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EXPOSED – GayPatriot Blogger B. Daniel Blatt Traitor and Danger To The LGBT Community

GayPatriot blogger B. Daniel Blatt, a D-List Matt Drudge wannabee is an active member of GoFuckYourself GOProud , a propagandist, and a liar who is nothing less than a traitor to the LGBT community.

Concerning LGBT discrimination in the workplace and ENDA  Blatt wrote:

Americans know that advancing employees by merit is what ‘wins’ for business. And that is why most employers don’t discriminate against gay people. Once again, government shouldn’t be telling entrepreneurs how to run their enterprises. They don’t need a nanny state to tell them as much. If a company discriminates against quality gay people, it will suffer in the marketplace, with a lower caliber of worker and a reduced efficiency of operation.

Alas that Log Cabin cannot put forward a conservative position on gay issues and still feels instead it just has to join the gay groups in looking for solutions to the perceived problems in our community. With increasing social acceptance of gay people, with more and more corporations adopting non-discrimination policies and offering domestic partnership benefits, ENDA is a solution in search of a problem. And conservatives would do well to oppose it.”

Those are very interesting words coming from someone who barely worked a day in his life and was born with a silver dildo up his ass.

Blatt grew up in an upper-middle class family in Connecticut, went to liberal Williams college, has a JD from Georgetown (but never become a lawyer), and is finally getting a Ph. D in Mythology(?!) and lives in uber-gay  West Hollywood.

Like most “gay conservatives” Blatt has no idea what its like to work for a living and/or live in one of the 33 states that do not have LGBT employment protections and probably will never unless the Federal Government mandates it. Places where people are really fired, not hired, not promoted or harassed in the work place for being gay and there is absolutely no redress unlike WEHO where Blatt has his swanky trust fund digs.

Blatt like Chris Barron, Jimmy LaSalvia, and the Ken Mehlmans of the world are so obsessed with greed and power they have no problem at all throwing the LGBT community under a bus on issues that don’t really affect them and they have no problems being boot licking gay Kapos for the GOP. in the hopes of getting something out of it for themselves like unfettered capitalism which is always a plus for the wealthy (and bigoted) elite

Blatt and his kind should be treated as we treat Maggie Gallagher, Tony Perkins and Bryan Fischer, with disgust and revulsion be they should be shunned and publicly ridiculed by everyone in the LGBT community who believes in Equality.

They are con-men, charlatans and traitors and deserve NO TOLERANCE or NO PASSES just because they like to suck cock and say they are “gay

They are greedy traitors pure and simple that hate the LGBT Community and most probably themselves and we should waste no pity or time and energy on trying to reason with them other than to destroy their credibility and thier dangerous agenda.

They are beneath contempt, and a threat to our very existence and should be treated as such.

Why Does “Gay Patriot” HomoCON Blogger B. Daniel Blatt Have A Swastika On His Computer Screen?

Gay Patriot blogger and GOProud loving HomoCON, B. Daniel Blatt thought he’s make a funny by attacking Harry Reid on his propaganda filled blog this morning.  But in the end I guess the real jokes on him.

Blatt posted the above screenshot and writes:

You don’t even need type in the Senate Democratic Leader’s full name. BTW, heard it from a source here in Denver that Harry Reid is definitely not a pederast (as per some of the reports bloggers have been receiving), but is in actuality a child-eater. Again, I can’t verify that, but, well, the story is out there.

The “Gay Patriot” has a swastika on his monitor screen?   Hmmmmmmmm. 


I  hear it from a source that “he’s a member of the Nazi Party“.  Again, I can’t verify that, but, well, the story is out there.

Just saying…….

"Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" Ruling Reactions: The Good, The Bad, and the BIZARRE!

Here’s a  look at the reactions that are coming in to yesterdays ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Virginia A. Phillips that #DADT is indeed Unconstitutional.

American Foundation for Equal Rights “Today’s court decision declaring “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” unconstitutional is yet another significant and long-overdue step toward full equality for all Americans. Along with the recent federal court decisions on DOMA and Proposition 8, it is clear that our nation is moving toward the day when every American will be treated equally under the law, as is required by our Constitution.”

Stonewall Democrats
“Today’s Federal court decision calling the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy unconstitutional on grounds that it violates gay military members’ rights to free speech, due process and open association is another nail in the coffin of the policy.” Mitchell continued, “We’re glad that the Federal court agrees with President Obama’s position: that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell needs to come to an end. Our Senators need to hear from their constituents demanding repeal. We also call on Senate Republicans to rise above the obstructionism they’ve been playing at for months and let a vote happen on what the vast majority of Americans want: repeal of DADT.”

Servicemembers Legal Defense Network
We’re pleased by the judge’s decision, but this decision is likely to be appealed and will linger for years. Congress made the DADT law 17 years ago and Congress should repeal it. The Senate will have the opportunity to do just that this month and most Americans think the Senate should seize it.”

Human Rights Campaign
I’m not posting tthe HRC’s response because I no longer recognize them as a true LGBT Rights Organization and I really don;t give a fuck what thopse posers have to say.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (aka Princess Tiny Meat)
“It is hard to believe that a District Court level judge in California knows more about what impacts military readiness than the service chiefs who are all on the record saying the law on homosexuality in the military should not be changed. Once again, homosexual activists have found a judicial activist who will aid in the advancement of their agenda. This is a decision for Congress that should be based upon the input of the men and women who serve and those who lead them.”
 B. Daniel Blatt: Gay Patriot Blogger, GOProud member and all around asshole
“Here we go again. While I believe DADT should have been overturned years ago, I don’t believe it is a court’s role to determine military policy. Let’s just have Congress overturn this law to avoid a prolonged legal battle. [snip] From a quick scan of the opinion, my sense is the judge relies less on the actual text of the constitution and more on twisting past rulings to yield the result she wants.”
  (The National Organization For Marriage Supports The DADT Repeal?)

*One Man-One Woman is an astroturfing group of NOM run by one of its high ranking members.