Amends Constitution: Recognizes marriage between couples of same gender; protects clergy/religious institutions’ refusal to perform marriages.”

I personally find absurd that it  “protects clergy/religious institutions’ refusal to perform marriages.” what gay couple in their right mind would want to be married in a hateful church.